Inergy - Bronze Solar Kit

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Inergy - Bronze Solar Kit


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Brand: Inergy Solar
Input Sources: AC Wall Charger, DC 12V, DC Solar Panels, USB
Output Sources: AC 110V, DC 12V (Barrel Tip), DC 12V (Cigarette Ligher), USB
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

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Benefits & Description

Benefits & Description

Renewable Power | Best Starter Kit | Green Energy

No Messy Cables
When “daisy chaining” multiple Predator panels together you don't need wires to manually link one panel to another. The Predator 50 was designed with interlocking channel that you slide one panel into another. Once interlocked you have a solar array that can connect up to 5 Predators together, that's up to 250 Watts worth of power per hour! Easy-to-Use
This doesn't require a crazy set up process. Just press the power on button and plug in any device to your Kodiak and you have 1,100 Watt hours at your fingertips! Thousands of Cycles
Other solar company's use a lead acid battery and that will only provide you with a few hundred cycles. The Inergy - Kodiak battery uses a Lithium-Ion battery bank that has a whopping 2,000 cycle life. Make Emergency Preparedness Portable and Convenient
Other batteries will weigh 40-100 lbs. and require a rolling cart just to move the heavy battery. The Inergy - Kodiak weighs only 20 lbs.!! Also includes an easy to carry strap that makes it portable for every day use. The Bronze Solar Kit is your versatile kit that provide you with a 1,100 Watts Kodiak Battery and one Predator 50 Panel. Total combined weight is only 24 lbs.! With the Predator panel you have the ability to add an additional four panels together providing you with an optimal solar array.

The Kodiak Battery is the most light weight battery that contains 1,100 Watts of power! Only weighing 20 lbs. the Kodiak Battery is capable of providing you with energy for all your needs. The Kodiak includes a variety of electrical ports that allows you to power your cell phone to something extravagant you're your RV Trailer. Enjoy the comfort of never being in the dark again with your Bronze Solar Kit.

The Kodiak Battery was a crowd-funded project from Indiegogo. With nearly 10 days left for the campaign to end, it has acquired around $20M from as many as 140 backers. With such an amazing support Inergy was able to make this outstanding solar kit.

With the power of Lithium-Ion battery that's in the Kodiak, the same high-quality battery that you'd find in electric and hybrids vehicles will provide you with a longer battery life than other solar brand. With 2,000 cycles that 4x longer than other brands that use a lead acid battery.

What does it power?:
- Smartphone 100+
- Tablets: 40+
- 18 cu ft. refrigerator, 20% duty: 33 hrs.
- 9 cu ft. refrigerator, 15% duty: 50 hrs.
- CPAP Machine: 8 hrs.
- Laptops: 20+

Tech Specs

Charge Times :
- Wall Charger: 8 hours
- Car Charger: 5 hours
- Solar Panel: 7-30 hours

(1) Charging Port 1: (AC Adapter, Solar) Up to 270 W/10 Amp 12 VDC Max Solar.
(1) Charging Port 2: High currant charging port for Solar, Wind, Car up to 32 V DC at 30 amps, 600 W Maximum.
(1) External 12 VDC battery bank connection.

(6) 110V AC Plugs: Up to 1,000 W continuous per outlet (10 Amp max) 1500 W max for combined AC output. 3,000W combined starting surge, pure sine wave.
(1) 30 amp RV Plug, 110 Volt, NEMA TT-30R
(2) 12V DC universal car sockets, 15amps maximum per socket.
(4) USB outlets, 15 W max per pair.
(2) Light Port, 12V DC 5.5 x 2.5mm connector standard 50W max output per port, up to 10-5W Inergy LED lights, daisy chained together.

- Cell Type: Lithium-Ion (NMC) Battery.
- Peak Capacity: 1,100 W continuous for 1 hour, 3,000 W peak.
- 12.6V DC, 90 AH.
- Up to 2,000 charge cycles.
- Charge at least every 6-months.

- Pure Sine Wave, 1500 Watt Continuous, 3,000 Watt Surge.
- 110 VAC, 50Hz ± .5Hz.
- High efficiency, Ultra High Frequency Design. - Commercial Operating Range, -15°F to 150°F.

- Battery Weight: 20 lbs.
- Panel Weight: 4 lbs.
- Battery Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 8 in.
- Solar Panel Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 0.5 in.
- Warranty: 1 Year
- Battery Cycle: 2,000

What's in the Box?

What's In-the-Box?

Emergency Power:
(1) Predator 50 Solar Panel  
(1) Kodiak Solar Generator  
(1) AC Charger  
(1) Shoulder Carring Strap  
(1) User's Guide  
Features & Specifications

Features & Functions

SKU: GB0039
Brand: Inergy Solar
Dimensions (LxWxH): 16" x 15" x 8" Battery 32" x 22" x 0.5" Solar Panel
Input Sources: AC Wall Charger, DC 12V, DC Solar Panels, USB
Output Sources: AC 110V, DC 12V (Barrel Tip), DC 12V (Cigarette Ligher), USB
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

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