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  1. EasyPrep 12-Month Food Supply
    EasyPrep 12-Month Food Supply
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  2. EasyPrep 6-Month Food Supply
    EasyPrep 6-Month Food Supply
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  3. EasyPrep 3-Month Food Supply
    EasyPrep 3-Month Food Supply
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  4. EasyPrep 1-Month Emergency Food Supply
    EasyPrep 1-Month Emergency Food Supply
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  5. PetPrep Freeze Dried Adult Maintenance Dog Food
    PetPrep Freeze Dried Adult Maintenance Dog Food
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  6. #10 Plastic Lid
    #10 Plastic Lid
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Being prepared with emergency food storage is more than "just a good idea." it's becoming a necessity! With severe weather, earthquakes, wildfires, terrorist attacks and hurricanes, it could mean the difference between thriving and surviving. Not to mention, what would you eat if you lost your job? Each of these are reason to have emergency food rations - having a packed food stroage supply will sustain you and your family when local grocery stores might not be able to.

When a lot of epople think about food storage, they think about staples like flour and grain - but it can be so much more diverse than that! While grains and other dehydrated foods are important, you can also choose form a variety of freeze-dried foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy items, meats and just-add-water meals. Ready Store also carries all the brands including Saratoga Farms, Daily Bread, and Mountain House. And all of these products are designed for long-term storage.

We know that emergency preparedness can be a daunting task - and - sometimes expensive. That's why we have developed savings plans to help you save with bulk food pricing - inluding 3-, 6-, and 12-month food suplies, 6-can ReadyPacks and a ReadyQ that will let you choose how much you want and how quickly you want to prepare. Whatever you choose, we can help you get prepared with freeze-dried food storage with the products that you want.

Freeze-dried emergency food can last on the shelf for up to 25 years. With special packaging like #10 cans and mylar bags in buckets, you can depend on your food being ready whenever you need it.

Long-Term Food Storage

Imagine that an eatherquake hits your home - disrupting the power supply, roads and communication - not to mention the potential damage to your home. Do you have enough food in your pantry to feed your family until they can restock the shelves at the grocery stroe? Most people don't. In fact, a recent survey found that 53% of Americans don't even have three days worth of food to carry them over (2012, Adelphi University Center for Health Innovations). The majority of canned foods at the grocery store aren't designed to stay on your shelf for more than a couple months.

That's why we do what we do! Ready Store's foods are designed to stay on your shelf for 25-30 years. Military Meals are designed to be ready to eat at a moments notice for up to 5 years.

And it doesn't have to take up a lot of space either. Just a few square feet can store a few months worth of food and water. Just make sure that our food is in a cool, dry and dark place. If you maintain a low temperature throughout the year, that food will be ready for your to eat over the next 25 years

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