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Outfitter I Person Wilderness Survival Kit - DISCONTINUED

Outfitter I Person Wilderness Survival Kit - DISCONTINUED


All Features & Specs
Shelf Life: 1-5 Years
Brand: Ready Store

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Benefits & Description

Benefits & Description

No Compromise High-End Products | Great for Daily Use Too

Be prepared no matter what happens
The Outfitter 1 person survival kit kit includes everything an adult will need in an emergency kit: food, water, light, communication materials, warmth and shelter necessities, first-aid and sanitation supplies. Reliable products that won't let you down
Some survival kits are stored away for a "just in case" scenario, owners of the Outfitter line will tell you they use these items anytime they need to head outdoors. Don't stress about emergencies
The Outfitter line is built to grab n go and survive on your own for an indefinite amount of time. Take care of yourself and loved ones
Materials are high quality products from the leading brands in outdoor gear, they will be there when you really need them. Loaded with products you will want to use anytime you're outdoor, the Outfitter comes with an external frame Kelty Cache Hauler bag. This bag is extremely versatile. The bag portion can be removed leaving a metal frame that can hold up to 150 lbs. Many people have quartered animals and carried them on these bags (see picture of Jonathan sitting on the back of the frame in our section of Additional Images to the left) or even carried injured people. Needless to say this pack is meant for serious business and is extremely versatile.

The Outfitter kit was designed to provide everything you would need to survive indefinitely in the wilderness. There are a few day's ration of calorie bars and water that will keep you covered while you work on your long term water and food sources. Here are a few of the product cateogries, as always to get a full list of product contents click on the "What's In The Box" tab to see everything that comes in the kit.

Food Prep: The kit comes with a Folding Firebox to cook meals using MSR cookware (MSR Alpinist 2) and kitchen utensils (MSR Kitchen Set).

Power: Goal Zero Adventure kit will recharge the included 8 double AA batteries and battery packs. AAA battery conversion trays are included and of course power will keep your tacticle flashlights and headlamps going.

Light & Communication: Signal mirrors from UST and the world's loudest whistle will help you get attention while the Midland Basecamp 2 way radio will help keep you up to date with NOAA weather channels as well as an emergency cell phone charger. Also comes with an 80 lumen tactical Cree LED flashlight and headlamp for hands-free operation.

Tactical Gear & Tools: Gerber Camp Ax, LMF II Survival knife, compact folding shovel, and the Gerber Diesel multi-tool will help you perform a multitude of needed chores such as building shelter for just one example.

Warmth & Shelter: The Kelty Mistral long 0 degree sleeping bag will keep you warm while the Slumberjack 2 person Trail Tent will keep you dry. Added to the comfort is the Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout mattress pad.

Miscellaneous: There are an assortment of other items like the 100 foot long 550 paracord spool, N100 respirator by 3M, collapsible water containers, heavy duty XL poncho, water purification treatment, waterproof matches, outdoor survival first aid kits, and much much more. Head over to the What's In The Box to see what all comes with the kit.
What's in the Box?

What's In-the-Box?

Enclosure (1 Backpack):
(1) Kelty Cache Hauler 3400 External Frame Backpack  
(1) Waterproof Document Protector  
Food & Water (24 Pieces):
(3) 3600 Datrex Calorie Bar  
(18) 4.227 ounce Datrex Water Pouches  
(1) Katadyn Vario Water Filter  
(1) Potable Aqua - Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus  
(1) Collapsible 1 Gallon Water Container  
Warmth & Shelter (4 Pieces):
(1) Kelty Mistral 0 degree Long Sleeping Bag  
(1) Slumberjack 2 Person Trail Tent  
(1) Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Self Inflating Mattress Pad  
(1) Rain Gear Backpackers XL Poncho  
Light & Communication (4 Pieces):
(1) LED Tactical Flashlight - 80 Lumen, Life Gear  
(1) ULTIMATE Dynamo 2-Way Radio with 3-LED Flashlight, Midland  
(1) All Weather Storm Safety Whistle  
(1) Gerber Myth Hands Free Light (headlamp)  
Tactical Gear(16 Pieces):
(1) Gerber LMF II Survival Knife - Coyote Brown color  
(1) Gerber LMF II Sheath with Knife Sharpener  
(1) Gerber Strap Cutter  
(1) Gerber Strap Cutter Sheath  
(1) Gerber Camp Axe II  
(1) Gerber Camp Axe II Plastic Sheath  
(1) Gerber Diesel Multi-plier with sheath  
(1) Compact Folding Shovel  
Emergency Tools (11 Pieces):
(1) 550 Paracord - 100 ft length  
(1) Duct Tape  
(1) Kong Kevlar Gloves  
(3) Carabiners, non load bearing  
(1) Ultimate Survival Technologies Star Flash Signal Mirror  
Cooking Food Preparation (6 Pieces):
(1) Folding Firebox Cooking Stove  
(1) MSR Alpinist 2 System - mess kit with pot, cups, plates, & more  
(1) MSR Alpine Kitchen Set - kitchen tools for food prep  
(1) MSR Titan Fork & Spoon (titanium)  
(1) UCO Waterproof Matches - box of 40  
(1) Ultimate Survival Technologies Sparkie Fire Starter  
Emergency Power (2 Pieces):
(1) Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit - Solar Charging Kit  
(1) Guide 10 Battery Pack & AA Rechargeable Batteries  
Sanitation & Hygeine (6 Pieces):
(1) Toothbrush  
(1) Toothpaste  
(1) Bar of soap  
(1) Hand Sanitizer  
(2) Tissue Packs  
First Aid (108 Pieces):
(1) N100 Ventilated Mask  
(1) 107-Piece Outdoor First-Aid Kit - SOFT CASE  
Features & Specifications

Features & Functions

SKU: EK0106
Shelf Life: 1-5 Years
Brand: Ready Store

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This is my favorite
This kit is full of good quality tools and the essentials.


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Great package
This has so much that you need for an emergency situation. It provides a great start.


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  • This is my favorite


    This kit is full of good quality tools and the essentials.


  • Great package


    This has so much that you need for an emergency situation. It provides a great start.