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30 Hacks to Help You Through Life

We all have little problems that we'd rather do without: Accidentally hammering your finger, lighting a candle when you don't have any matches, forgetting whether you locked the door while you're on vacation, losing a piece of jewelry around the house, hiding your keys and phone while you're at the beach, carrying all the grocery bags inside while they slowly cut off the circulation to all of your fingertips - all things we'd rather do without! These are every day problems that just need a quick and easy solution!

Here are 30 simple solutions to these everyday problems. These solutions will save you little bits of time and effort every day! Just check out the ideas below!

So what ideas do you have? Do you have a simple hack that saves you a ton of time and effort? Comment below to share the knowledge with others!

24 thoughts on “30 Hacks to Help You Through Life”

  • Sir Raymond

    Good ideals, very useful information. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • MamaJack824

    Wow! Great, simple, practical, recycling, reusing, reclaiming ideas, that were so useful, I really need to share with family an d friends! Keep them coming! Thanks!

  • Monica

    Great repurposing ideas - thanks for sharing! I have a few heavy plastic jugs that will be perfect for scoops.

  • NameEd Jones

    it's amazing how many things right under your nose can be so handy.

  • Crystal

    Love the old Chapstick tube idea!

  • Jeff

    Response to NameEd Jones comment:

    "It’s amazing how many things right under your nose can be so handy."

    You're right - particularly your upper lip - good for drinking from a bottle, kissing, and whistling to name a few.

  • Barbara Inklebarger
    Barbara Inklebarger May 25, 2013 at 1:41 am

    Sand paper/sheetrock screen is excellent to sand callouses on feet. Only takes off little at time.

    Detergent bottles with push button are excellent to use for camping, kids out in yard, picnic where's there's no water. When empty, fill with water for easy way to wash hands. When electricity goes off, I use one in kitchen/bathroom. We also use one on our dock in Florida to wash fish stuff off. Uses are many. You can't drink but we have started so many on this.

  • Oscar

    The mylar bag liner used in box wine, clean it and it makes a great way to store extra water, a few time use ice pack for your cooler also.

  • Doug

    A person can also cut the plastic jugs into disposable funnels for things like adding oil to your car engine.

  • Carol R

    Using smaller plastic jug type bottles like syrup containers, you can also make your own measuring scoops to keep in your canisters of flour or sugar etc... And since they are flexible to use, there is less chance for spillage!

  • Leigh M.

    Save toilet paper cardboard tubes. Can fill with clothes dryer lint for fire starters. Can use as holder for extension cord storage or for electrical chargers. Keeps them neat & out of the way. Make good coin storage tubes. Girls hairbands can be easily stored on them. Can be covered with wrapping paper or contact paper for more decorative look. Can use as interesting gift "box" for small items. Can also be composted as can most cardboard.

  • Bimbam

    Good tips. Certainly better than DUH Tips:

    Use a ruler to scratch your back.

    Cupped hands make a good way to drink without a cup.

    A babysitter can come in handy.

    To cool coffee let it sit for awhile.

    To fix a flat change the tire.

    If your cell phone don't work recharge it.

    To clean your clothes effortlessly use a washing machine.

    To keep your dog from running away use a device called a leash.

    A wet sock can be used like a wet sock.

    Stuff like that, anyway.

  • James

    Love it! I just learned recently that you can also place your cell phone in a paper cup to amplify the sound if you are playing music. Pretty cool.

  • Sarah H.

    I love these ideas! Way to go Ready Store Blog!

  • Namekurt

    some really cool ideas that make you go "Wow I never thought of that, but that would work" Now, to try to remember them when I need them......

  • emma

    Neat ideas. I'll have to try some of them out.

  • Frederick Swiftbird Raymond
    Frederick Swiftbird Raymond March 8, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Rubber bands can easily damage or destroy posters or maps, etc. which must be mailed or stored for a long period of time. This is another situation where a toilet paper tube comes in handy: simply roll up your document and slide a toilet paper tube over it. Using two TP tubes, or a paper towel tube works great for larger sized pieces as well. One may also use a small label or even a Sharpie to identify what the tube is holding.

  • debbie e

    The tip about the USB port on the TV will save endless stress when traveling with grandkids who all have electronics lol thanks!

  • Dave McCutchin
    Dave McCutchin June 8, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Buy your prepping health needs online. Stores like All Day Chemist, 4NRX, JCM Pharmacy, and Secure Tabs don't require a script and ship worldwide. If TEOTWAWKI doesn't come, at the very least you'll be saving quite a bit of money.

  • Dorothy Christie
    Dorothy Christie June 22, 2015 at 12:11 am

    Reuse tea bags by using a pinch of baking soda in a gallon of water. Gets all the tea out of the tea bags and the tea doesn't get cloudy when stored in the refri.

  • Diane Jessup

    Use old sour cream containers for starting seeds growing. Better than having to buy a pot.

  • Ben

    When tying extension cords together it works better if you make several loops instead of just one; then plug them together. This helps prevent the plugs from getting bent. This is how I did it back in the 1950's.

  • Bill

    If you don't have bread clips for tape, try folding the end over on itself. I have used this technique for years. About a 1/4 to 1/2" at the end folded over stuck to itself will do. You will not have a problem finding the end.

  • Sam

    Put the last sliver of soap in an empty bottle covered with water. Let sit a while, shake and you have liquid hand soap. Very handy for the kitchen sink because you don't have to use bar soap.

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