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Should You Use Colloidal Silver?

In an emergency scenario, taking care of our medical needs is critical. A small cut on our hand can be an opening for a lethal infection that could threaten your life. Be sure to stock supplies that will take care of major injuries, but the most likely need for medical supplies are for things like minor cuts and scrapes, burns, sore throats, ear infections, and many other types of infections such as staph, bladder, sinus, skin, etc.

Recently, a lot of our customers have been asking about colloidal silver – or nano-silver. We wanted to delve into some studies and information to help you know if colloidal silver is right for you.

What is Colloidal Silver?
Broadly, colloidal silver is made up of tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid. Most colloidal silvers contain ionic silver compounds bound to proteins. The solution is used for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

A new type of colloidal silver has silver ions permanently bound to the water molecules. This allows for an indefinite shelf life.

How Does It Work? Is It Effective?
Historically, many colloidal silver companies made unfounded claims that their colloidal silver healed all kinds of diseases including cancer, AIDS and the common cold. In reality, the benefit of silver solutions is found in the solutions that contain silver ions. Make sure your colloidal silver contains silver ions like these ones.

These silver ions have been found to be deadly to pathogens. In fact, research from Rice University in 2012 shows that a concentration of ionic silver as low as 16 parts per billion would kill bacteria.1

“The straightforward answer,” explained Pedro Alvarez, chair of Rice’s Civil and Environment Engineering Department, “is the insoluble silver nanoparticles do not kill cells by direct contact. But soluble ions, when activated via oxidation in the vicinity of bacteria, do the job nicely.”

Another study2 pitted colloidal silver against staph infection cells (Staphylococcus aureus) and found that 96 percent of bacterium were killed within 10 minutes and nearly 100% of the infection was killed off by 80 minutes.

Other studies, like one from Boston University, showed that by adding trace amounts of silver to common antibiotics, the medications became up to 1,000 times more effective at fighting infections in mice.3

How Do I Use It?
Most people use colloidal silver on an “as needed” basis. For example, many take 1-3 teaspoons of silver a day as an immune booster. A child would take a teaspoon a day. If you know that you have been exposed to harmful germs then you may take 2-3 teaspoons three times per day.4 It is best if you swish it in your mouth for thirty seconds before swallowing. This gets it into your bloodstream much faster.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe to Use?
There has been a lot of press about the improper uses of colloidal silver. The most popular story was about a Washington man named Paul Karason. He was creating his own colloidal silver at home and ingesting more than the recommended amounts. He was also using it as skin treatment daily.

The excessive, improper use caused Karason to develop a condition called argyria which permanently turned his skin a blue shade.

These reports scared a lot of people away from using colloidal silver, when in fact, Karason had been making his own silver mixture at home using salts to generate a silver chloride solution with large silver particles. That high-risk, homemade blend is far different from the majority of the silver solutions sold in stores.

The Silver Safety Committee, an organization consisting of doctors, chemists and chemistry professors dedicated to health-freedom advocacy, has created guidelines for the recommended daily consumption of colloidal silver.

The silver at the Ready Store contains, 10 parts per million. So, for a person that weighs 200 lbs, they recommend no more than 240 drops in a single day. (For reference, a teaspoon is between 80-96 drops.)

They also provide recommendations for the amount of silver you should consume based on short-term use and entire lifetime use. (link)

What’s the Shelf Life of Colloidal Silver?
You should also be aware, that not all colloidal silvers have the same shelf life. Homemade solutions have a shelf life of months instead of years. You should look for one that has a long shelf life and can be stored for years without any degradation.

Some colloidal silver manufacturers will guarantee a 10 year shelf for their bottles of silver. Some brands, like Silver Immune Booster, list an indefinite shelf life. This means that the silver will be just as good in 10 + years as it is today.

Is Colloidal Silver Expensive?
Some silver solution providers sell 4-, 8- and 16-oz bottles. They are a convenient size, but costly. It takes 16 8-oz bottles to make a gallon, and if you bought 16 8-oz bottles they would cost over $200. That’s why some prefer larger bottles for storage. We found a provider that sells high quality nano-silver in quarts and gallons at a much more affordable price, Silver Immune Booster. One can take the money saved and purchase other things needed like more food, another water filter, knife, camp chair, etc.

What Do You Think?
Do you use colloidal silver? Comment below to tell us what you think and if you’d enjoyed using ionized silver as a way to boost your immune system or to help with common maladies.

1. Rice University. (2012) “Ions, not particles, make silver toxic to bacteria.” Obtained online April 2014 at: https://news.rice.edu/2012/07/11/ions-not-particles-make-silver-toxic-to-bacteria-3/

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4. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing or have any allergic reaction to trace minerals or if you have any chronic or recurring symptoms or illnesses, consult a healthcare professional before using this product.

16 thoughts on “Should You Use Colloidal Silver?”

  • Lee

    I have personally been orally as needed, and topical as needed, finding benefit from colloidal silver over the last 20+ years.

    At the onset of cold or flu symptoms (don't wait until its to late) sniff in nostrils and under tongue hourly along with vitamins C B,s and Z will 9 out 0f ten times work for me. I swished with colloidal silver after tooth removal and had great results without taking antibiotics much to the surprise of my dentist. I apply to any open wounds to prevent bacterial growth and infection.

    My Grand father tossed silver coins in his drinking well a hundred years ago to prevent bacterial growth in his water. I could go on with the hundreds of times I have used this method but it is not 100% in every event (nothing is perfect).

    I would stress the importance of adding a good Pro Biotic to your regiment while orally ingesting colloidal silver products to maintain normal intestinal flora. My experience is my normal good bacteria in the digestive tract needs supplemented due to the presence of silver.

    I have not turned into a Smirf and the Blue Man Group has not called me yet. Put it in your every day first aid kit as well as emergency supply. Read up on its many benefits and lack of contraindications. (That means NO dry mouth, runny nose, impotence, anal leakage, pimples, etc.)

  • Nicole

    I've used compresses soaked with colloidal silver on poison ivy that has gotten in and around my eyes. It clears it up within a few hours.

  • Madelaine

    The stuff really works and was used by the medical profession regularly until the advent of penicillin after WWII. It works great for sore throats regardless of which type of bug is causing it since the silver is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Any type of wound, especially hard or slow to heal wounds are cured super fast with the application of colloidal silver. A great item to have in the home. BTW, a friend of the family was recently treated IN THE HOSPITAL with a combo of colloidal silver and honey for a wound that had proved impossible to heal. He healed up in just two days.

  • Sami

    I used Silver Immune Booster for my kids. They had pink eye and this product got it taken care of in 48 hours.

  • Jim

    Went golfing the other day and got sunburn on my legs. I sprayed them with Silver Immune Booster that night and again the next morning. Results - no pain and no peeling.

    I'm a believer.

  • Monica

    I have been using Sovereign/Colloidal Silver both internally and externally, for years. I always have it on hand for myself, my husband and our pets! Read up on it, buy the good stuff, then use it! It's not just for "emergencies"...

  • James McDonald

    I make 'silver bandaids" out of the rip-stop silver cloth and have a small current flowing through it to the wound area. It works great! I am making various sizes of these bandaids to keep in the first-aid kits. you can hand wash them for reuse.

  • sandi

    i have use colloidal silver for several years now in a nebulizer for my asthma and copd with copd oxygen levels are suppose to be between 88 and 92 percent in your blood levels mine is at 98 with out using oxygen machine

  • Patricia

    I have been using colloidal silver since the late 80's when I first discovered it. I have used it successfully for athlete's foot, sinus infection, sore throat, healing of cuts and abrasions. I also use it when I have a rare flu or cold, it helps to minimize and shorten the span of symptoms. For the flu I use it along with hoarhound tea, great combination. I have also successfully used it on pets for cuts and sores. I wouldn't want to be without it.

  • Ruth

    Recently traveled to Europe. Not long after arriving I go a throat infection. Took my silver 6 times a day and with the antibiotic I started by the beginning of day 3 it was gone. GONE! I only wished I hadn't packed it in my checked bag on the plane back home as I got sick on the plane and 20 hours later had a full blown cold. Took immediately when we got home and again by day 3 it was nearly gone and that time I didn't take any antibiotics. I have only been using it for a few years but it has never let me down.

  • Sarah

    I have used C S for several years, and needed some when I traveled to California 2 years ago but didn't know the one to buy because there are a lot of different grades. I went to a health food store and for a doctor there and he said I needed the 10ppm Nano Silver Solution if I was to use internally. I purchased Immuno Sil, Immune System Support and have been without it since. I would like to purchase a larger size bottle because of the price of 8 oz. or 16oz. that health food stores sell. It is very good and especially for your eyes and ears.

  • Sarah

    Correction for above comment. "I have NOT been without it since".

  • Michele

    I've been using CS for a couple of years now and invested in the materials to make my own. Solves the storage and price issues. Wouldn't be without it!

  • Laura

    Our family have used CS for about 6 years. It is amazing. We have used it successfully for sinus infections, ear infection, eye infection, kidney and bladder infections, breast infection, food poisoning, toenail fungus, and it quickly heals wounds. We have also used it for baby calves against scours and in the dog water for sickness. It has been a quick work in all of these. We seldom have to visit a doctor. We bought our own CS generator from Silvergen for some over $200 and has been worth it many times over. We also bought amber bottles from a beer supplier to store it in.

  • Cherie Lynnae Whitaker
    Cherie Lynnae Whitaker October 18, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    Been taking CS for 27 years, killed a toenail fungus first time, but its killed staff infections, MSRA, sore throats, thrush, blisters, used in catheters to prevent and resolve bladder infections, earaches, gingivitis, toothaches galore, sunburns, pink eye, asthma, pneumonia, use it for my dogs, and cats (ear mites, allergies, crusty nose, ear aches, spider bite infections, upset stomachs, all my personal experiences, and I tell everyone about it, best things since Chocolate!Never am without it in my purse and all over my house. I make it too, and buy the advanced for internal use. I am not blue or silver, use it wisely, like a medicine and well, Ive ben anti biotic free for years. Oh yeah, when eating out I take a few sprays in my mouth just incase of food poisoning
    , survived many a dinners with out that since. Buy it, You'll like it!

  • angelcrest

    Have been using Colloidal silver off & on for about 5 years. Will not be without it! Helps with skin irritations as well as the colds, flu & upper respiratory stuff we get. I also use it extensively for our dogs, cats, horse & goats: cuts. scrapes, insect bites... Plan to use it for our chickens when they arrive...
    I do prefer the nano silver solutions. And the Ready store does offer just about the best price on the larger sizes.

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