10 Helpful Uses for Bananas

Bananas make great snacks but they can also be used for many other purposes. You can use bananas and their peels to help cook meat, fertilize, attract animals or cure dry eyes.

Tenderize a Roast
Banana leaves are often used in Asian countries to wrap meat as it’s cooking. Many of them say that bananas will also have the same effect. So, next time you are making a roast, try adding a banana peel to the pot to soften up the meat.

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Polish Silverware
It might sound a like a prank, but rubbing a banana peel on silverware is a great way to restore the shine. First, remove any of the leftover stringy material from inside the peel. After you’ve rubbed the silverware, buff the objects with a paper towel or a cloth.

Whiten Teeth
Rub banana peels on your teeth every time you brush. Rub for about 2 minutes and you'll notice a whiter smile.

Deter Aphids
If you have an aphid infestation, bananas can help! Bury dried-up or cut banana peel slices an inch or two below the surface around your plant The plant will begin to suck up their nutrients and the aphids will pack up and leave. Don’t use large chunks of banana though, because that will attract rodents, raccoons or squirrels.

Banana peels are rich in potassium - an important nutrient in your garden. Dry out banana peels on screen during the winter. In the spring cut them up and blend them in a food processor. Add the fertilizer to plants in your garden or flowerbed.

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Attract Birds and Butterflies
Are you a bird watcher or like butterflies on a nice spring day? Use bananas to attract them! Place an overripe banana on a raised platform after you poke a few holes in it. Be careful though, because the banana is likely to attract more bees and wasps too.

Face Mask
Who needs an expensive facial when you can just use a banana? Mash up a medium-sized banana into a smooth paste then gently apply it to your face and neck. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes then rinse it with cold water.

Remove Splinters
If you have a pesky splinter in your skin, use a banana to get it out! Press the banana peel onto the splinter and the fruit's natural enzymes will work to get the splinter out.

Hangover Cure
Usually after a long night of drinking, you’ve lost a lot of nutrients including potassium. Making a banana shake can help cure that hangover. Combine a half-cup milk with a banana and 2 teaspoons of honey.

Dry Eyes
Everything from pollution to allergies and smoke can cause your eyes to dry out. The cure? Eat a banana! Bananas will help balance your sodium levels and release fluid into your eyes.

Your Advice
So what do you use bananas or banana peels for? Have you found some stain that only comes out with banana juice? Comment below and let us know!

15 thoughts on “10 Helpful Uses for Bananas”

  • Frank B.

    While bicycle touring in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York on a hot summer day, I experienced a leg cramp which literally threw me right off the bike. After eating two bananas purchased at a country store, I was able to get back on the bike and finish the ride. Would a handful of dried or dehydrated banana slices have the same effect?

    • Lauralee Hensley
      Lauralee Hensley February 15, 2016 at 3:48 pm

      It should. The potassium is a mineral and dehydrating shouldn't cause it to be lost in the moisture evaporation process.

  • GreatDepression

    I saw a man once who used the peel to buff and polish his shoes.

  • Banana lover

    No reason why not. Potassium helps with muscle spasms or those cramps in legs, especially if lack of potassium is the problem. Tonic water with quinine also helps and used to be the recommended cure. Anyway, dried bananas still have potassium just like fresh.

  • Jeff

    I think the point of the 1st "tip" is that wrapping the meat in banana peels is to hold the moisture inside the meat so it doesn't evaporate out in the form of steam. I don't think think throwing a banana peel in the pot would have the same effect. Just guessing here, so I could be wrong.

  • sandra

    if you are stung/bitten by fire ants, rub a banana peel on the stings/bites, it will take the "fire" out of the area and help keep the swelling and itching down.

  • Mr. Marlyn

    I have used the peel for leg cramps. It taste bad but works every fast.

  • Marlene

    Bury a banana skin in the ground around your rose bushes in the spring. You'll have the most beautiful roses you've ever grown!

  • Robet

    I've also heard that you can treat warts with it, wrap a bandage with a piece of banana peel over the wart and let it work.

    When I got one I made a ground up mixture of sulphur powder and crushed aspirin and put that on the wart then a band-aid. It slowly dissolved the wart and left a hole which healed up on it's own. If I had known about the banana peel I'd have tried that first.

  • Rick

    ROBERT - for warts, use violet extract. it kills the virus that causes the wart, and has only one side effect; it temporariyly causes the surrounding skin to turn blue. Cover with a band aid and no one will know. The wart will not spread and will not come back.

  • SL Haynes

    Banana peel, egg shell and used coffee grounds make an excellent worm food. Also, fire ants hate coffee grounds. The worms eat the mixture, then leave worm casings to fertilize whatever plant you want. I tried it on my ivy plant around a wax leaf legustrum. Not only did the ivy trive but the shrub grew very nicely. Just use a bucket of some kind to collect this mixture, when the bucket gets full, dump the contents where you want it.

  • Cori

    Throw banana peels under your sinks to get rid of roaches. You'll start seeing dead roaches soon.

  • Nickname

    I found out that when I crave for bananas I buy and eat them and my craving goes away. So my method works.

  • Mark

    Beware. Bananas are lethal!!! Everyone who has eaten a banana has DIED!!!

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