Ultimate 55-Gallon Water Barrel

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This 55 gallon water barrel is perfect for storing water in smaller spaces. Because it is made from food-grade plastic, your water will store safely.

Convenient Spigots | BPA Free | Made in USA

High-grade plastic container
This 55 gallon water barrel is made from 100% non-toxic food grade plastic and is BPA-free. Up to 110 days of drinking water
The 55-gallon water container holds almost 4 months of drinking water supply for one person! (1/2 gallon per day). Water storage made easy
Utilizing one large barrel rather than several small jugs minimizes clutter and frees up much needed floor space for other emergency supplies! Made with non-toxic, food-grade plastic and BPA free, this barrel comes in a blue color which restricts UV rays and helps control the growth of algae and bacteria. This thick-walled water barrel will take a beating and still continue to do its job.

Standing at under 2.5 feet and measuring 23 inches wide, this water tank will store 55 gallons of water. Add our Water Preserver and you won't have to rotate the water but once every 5 years. Plus, with a large lid on the top, it's super easy to fill. When it does come time to remove the water, the spigots on the side and bottom make it convenient.

The Ultimate 55-Gallon Water Barrel's unique stackable design gives you the option to stack your tanks or set them side by side. When empty, each tank weighs less than 45 pounds and takes up less space than two generic 55 gallon water drums.
Water Container (1 Container):
(1) 55-Gallon Water Barrel  
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SKU WA0132
Volume 208 L. | 55 gal.
Brand SureWater
Dimensions (LxWxH) 22″ x 28″ x 30″
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