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Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Whether it's a job loss or an oncoming hurricane, food storage can help you be prepared with food whenever you need it. Just set it on the shelf for year and use it whenever you're ready

Be Insured with Emergency Food

Food is a basic staple of life. If an earthquake hit your home or inflation takes food off of your shelves, where would you turn? Having an emergency food supply is vital in a disaster situation

Easy Planning Food Storage

Instead of complicated food storage calculators, EasyPrep is ... well, easy! One bucket of meals is a 1-month food supply. Have three people in your family - get three buckets! It's that easy

Voted Best Food Storage Company

For 5 years in a row, we've been voted the best food storage and emergency preparedness company by our customers. With nearly 20 years experience in the industry, let us help you be prepared

Ready Store Inc, the leader in food storage and emergency preparedness, has introduced a new line of products that aims to help families prepare more easily.

As implied by its name, EasyPrep is the easy way to buy and store your food to be ready for anything. One bucket of food provides one person with food for one month. Just take the number of family members you have, buy that many buckets, and your family is set for a month! They are also packaged into 3-, 6-, and 12-month supplies for easy purchase. Prices range from $70 to $7,000 depending on the type of food and supply amount you buy.

EasyPrep has many different types of buckets, including meal buckets, fruit and vegetable buckets, dessert buckets, and drink buckets. You can easily buy a month’s supply of any type of food you’re looking for. The food is kept in metalized pouches within the buckets.. Simply add water to the pouch and your meal is ready to eat.

"Most people don't know where to start preparing," said Paul Fulton, president of The Ready Store. "People are beginning to realize the need to be prepared with food storage and emergency supplies. However, they feel frustrated because they don't know how much food they'll need - or how much it's going to cost them when they're done."

The new EasyPrep line of products aims to answer those questions and make the buying process simple for customers. Each bucket of EasyPrep food will represent a month's worth of food storage. If a family is preparing for three people, they just need three buckets. Customers will also be able to add buckets of fruits, vegetables, desserts and more. To see the full line of EasyPrep products visit readystore.com/easyprep

Research has shown that the majority of Americans believe that the world will experience a major catastrophe in the next nine years. However, almost half of them believe they don't have enough supplies to be ready for the catstrophe. (Kelton Research, 2012)

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