6 Reasons the World May Not End in 2012

You may have heard the theories that the world is ending on Dec. 21, 2012. According to some, an ancient civilization of Mayans predicted that the world would end this year. This has lead to many rumors of meteor impacts, colliding planets, economic collapses and many other horrible events.

With all these stories flying around, we found out some interesting facts that  indicate that the world may not end. Read these points and comment below to tell us what you think about the 2012 predictions.

The Mayans Aren’t Extinct
Part of these 2012 theories is that ancient prophecies and calendars point to 2012 as the end of days. They cite the calendar of an “extinct nation.” However, the Mayan people are still around! Communities of Mayans still live in Guatemala and Mexico and are very much alive today.

Mayan CalendarMayan Calendars Ending in 2012
The Mayan calendar is actually made up of a few different calendars. The popular circular calendar image that you've probably seen isn't even the Mayan calendar - it's the Aztec calendar! The real one is pictured on the right and was discovered in 1929.

The first calendar was called Tzolk’in and is a 260-day calendar. The Mayan culture was based on the number 20 (like Western cultures are based on 10s and 7s) and so the calendar was based on 20 day periods. There are a couple theories on why the calendar had 260 days including the fact that it corresponded to harvest, pregnancies or the sun reaching a high point the sky every 260 days.

The second calendar - called Haab’ - is solar based and is made up of 18 months of 365 days. It’s believed that this calendar was used for tracking the seasons, but was partially inaccurate due to the lack of a leap year.

These two calendars were combined into one ultimate calendar. The Calendar Round allowed people to track both the Tzolk’in and Haab’ calendars at the same time. The Calendar Round repeated every 18,980 days (52 Haab’ years and 73 Tzolk’in years).

Since the Rounded Calendar typically lasted a person’s lifetime - 52 years - the Mayans wanted to create a calendar that would track for longer than a person’s lifetime. They invented what has been named the long count. They broke down their calendar into increments of 20 - 20 days, 20 periods of 20 days etc. - until they had a period of 144,000 days or a  b’ak’tun - the largest unit of calendar measurement.

The Mayans worked backwards and believed that the first b’ak’tun began Aug. 11, 3114 BC - the day when the gods laid the foundation of the earth. They never believed the world would end on Dec. 21, 2012 - only that the b’ak’tun would end and a new one would begin. In fact, some archeological sites have shown that Mayans mentioned later dates such as 17 b’ak’tun in writings and paintings. However, the Mayans did believe that significant events would occur around each b'ak'tun ending/beginning. So, hopefully it's a good event!

Another Planet or Large Asteroid Crashing Into Earth
Some theories have popped up that the world will end when a rogue star or planet crashes into earth. Many Internet rumors have even theorized that the planet is hiding behind the sun or we just haven’t seen it yet in our telescopes.

However, when you think about it: If most people can see Jupiter or Mars as a bright spot in the night sky - that would mean this rogue planet would already be the brightest, and one of the largest objects in our sky. No one would be able to hide it, everyone on earth would be able to see it.

A Solar explosionNot to mention, if a large planet the size of Jupiter or a dead star were to enter our solar system, the planet’s orbits would change slightly due to gravitational pull.

However, it's impossible for us to keep track of everything in the skies and a meteor could strike with only a few day's notice.

A Large Solar Storm Hitting Earth
Solar activity is a regular occurrence on earth and typically runs through an 11-year cycle. In their peaks, solar flares can cause interruptions with satellite communications however, engineers are learning new ways to build electronics to avoid the disruption.

The flare-up period is actually already started and runs from 2012 to 2014. Amateur scientists keep a watchful eye on the sun every day and haven’t noticed any irregular signs of activity. They are predicting a regular maximum cycle will occur.

However, there is a lot about the sun that we don't understand and new facts about the sun are discovered every year. A large solar flare could be produced without any warning.

The Planets Aligning
Some theories state that the planets will align and mess up the gravitational balance of the solar system. However, using a simple map of the solar system, you can see that the planets won’t be aligned on Dec 21st or any date close to that.

Many people also say that it’s not the planets that are aligning but the center of our galaxy. They say that earth, our sun and the galactic center will align. Well, that is true but it happens every year in December.

Doomsday Predictions
Most of these reports cite writings of Nostradamus, Hopi Indian tribes, Hindu traditions or even Isaac Newton.

Most of these individuals and cultures made predictions about what the end of the world would be like, but none of them attached specific dates to their writings. The oft-cited Nostradamus quatrains don’t even mention the date 2012. He even made predictions about earth in 3790 AD - far beyond 2012.

So What Do You Think?
So, what do you think about the 2012 prophecies? Was there something we didn’t cover here? Comment below to tell us your thoughts.

59 thoughts on “6 Reasons the World May Not End in 2012”

  • Josh71

    Yeah I don't buy the whole world is going to end December 21st shtick. Though I am scared *more* about the financial mess we are in thanks to our government.

    It's too bad a meteor doesn't hit DC lol.

  • Rick

    I don't know anyone worried about the 21st, except the media. We all know who they supported in the last election. Perhaps, they're worried about the debt we have, which they supported! Merry Xmas all!

  • Tom Gardner

    The Mayans did not predict "The end of the world" in 2012. Their only prediction was "A new world order". Mayans are still around, but they dispersed as a society, probably due to a severe drought that occured during that period. What we should be concerned about on 12/21/12 is the galactic alignment, a 26,000 year event. The most likely 'disaster' that might occur is a loss
    of electrical power, possibly worldwide,

  • RAY

    only GOD knows when the end time's are !!!! SO why worry about it ?? GET a life and live it,,be free and happy !!

  • rick0200

    I don't buy in to the world ending on the 21st either, but it may be signal of the end of America. I suspect that around that time, there will be no deal on the tax increase and the govt will allow a massive increase in taxes to hit the American public along side of the taxes of obamacare. It will be the start of the end for America.

  • Roni

    Well were any of us in communication with the Mayans? Was a 'guide' book or ' how to ' book found that would explain exactly what this was suppose to mean? If you think you can go back into time and understand all thought process. well sorry to break it to you but we cant, want proof look at an old science book of years gone by, the beliefs the research that they printed, some of its so darn funny. So take this with a grain of salt and just 'wonder' but have no fear. Even the greatest 'soothseers ' could not predict the 'end' What would be the point? The 'end' is something different to each of us, and the' time' is the secret belonging to the universe


    I am a Hindu, was very recently in India. I heard no such Doomsday gossip there. So, which Hindu Traditions the writer has referred above?
    2. If the hypothesis proves true, we shall all meet in our respective heavens or hells, as neither the planet earth will exist nor none of us - so why worry.
    3. I am quite positive that I shall be seeing this same world with all my friends, relatives, knowns and unknowns, as normal and greeting them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on 01/01/2013. Would the Prez invite me for a dinner????

    • The Ready Store

      @Raje Verma - there have been some who have connected the Hindu religious calendar to 2012 to try and give credence to their predictions of the end of the world. They have tried to connect the end of the world to the end of the day of Brahma - which is very off. You can read more about it here: http://goo.gl/u8IYt

  • David Appleseth

    We know a lot of Guatamalans...and They are Not getting
    Ready for the End of the World.They are too busy hanging
    up Christmas lights and figuring Ways to Avoid paying for
    Car Insurance here in the United States...

  • gena

    Worried even less about this than I was about the Y2K thing, and didn't break a sweat about it either. Agree with the others that the country's financial mess is real and far more dangerous and a cause for more concern than the end of the world. Think whoever came up with this hysteria just didn't want to buy Christmas presents. :)

  • shotgunfetus

    I agree the disaster is going to be man made socio economical and not natural

  • Victor

    I fear the dangers present right here on earth the most. North Korea shooting a "weather satellite" into space with a 3 stage rocket? Does that make any sense? Why would they need to study the weather any further than the current global effort (tons of weather satellites up there modeling weather patterns for the entire planet)? Iran,Israel, North Korea, Putin in Russia is gearing up like the days of old..... The 2nd age of the NUKE is upon us.

  • Dana

    The whole Mayan calendar issue has been created by people with nothing better to do with their time. Those folks are laughing at all the hoopla they have started concerning 12/21/12. I agree with the others - America will collapse financially before the world ends. Maybe not on 12/21, but sometime before the next congressional election in 2014.

  • Todd

    Never hurts to be prepared for any disaster. We don't really no when disaster will strike, but always be prepared. If you have a bunker, it will protect you from high heat in the summer, really cold temps in the winter, and dangerous tornados during storms.
    The threats of World turmoil are not to far off. World Crisis is at hand. Fresh drinking water? High cost of Food? Drought in the plains? Pollutants in our Oceans? The Middle East mess? Our Financial situation? It all adds up to Disaster waiting to happen.
    God Bless & Merry Christmas! Please keep Christ in Christmas this year, we need all the help we can get.

  • jose

    So what are we prepping for?

  • Greg

    I believe the biggest threat facing the world as we know it is some type of economical catastrophe which will require some planning and prepping to navigate. Another real threat is a terrorist act (there could be numerous types) that could cause an economical reaction/meltdown/chain reaction which makes the economical catastrophe still a major concern. For example, if several key points were damaged on our electrical grid...what kind of fiasco would that cause?

  • texasman

    Since God made the earth and He is the only one who knows when the end will come, I don't believe it since it is false prophets making a prediction of the end.

  • JT Thomas

    have to second that one!

  • Bob


  • warren

    The WHOLE world! C'mon man!!The whole entire world, I do not think so. I am convinced some more events will happen, they always do! Some more tragic events will take place, they always have. Get prepped, do not think that it could not happen to you!!For those who don't prepare are always the ones who suffer, more than the ones who are prepared.

  • nativetexasgal

    After the debacle of Nov. 6th, the end of America is near, too bad this Mayan thing is not going to happen as I see no hope of America ever being like it was. All we can do is prepare with food, water, guns & ammo for our families, & pray for the others who caused this.

  • marilee

    The Bible tells us that, NO man knows the day or the hour, when the end of time will be. With that in mind, December 21, can not be the end of the world. However, each of us is to be prepared for the coming of Christ. That means that each person needs to be ready for and looking forward to that day.

  • ShadowSabre

    When the word "World" is spoken of... most people think of the planet Earth. However... the "WORD" indicates the World (Earth) is without end, but the "World" "System" (Government, Economy, Jobs and Freedom)as we know it... will end soon! This progressive change is in a rapid, fast pace effect all around the World... including America! I can't say 12/21/2012 will contain a major catastrophic event... however the rapid changes of major government events ("World System")is right before our eyes!

  • Curt

    I wonder about a people who were so in tune with time. Every aspect of their life revovled around their calender. Even the buildings they built were in line with time and space. They didn't have the wheel but they understood time better then we do now. So I do not take their message lightly. I don't know what will happen
    but I hope it's a time of a new begining. As far as a unseen danger like a plant or astroid, we think we understand what is happing in the universe but we dont. Example, what if a worm hole opened up and out poped a plant or alien ship or GOD or something that could be a danger to us. I'm just saying.

  • Jack Hommel

    Re: The end of the world; If you're a person of religious faith, pray. If you're a person of no particular faith, just blow it off. Neither act will affect the outcome in any way.
    Far more worrisome is the disaster being foisted on us by the regime in the Oval Office.
    May God Bless and Help America!

  • Ray

    Excellent article dispelling the 2012 myth. I'm much more concerned about manmade disasters such as an economic collapse and hyperinflation than the world ending. Also, I'd be more concerned about ever growing government and police power threatening our way of life than some imagined horrible natural event.

  • Pat

    Yes, I agree with the above posters about how the financial crisis and our government is more dangerous than something like a solar flare. Our rights are being taken away, our government is screwing us for taxes (they are the pimps!) and pretty soon the Constitution will have no meaning anymore.

  • Steve

    Thumbs up to Josh71 and gena. Thanks for the article. Many facts I didn't know about the Mayan calender, mainly because I don't care. Chicken Little has been crying wolf since man could communicate and Nostradamus has only been right on his predictions, I think only 40% of the time. The baby boomer generation sure does love conspiracy theories.

    I'll just copy this and post it on my facebook page.

  • Susan

    I agree, only the good Lord above knows the time and the hour of his return. Get your soul right and he will provide for you either way. Merry xmas and Happy New Year!

  • Cliff

    My family will be having a party on 12/21/12 to welcome in the new age. Not worried at all about the next day, except for maybe the hangover. But, times are changing. There are a lot of folks out there prepping -- and, I don't think they're crazy.

  • Erin

    Destruction or not... We are ready thanks to companies like the ready store!

  • Wyrd Tom

    Anyone know where can I get the next edition of the Mayan Calendar? I liked the last one because you didn't have to buy a new one every year...... LOL

  • R. Sears

    OK, Preppers - if you have more than 8 days of food stored - start eating it.

  • Dan

    Nothing is going to happen on Dec, 21st but I do agree with Josh71 we are in a financial mess but its more the banks fault than the Government.

  • Dan

    Most of this stuff is used by the ruling elites central banking cartels and their media empires to scare the people. They love to scare you with the bogeyman, like Al Qaeda, 12/21, Bird Flu, cutting off your S.S. Checks, Giant meteors, global warming etc so they can implement their one-world gov't. The amazing thing is: the vast majority of people actually believe what the gov't news channels tell them. And yes, all the major networks are owned by the "government" including CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, NY Times, Time, USA today etc..

  • Marge

    There is but a thin vale between this world and others. There are many mansions in my Father's house. There will be earthquakes, floods, electric grids down. History shows us. We prepare for the worst to keep our bodies alive. We are much more than human. We are spiritual beings and the new order can be spiritual. Jesus is my constant companion and the voice of truth in the bible tells me do not be afraid. As for me and mine, we will prepare for disasters because they happen and we will pray.



  • Tanya

    I agree, only God knows when the end of the world is going to happen.

  • ParanoidMe

    This article is wrong and the Mayans were absolutely right about the end of the world! The dates are slightly off (by just a week) by our calendar compared to theirs, but it is absolutely true because just after their terrible prediction of the end of the world is when Obama takes his second term as president - and we already have seen what problems have been caused so far. Very scary is the devastation and economic collapse that will end our world as we know it. ;)

  • Reid

    I don't put my eggs in the pagans basket. And although the Bible doesn't give the hour and the day it does give us a list of things that need to happen before the End comes and Christ will return. I don't doubt that bad things will soon happen ,however the "End" is not one of them, at least not for a few years . Things on the whole will not be getting better . Interesting article in "Tomorrowa World" Nov / Dec. 2012."Unnatural Disasters, The Movies from Reel to Reel" Page 10, WWW.tomorrowsWorld.org.

  • Name

    Bob wrote that matthew 24:26 states only God knows the exact time.Jesus stated that he did not know.But Jesus said also you can read the signs of the sky,but you can't read the signs of the time.Jesus was telling the diciples there was a way you would know the season.The word of God tells us plainly to be watchmen of the times.I was raised a baptist in the south.We always had a bible on the coffee table right in the middle of the living room.I have been very involved since 1990 studying the word of God.Prophecies are one of the most interesting subjects I have ever studied.my pastor says it is like reading tommorows newspapers.I am participating in one of the phrophicies i was taught 20 yrs. ago.Those who are stocking up like for ten yrs either do not have a relationship with God and his word or they don't believe in God.i don't believe there is not one question i ever had about life that i couldn't find the answer to in the word of God.One of the main plans of God to signal the end times is going on right now.The peace talks about Israel and all who are against them.Let me warn people.If you are against Israel,you ARE AGAINST GOD.I could go on and on and on.Like when the peace treaty is signed,thats the signal of the last seven yrs of life on earth as we know it now.I'll leave you with this,1 THESSOLIANS READS,PEACE,PEACE.PEACE, THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.I will stop here because i could do this forever and love every second.Any questions MY E-MAIL IS MISSDIXIE3071@CHARTER.NET

  • kenny

    I would'nt make a bet either that the world will end 12-21-12 But it is a significant date...Our current calendar is probably not accurrate. But come on folks we have a lot of obvious things going on to indicate that this place is not going to liveible for to much longer...The earth core is heating up..We have the global elitist using scalar an zero point energy to create all kinds of major problems. We have something 260 billion rads of radiation going into the ocean every day from 4 meltdowns at fukashima. Do your homework... Try googleing the gulf aden... That just might give you some answers.

  • Reid

    Signs of Christ's Second Coming
    Article 2: Richard F. Ames

    "There have always been floods and droughts and earthquakes," skeptics may say. But your Bible reveals signs to watch for that will show true Christians that the return of Jesus Christ is near. Can you recognize those signs?

    Nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus' disciples asked Him what would be the sign of His coming and the end of the age. What signs and prophetic trends did Jesus mention in response? We need to know what the Bible says!

    Over the centuries, many have made predictions and set dates, anticipating Jesus Christ's return. So far, all have failed. But does this mean Jesus will not return? No, it does not! Ever since Adam and Eve, human beings have believed false prophecies proclaimed by deceivers and pretenders. But the prophecies in your Bible have proven to be valid, time and time again!

    More than 100 prophecies in the Old Testament foretold Jesus Christ's first coming. Among them is Isaiah's prophecy that the Messiah would be a descendant of King David, the son of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1), that the Messiah would be born of a virgin (7:14), that He would live in Galilee (9:1–2), that His mission would include the Gentiles (42:1-4) and that He would die with the wicked (53:9). Other prophecies foretold that He would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), that He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver (Zechariah 11:12-13), that He would enter Jerusalem on a donkey (9:9) and that He would be like a smitten shepherd (13:7).

    continue Reading on Tomorrowsworld.org

  • Charles

    Well the earth may not come to an end in 2012, but it was the beginning of the end after the last election.

  • Mike

    I'm pretty sure that it's just all the Mayans who are going to die on 12-21-2012. The rest of us are safe.

  • Tricia

    The only thing I fear for Dec 21, 2012 is the members of our society who DO believe it will be the end of the world and those who would take advantage of it.
    Do I think that there will be some cataclysmic event? No. However, I do believe that there may be riots and looting and the like because the people of our society have convinced themselves that the end is here.

  • Tom

    The reason the mayans ended the calinder in 2012 is they knew the idiots would elect Obama again now you know

  • mdrod1

    Obama's back in office!!! The world is coming to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanne

    I agree with Bob from yesterday. I d believe the stock market will collapse in early spring along with all the financial disasters around the world. My husband of 17 years on this 17th doesn't agree with me and says He will be disappointed if the world doesn't end on 12/21/2012 and will be very upset if the orld still exists the day after. My husband used to work as a Master Electrician before comig down with sarcoidosis in 12/1999 and believes the electrical system will be knocked out somehow; either by terrorists or a natural event. What about the asteroid Nasa just found 2 days ago between the earth and the moon; it''s the same size approx. that wiped out the forest in Siberia in 1908 I think. What caused our axis of the earth to tilt more than it sould when an asteroid or comet hit into the ocean cusing the waters to have a tsamani in Japan where the nuclear reactor is that is sunk over 30 inches underneath it? I wonder if someone was blasting off some kinds of bombs totest their effetiveness.But I do believe we all will be here to celebrte Christmas on 12/25/2012.God Bless you all. Very interesting views.

  • PapaBravo

    Man, it's more than half the comments on this page that give preppers a bad name. Not only is December 21st not the end of it all, it never was because the Mayans were going to celebrate like we did when we met a new millennium, it's the same type of "end" in the long count calendar.

  • Journalist

    I do not expect the world to end December 21, 2012. I am concerned that we may have a world-wide economic breakdown, most likely caused by American government spending monehy they just don't have. Printing more currency will bring the chaos faster.

  • Drew

    My calander on the wall ends on 12/31 every year. What's the dif? They just made a calander that lasted longer than a year. All calanders end, Just get a new one.

  • Steve

    Jeanne: I'm sorry to hear about your husband. That is a disease that most people can get over in 2-3 years. The real threat is from the Islamic world Watch Utube video: "Why we are afraid".

    Dan, we are in this financial mess because half the people love America and half don't and want to change it. The fastest way for the haters to change America is to destroy it financially. Do you honestly believe that they think that what they are doing is good for this country. The greedy Bankers have joined the Government because they actually believe that they are in charge. Little do they know that history, because no one is being taught it, is about to come full circle. So be prepared everyone and I don't mean just food and shelter. You better have a way of defending yourself, your family, and your food and shelter. With four members of the Supreme Court believing that the 2nd amendment is BS. It's only going to take one more to say goodbye to your right to bear arms. Now that's something to worry about!!

  • Mark Sevier

    I'm not a Mayan, so I don't have to believe any of that hogwash.I've known several Mayans, and even they don't believe it.

  • Mark Sevier

    "But does this mean Jesus will not return? No, it does not!"
    OK, then the fact that he is dead really does mean it. You've got to admit that he told his disciples he would return before any of them died.

  • dawn

    I love the saying teotwawki! Does any one else feel strange about cern. Why do we have to mess with a black hole? Especially now, they are using this machine right around the"doomsday", Dec 17-21. It just gives me a creepy feeling. Merry Christmas all!!

  • Jon

    The Mayans were star gazers and really enjoyed tracking the stars, [planets, and their alignments. although it is true that our sun, the earth and the galactic equator will be aligned this has happened every 27k years and we all know man has been around much longer than that. We will most likely see some sort of eclipse or another celestial sight in the sky but I sincerely doubt it will be the end of the life, just the start of another 27k year rotation of our solar system. I see a lot of people making outrageous religious claims and although I do believe in god lets get really people. The bible is a collection of short stories that have been altered over the years and are simply mans view of our god. No one really knows about god just from reading this collection of short stories, God is much more than the current human mind can fathom.

  • Janet Booton

    Well it's December 23rd and we're still here. I would have posted sooner but I haven't been on the internet for a month so I just found this in my inbox.

    My thoughts, as a Christian are that I believe the bible to be the word of God and in that canonized book it says that no man knows the hour or day of Christ's, not even Christ himself so why would the Mayans or anyone else for that matter know.

    Enough said!

  • Soni

    On the outside, I used budollg clips to attach a calendar (you can find plenty of lovely free ones like this one online). Since then I've added another budollg clip on the side to attach my ever-growing

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