FoodBrick Storage Kit - 8 Qty

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FoodBrick Storage Kit - 8 Qty


All Features & Specs
Shelf Life: No
Preservation: No
Brand: Waterbrick

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Benefits & Description

Benefits & Description

Stacks High | Easy To Store | Built to Take a Beating

Feel Secure in Your Preparations
Containers are made from 100% non-toxic food-grade HDPE, and are completely BPA free so they are perfect for long term storage. Keep Your Family Safe in an Emergency
Keep your emergency supplies safe and conveniently stored in these protective stackable FoodBricks. Convenient Portability
Easy to move handles make moving your FoodBrick a piece of cake. With groves, you can also easily tie down in a car or ATV. Make Emergency Preparedness Convenient
These sturdy and stackable containers enable you to store an adequate supplies while still saving floor space. You can also slide them under your bed and other creative places. Flexible Product Storing Options
These lego-like pieces can be stacked in several configurations or slide into small spots for storage. Stacked as seen in the image above you are only taking up 18" by 18" of floorspace and it only stands 12" tall. Made of rugged, high density polyethylene capable of holding 3.5 gallons and up to 27 pounds, these durable, Lego like containers stack easily to fit into the tightest spaces of your home; making the FoodBrick a great way to protect and store your emergency supplies. With easy to carry handles, these containers are simple and convenient to move too. Easily load these into your car, ATV, or even backpack.

With a water and moisture resistant seal, these FoodBricks will help protect your supplies from the elements and help preserve shelf life. Easily pack these full of food such as rice, beans, sugar, salt, or emergency supplies such as toilet paper, first aid kits, gloves, clothes, or anything else you may need in case of emergency. They are designed to stack along with the WaterBricks too.

What's in the Box?

What's In-the-Box?

Food Container Bundle (8 Containers and 2 Handles):
(8) 3.5 Gallon FoodBrick Containers  
(2) FoodBrick Container Handles  
Features & Specifications

Features & Functions

Shelf Life: No
Dimensions (LxWxH): 9" x 18" x 6" each
Packaging: No
Preservation: No
Brand: Waterbrick
Product Series: No

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