Animal Encounters: A Survival Guide

When you're outside and encounter a wild animal, what should you do?

Thankfully, this infographic can help you know! Whether it's a bear, snake, shark, cougar or wolf, this helpful graphic will help you easily figure out if you're at danger and what to do to stay away from danger. Many times, the animal will only approach you instead of attack you. This infograhpic also helps you know what to do in each of those encounters.

Share the knowledge, and share this infographic with friends. Also, comment below to tell us what helpful tips you've found in avoiding animal encounters in the wild. If you like this Infographic, you may also like these books and DVD's on animal attacks.

Fight or Flight Infographic

Thanks to hellawella for creating this infographic.

So, what methods have you used to avoid animals in the wild? Share your knowledge below.

7 thoughts on “Animal Encounters: A Survival Guide”

  • Ron

    This was GREAT !!! Informative and funny ! I laughed my butt off and got something out of it. Now you need to do one for prepping pointers and for child safety !


  • Karen

    Whoa, full of so much win, I can barely stand it. Genius, hilarious, I'll read it again and again.

    Seriously..awesome work. Congrats.


  • Frank

    Check your bear information. I believe that you play dead for grizzly, but fight for your life with black bear.

    • Jeff

      I believe Frank is absolutely correct. But I prefer carrying a large caliber handgun myself as my safety net.

  • Edith P.

    What about a Fox or a Skunk or Possums we've got a lot of those in PA

  • Babs

    I loved the information - certainly informative. It was presented in an interesting way. Will keep these things in mind as I live in a rural area where there are dangerous wildlife.

  • don

    You forgot moose, probably the most dangerous creature in the wild. Largest member of the deer family, but has a peanut brain and will challenge you for the trail or immediate vicinity. They weigh 1000 pounds or more and can move quickly and run faster than a human or dog. Their hooves are deadly, and moose will stomp a human or dog to death for no reason other than the fact that it is there! Put an object (tree, stump, sapling, ANYTHING), between you and it ASAP! Then exit the area quickly when its attention is diverted elsewhere. Sorry, nothing funny about moose, but essential to know the potential danger of this big, dumb beast!

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