Pasta with Marinara Sauce MRE

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Net Weight:


Total Servings:


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Shelf Life:

5 Years

Food Type:

Main Entrees


Vacuum Stabilized



Serving Size:

1 Pouch (227g)

Try our Pasta with Marinara Sauce MRE. You'll wonder why you've never enjoyed such a wonderful treat before!

Great Hot or Cold | Long Shelf-Life | MRE Favorite

The Anytime, Anywhere Treat
Whether you decide to store this Pasta with Marinara Sauce MRE in your basement, in your pantry, or in your office at work, you can enjoy the great taste and convenience anytime and anywhere. Sturdy Packaging
These MREs are easy to store and the durable packaging ensures that they'll be kept safe from accidental rips or tears. Tastes Great
Just because it's an MRE doesn't mean it has to have a bland taste. This Pasta with Marinara Sauce MRE comes filled with vegetable crumbles and is seasoned to perfection. Great for an emergency or just when you are too tired to cook a meal. Meals Ready to Eat
There's a reason the MRE is so popular with the men and women in the armed forces. They are incredibly easy to prepare and ready when you are. During times of emergency or disaster, few things are worse than going hungry. Keep these MREs close at hand whether in your basement, in your pantry, or even at your office. You never know when disaster will strike so take one less stress off your mind by having plenty to eat. You can eat these MREs cold but to really unlock the full flavor, try our flameless heaters to warm them up and enjoy them even more. The MRE will supply you and your family with essential calories and nutrients when you need them most. you can keep them safely stored for up to 5 years so rest assured that you'll be ready for a time of crisis.

First used by the U.S. military, the MRE is now popular for those that are concerned about a natural disaster or any other type of an emergency. Having the staples such as wheat, beans, salt, and powdered milk is important but when you want something quick and easy then you'll be glad you stocked up on these MREs. Not to mention they taste great! These aren't your typical MREs from ages ago. This Pasta with Marinara Sauce MRE tastes great and is the perfect entree that is there and ready when you need it most.

Of course you don't need to wait for a disaster in order to enjoy the great taste of any of our MREs. Pack them with you on your next hiking or camping trip. While others are eating their energy bars, you can enjoy a nice, warm Pasta with Marinara sauce entree!
Entrees (1 Pouch | 1 Serving):
1 Pasta with Marinara Sauce MRE
More Information
SKU MR0277
Brand AmeriQual
Total Calories 300
Shelf Life 5 Years
Net Weight 0
Allergen and Specialty Lactose Free, Pork Free, Shellfish Free, Vegetarian
Preservation Vacuum Stabilized
Total Servings 1
Food Type Main Entrees
Packaging Pouch
Supply Duration 1-Day
Sugar (g) 16
Serving Size 1 Pouch (227g)
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