Photos of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is proving to be one of the largest storms to hit the eastern coast of the United States. Currently, over 6 million people are without power, thousands of people were transported out of critical condition branches of hospitals after back-up generators malfunctioned.

The storm brought surges of flooding across populated parts of New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland and more. Our prayers go out to those who are still affected by the storm.

5 thoughts on “Photos of Hurricane Sandy”

  • Tammy

    My prayers are with everyone affected by this storm. I really pray that people take notice and begin to understand the importance of being prepared.

  • Disaster Survival Jane

    Me too. I live in PA so we got our fair share of the storm. I sincerely hope that this will sway others to prep.

  • Karen

    We only lost power for a few days. The trees that fell did not damage our property. Our heartfelt prayers go out to the people who lost so much. I have been preparing for over a year now ... stocking up a little at a time.

  • Nancy

    We have been without power for 5 days. We live on a lake 35 miles from long beach island and couldn't believe the destruction there. We were very blessed to have not flooded and to have survived such a devastating storm. We have been preparing for the last two years and have the ready store to thank for not only what they sell,but what they teach about surviving in the mist of utter disaster. Today I was looking at the calculator the ready store has for determing the amount of water to store for emergencies. Our township started to pass out emergency drinking water and ice today. Each family was given 3 gallons of water and a small bag of ice! Please take heed and prepare for your families well being.

  • Ryan

    I saw a picture of the bottled water shelves from a nearby store there. You guessed it... EMPTY!

    Thank you ReadyStore for the sale on your new water filters!!

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