Pointers on Making Freeze-Dried Foods Even Better!

Everyone knows that you just need to add water to a freeze-dried meal to prepare it! However, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your freeze-dried meals turn out perfect every time!

I've had many opportunities to prepare freeze-dried foods and meals. And throughout the years, I've collected a few pointers on preparation. Here they are:

Shake the can
Yes, that’s right! Step No. 1 is to shake the can.

You’ll want to mix all the contents in the can to ensure that they are mixed evenly. Sometimes powders can settle on the bottom of the can while broader contents (like noodles) will stay at the top. To ensure that you have enough flavoring on your food, shake the can before you open it.

When you’re shaking, don’t go crazy, you don’t to open your can to find that you’ve smashed all the contents inside.

Add water little by little
On the side of the can, you’ll find preparation instructions. This will give you a ratio of water and mix. So, for example, the label in the picture explains that you’ll need 1 cup of water and ½ cup of dry mix.

If you’re preparing all of the can’s contents at the same time, you can just add the required water that you need. I’ve noticed that many times stirring and mixing the food is easier as you add water little by little.

Add a little water, stir that in and then add a little more water. This will allow you to fine-tune your meal to your desired consistency! It will also make mixing a lot easier!

Put a lid on
When creating a hot dish, you’ll want to use boiling, or near boiling water. I’ve noticed that the food will reconstitute faster if there is a lid on the bowl or mixing cup. This will trap in the moisture and keep heat rotating inside your bowl.

When you put a lid on the food, it reconstitutes faster and more fully.


Your recommendations?
What have you found? What pointers would you give others on the best way to prepare freeze-dried foods?

7 thoughts on “Pointers on Making Freeze-Dried Foods Even Better!”

  • Ann LaSuer

    Also, some of the products are very low in sodium in order to accommodate special diets. Adding salt, bouillon etc will help the flavor.

  • Don Juan

    Likewise, I have purchased a couple+ years of FD foods in #10 cans as well as individual packages. I've tried all of them myself and on a very few close friends on hunting trips. The amount of water needed will vary slightly from what the can/package says. Breakfast meals have required a little less water and the rice/meat/stew meals might need a bit more. You can always add a little more towards the end of the "re" process. Don't pour good nutrients off...use a bit less water then add more if necessary. Also, when the time comes you "need" these meals, water will be more precious than gold so don't wate it.

  • Teresa Burnett
    Teresa Burnett April 19, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    One great way to reconstitute the pilot bread is to soak it in a mixture of dried milk and dried egg with a little salt and honey...and water of course. Then pour this over pilot bread and let it soak for about an hour...more if you wish. Then lift the softened slice out and into a med. hot fry pan with butter or oil. Fry gently then flip. Finish to a golden brown, plate it and sprinkle with powered sugar for an excellant french toast. You can use syrup as well. Lots of variations with your spices.

  • Barbara Terry

    One of my favorite things to eat is a serving of hot rice. Add 1 or 2 Tbsp. of peanut butter and sugar or honey to suit your taste. Stir and eat. Delicious anytime. We usually had it with a serving of hot buttered cornbread at the close of the meal as dessert.

  • NameSue

    We have an RV, and I have packed the packets, and some of the #10's in the trailer when we travel.
    I always have a quick and easy meal when we stop for the night. I usually taste before serving, and add spices if needed, but usually we don't need any. I do, like suggested use chicken or beef or vegetable broth for added flavor. I love the french toast idea...thanks a lot. The grandkids have loved the lasagna and other pasta dishes, and it's so fast to get it all on the table for a hungry bunch while they're setting up the campsite. LOVE this stuff. I hope we never need it for survival, although I have it for that purpose...just decided one time to try it out, and learn how to use it while traveling in the RV. It also gets everyone used to it, so if we need it for survival, they won't balk at eating "instant" food.

  • Gwen

    One of our favorite entrees is the rice and chicken. I love the seasoning already added. I use the ratio of 1:1 of rice and water. I add water to a stainless steel fry pan and bring to a boil. Add rice, cover with lid and let boil about 2-3 minutes. Set aside until water absorbs. Ready to serve. Also, I add either home canned or freeze dried chicken. Home canned chicken ~ add to rice and while cooking, just enough to heat it. Freeze dried ~ add a little extra water and cook with the rice. Great!

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