FLEXprep-1600 Food Storage Supply | 12-Month

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FLEXprep-1600 Food Storage Supply | 12-Month


All Features & Specs
Preservation Method: Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated
Packaging: #10 Can
Total Servings: 10,598
Total Calories: 590,080
Food Type: Breakfasts, Main Entrees

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Benefits & Description

Benefits & Description

Flexible | Easy preparation | 20-25 year shelf-life

Preparation is quick
The freeze-dried and dehydrated meals are quick and easy to prepare. Extreme shelf-life
You'll find comfort that this kit will be good for 25 years. Quality ingredients
We only create our supply kits from the highest-quality ingredients. Lasts for a full year
The flexible kit provides a wide variety of options that add up to 1,600 calories per day for a full year. Self-sufficiency in a kit
The best thing about this kit is the peace of mind you will have knowing you have created a buffer for the unknown. This FLEXprep 12-month supply kit provides at least 1,600 calories per day. The high quality foods are simple to prepare, are diverse and have an average shelf-life of 25 years. The flexibility that comes from a combination of classic food storage with the newer just-add water meals and foods makes this a kit well rounded option.

This 12 month kit is packed with high quality Saratoga Farms items. It includes just add water breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It also includes traditional items like grains, beans, pastas, rice and cooking basics. The kit is a step-above with its selection of freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried vegetables and instant sauces and sides.

The FLEXprep 12-month supply is filled with dehydrated and freeze-dried foods that are easy to prepare. If you're in an emergency you'll appreciate the little amount of preparation time. With a lot of the meals, fruits, and vegetables you just have to add water and wait a few minutes. The food is restored to its original status after preparation.

We use high quality food items to prepare our food storage. We never cut corners and use low quality items to save ourselves a few dollars. We want to create a high-quality food storage kit that you'll actually enjoy and feel good about.

This kit comes in double enamel coated #10 cans with 02 absorbers to ensures the perfect environment for your food. From the canning equipment and quality assurance checks to the quality of the food means you are going to get the best product on the market

In summary, the FLEXprep 12-month supply kit provides you with 1,600 calories per day and has a flexible variety of the highest-quality items that are easy to prepare yet versatile enough to make a variety of different meals.
What's In-the-Box?

What's In-the-Box?

(8 Cans | 248 Servings):
4 Saratoga Farms Peaches & Cream Oatmeal
4 Saratoga Farms Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Lunch & Dinner
(17 Cans | 339 Servings):
1 Saratoga Farms Lasagna
1 Saratoga Farms Sweet & Sour Stir Fry with Rice
5 Saratoga Farms Pasta Parmesan Alfredo
4 Saratoga Farms Mac and Cheese
4 Saratoga Farms Bacon Potato Chowder
1 Saratoga Farms Hearty Beef Rotini
1 Saratoga Farms Creamy Beef & Pasta Stroganoff
(6 Cans | 128 Servings):
2 Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Oranges
2 Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices
2 Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Marion Blackberries
(8 Cans | 258 Servings):
4 Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Spinach
2 Saratoga Farms Dehydrated Carrot Dices
2 Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Broccoli Florets
(18 Cans | 832 Servings):
4 Saratoga Farms Buttermilk Biscuit Mix
8 Saratoga Farms Instant White Rice
6 Saratoga Farms Pilot Bread Crackers
Meats, Eggs & Protein
(9 Cans | 507 Servings):
3 Saratoga Farms Dried Pinto Beans
3 Saratoga Farms Dried Black Beans
3 Saratoga Farms Dried Kidney Beans
Pasta & Potatoes
(8 Cans | 156 Servings):
2 Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Potato Chunks
3 Saratoga Farms Instant Tagliatelle Noodles
3 Saratoga Farms Instant Rotini Noodles
Cooking Ingredients
(25 Cans | 6179 Servings):
5 Saratoga Farms White Sugar
5 Saratoga Farms Brown Sugar
6 Saratoga Farms Hard White Winter Wheat
6 Saratoga Farms White Flour
3 Saratoga Farms Yellow Cornmeal
(10 Cans | 990 Servings):
2 Saratoga Farms Butter Powder
6 Saratoga Farms Fortified Instant Non-Fat Milk
2 Saratoga Farms Cheese Sauce Blend
Drink Mix
(5 Cans | 445 Servings):
2 Saratoga Farms Fortified Orange Drink Mix
3 Saratoga Farms Fortified Apple Drink Mix
Sauces & Seasonings
(6 Cans | 516 Servings):
2 Saratoga Farms Instant Chicken Gravy
2 Saratoga Farms Instant Beef Gravy
2 Saratoga Farms Instant Marinara Sauce

Occasionally Items may be substituted with similar items due to availability. Calorie and serving count may vary plus or minus 5% depending on substituted items.

Features & Specifications

Features & Functions

Preservation Method: Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated
Brand: The Ready Store
Packaging: #10 Can
Total Servings: 10,598
Total Calories: 590,080
Estimated Shelf Life: 20-30 Years
Dimensions (LxWxH): 57" x 12" x 48"
Allergen and Specialty: Shellfish Free
Food Type: Breakfasts, Main Entrees
Storage Requirements: Click to Read Storage Requirements

Shelf Life Statement

To achieve maximum shelf life, store in an environment with a temperature of 60F or lower and humidity of 10 percent or less. Shelf life statements are based on manufacturer claims, industry standards and relevant studies from reliable sources. The Ready Store disclaims any liability or warranty as actual shelf life results may vary depending on individual storage conditions.

Serving Size: Will Vary
Nutrition & Ingredients

Nutrition & Ingredients

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size Will Vary
Servings Per Container About 10,598
Amount Per Serving
Calories 1639
Calories from Fat 130
% Daily Value*
Total Fat    16g
Saturated Fat    7g
Trans Fat    0g
Cholesterol    18mg
Sodium    2778mg
Total Carbohydrate    332g
Dietary Fiber    26g
Sugars    133g
Protein    42g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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