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Military MREs

For Private Citizens

Emergency Water Storage Supply

Ready to Eat - No Prep

Instead of adding water or cooking, MREs are wet-packed so all you have to do is tear them open and eat. We do recommend heating them up though!

Perfect Size for Backpacks or Bags

Whether it's your next hunting trip or a wildfire evacuation, MREs slip into any backpack for easy storage. Take them on your next hike or have them ready for an emergency

Durable and Field Test

MREs have a 425 lbs bursting guarantee. They're designed to be pushed out of a plane! That means they're durable and won't split open when you need them to stay closed.

Company with Decades of Experience

We've been eating MREs for years on camp outs and in emergencies. We also source MREs from the same companies that are contracted to make them for the military

MRE Meals

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