How to Save Money When Buying Food Storage

While many of us are interested in buying food storage for our families, money in order to purchase it is a different issue.

We’ve listed a few suggestions on how you can save money when buying food storage. We’d love to hear your recommendations on how to save money when buying food storage. Comment below and share your tips!

Price matching
Few companies in the industry offer price matching gaurantees. This is a great way to get the best product at the lowest price. You’ll be able to save money while still getting what you want.

Individual components
Many times the easy-to-make meals cost a little bit more than regular foods. However, don’t fret. You can create many of these meals and still store them for the future.

Many times, companies will combine individual cans of food into mixes in order to create a meal. So for example, a company will combine freeze-dried noodles, freeze-dried cottage cheese, freeze-dried sauce, etc in order to create a can of freeze-dried lasagna.

food storage couponIf you have a few of these components already, you might be able to save a few dollars by combining them and creating dishes.

Couponing doesn’t have to be like the TV shows. You don’t have to buy 200 cans of food storage in order to save $1. There are always some great deals and discounts! Many companies also have weekly or monthly sales that can provide major discounts.

Purchase in bulk
If you have the means, purchasing in bulk is a great way to save on food storage and make your preparation goals! Take our CLASSICprep 2000 12-month kit for an example. If you purchased all of the products listed inside of the kit individually, you’d pay about $2,200. However, when you purchase the kit together, it costs about $1,900 - a savings of about $300!

CLASSICprep 2000 12-month

Split with a friend
Still saving up for a purchase? Maybe if you split the purchase with a friend, you’d be able to get more. Since you can save so much by purchasing in bulk, it’s a perfect fit.

Take the CLASSICprep 2000 12-month as an example again. If you split the cost you’d probably be only paying about $950 for about 70 cans. That’s a pretty awesome deal!

Your recommendations
So, what do you do to save money on food storage? Share the wealth and let others know how they can save and prepare!

7 thoughts on “How to Save Money When Buying Food Storage”

  • Kelly H.

    Buy one get one frees are an amazing way to build up a stockpile quickly and cheaply. I scour the weekly sales fliers for deals, circle the ones that I want to purchase, and then take my ads into Walmart, who will price match all of the BOGO ads from their competitors. So not only am I getting the items for less to begin with, but then I'm getting them buy one get one free as well. So it saves us so much money to stock up that way. Even if I only end up getting 2 or 4 of the item, it all helps. And if I just so happen to have a coupon/s for those same items, then I can end up getting them for even less!

  • Shawn M

    You mentioned something in your article that would be a great idea! When you have sales on hamburger for example. Provide a mix recipe for hamburger cheese and tomato sause to make a spaghetti sauce, or the toppings of a pizza. You can add dried onions, peppers, etc. And please make these both printable, and so they can be saved to a word doc. This would serve 2 purposes, first, when you buy the items on sale you'll know how to use them. 2nd you'll have an ingredient list of items that you'll need to get, or show you how to use ones you've already gotten. And supply a discount or coupon or something for someone that uploads one of their recipes too you, showing how they use the sales item, if you don't have it listed.

  • Kathy

    What if you allowed the customer to make a 'wish list', then send in a certain amount weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and you ship so much of the 'wish list' to the customer?

    Also, a recipe book that the customer could purchase to put freeze-dried meals together. You could also store this near your food.

  • Keith

    I totally agree with the statement regarding couponing. I think sometime people see a show like Extreme Couponing and feel like they can't do that. The fact is, if you have an actual life, then you probably can't. Don't let that discourage you though. You can still coupon and do it efficiently enough to save some serious cash.

    All it really requires is the time to (1) purchase a newspaper (2) clip and organize the coupons (3) then plan your meals around the coupons you have available. All of this could take one hour, or several hours a week, depending on the amount of time you want to put into it.

    You'd be surprised at the amount of money you can save by planning your meals around your coupons. Couple the coupons with your store's weekly deals and you can really save money while stockpiling food.

    One very important tip that gets overlooked; Anyone who is a veteran, active duty military, or in any way has access to a military commissary should absolutely, positively, coupon. You're already getting a better return on your money by shopping there. Add to that with coupons and the savings grows exponentially. I routinely shop at a commissary where I may use 35-50 coupons per visit and save anywhere from $30-$45 and upwards of 20% on my total bill.

  • debbie e

    There is at least one website selling recipies for meals in a jar using storage foods. They are planned around a specific brand but will work with others. She sells the "key" which is the proportions to use of each type of ingredirnt also. This has made my planning so much eaiser. I converted to mylar bags, vac sealed with oxygen absorbers and store in plastic buckets. I expect at least 5 years shelf life from these meals. I control sodium content flavors etc, by work in with ingredients rather than using pre made entries. More work but worth it for us.

  • Sheila

    I always read about using the freeze dried items to rotate stock, but when 1 can is all a person can afford a month, opening that can be hard. I like the pantry cans. I can use it, be familiar with how to make the contents but not use the #10 cans. I wish there were more items in the pantry size. Easier to store, use and replace.

  • Alex

    I always check for the Ready Store daily deal and when something I want goes on sale I buy it in bulk. I always spend at least $100 so that I get the free shipping and I also try to spend $300 when they have one of their $50 gift card promotions. $50 every so often added to the free shipping on orders over $100 starts to add up to a lot of extra food.

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