Remove a Fishhook From Your Body Painlessly

fishhookWhether you fish for a hobby or do it as a means to provide food on your homestead, knowing how to remove a fishhook painlessly is going to come in handy. It may be even safe to say, you could be someone’s hero!

The reason why fishhooks are so tricky to remove painlessly is because of the barb. The barb is the part of the hook that secures the fish from unhooking. To help, this article will give you step-by-step instructions on how to remove a fishhook with or without tools.

Remove an Embedded Hook (No Tools)

RemoveFishhookStep11. With a strong line, make a loop 6 inches long and wrap it around of bend of the hook. Make sure the line is at the top of the bend as displayed in the picture.

2. Now that the line is towards the front of the bend, press the hook down (will make a small opening in the skin), pull up and away from the area caught on the hook. The hook should come out the same way it came in.

Disclaimer: It is important have the line towards the front of the bend. If it is towards the back of the bend and pulling against the skin, it will cause a lot of pain.

The steps above can also be used if you are by yourself. There are just two things you will need to do differently; make the loop larger and secure the line around something immovable. For instance, a big rock or branch.

Remove a Hook with Pliers or Forceps

Most people who are using pliers or forceps to extract hooks from themselves or friends, are fishing with hooks smaller than 4/0.

RemoveFishhookWithTools1. Grab the hook at the top of the bend.

2. With the pliers at a right angle to the hook shaft, quickly and firmly rotate your wrist and pliers towards the eye of the hook.

Disclaimer: In the case that the hook has gone completely in and out through the skin and you have the right tools; cut off the barb and pull the hook back out the way it came in.

A Few Things to Remember While Fishing

  • Try to avoid using Treble or Double Hooks – they will cause too much damage to you and the fish
  • It is important to remove the hook as soon as you discover it is hooked on to you or someone else.
  • Do not push a deeply embedded hook right through the skin. Not only will it cause more pain, it may cause damage to blood vessels and/or nerves.
  • If you are fishing with a big hook and it becomes deeply embedded, seek medical attention.

What other advice do you think is important to remember while fishing? Any tips or tricks?

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