8 Ways to Protect Your Home & Family in a Hurricane

With hurricane season upon us, it’s important to know what to do before, during and after a hurricane.

The good thing about hurricanes is that – unlike other natural disasters – you can see them coming. This gives us plenty of time to prepare our families and homes for the storm.

Here are a few priorities that you should consider when preparing for a hurricane this year. Comment below and let us know what priorities you have as a family.

Escape Route
Many Americans who live in hurricane zones aren’t really sure if they are at risk for storm surges and evacuations. It’s important to know whether you need an evacuation plan or not. Be sure to know how you are going to get out of town and what alternative routes you can take. Be ready to evacuate the moment you need to.

Emergency Alerts
“Knowledge is Power.” Be sure to tune into local news to keep an eye on the path of the hurricane. You can also check out The ReadyHurricane Center to get up-to-date maps, news, social media alerts and more.

hurricane aerial viewSupply Kit
When you need to evacuate, you’ll need supplies. Be sure to have your survival kit or 72-hour kit well-stocked and ready to go. You can include things like clothing, hygiene items, important documents, first-aid supplies, water, food and other personal items. You can also save some time and get a pre-made survival kit.

Protect Your Home
Make sure that your home will be protected from the high winds of the storm. For example, many people tape their windows but this isn’t always the best method to use. Check out our previous article on how to protect your home.  You’ll want to make sure that your roof is secured properly, shingles aren’t missing on your home, your windows are secured, your gas is turned off and more.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Generator & Power
If the hurricane knocks out power in your neighborhood what are you going to do? It’s important to be able to have power to keep your family safe and warm. At a minimum, you should have a power source to charge your emergency phone or radio.

Emergency Water & Food
Another thing to consider is that a loss of power can affect your food and water. If you have an extended power outage, the food in your fridge will go bad. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some freeze-dried food storage items that you can eat if your other food isn’t edible.

Communication Plans
One of the most important things you can establish as a family is a communication plan. Establish where you will meet if you’re separated. Also, establish an out-of-state contact that can keep track of your family. Usually, texting is a more dependable way to communicate during an emergency.

Check Insurance
Your insurance may not cover flood damage – it’s not usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. So, it’s better to make a call and know what’s covered and plan accordingly.

What is your priority?
What are your priorities to prepare for a hurricane? Comment below and tell us what your priorities should be during a hurricane.

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