Difference Between CLASSICprep, FLEXprep & READYprep?

Recently, we have been working on some significant changes to our long-term supply kits. Our goals were to improve the product selection, usability, pricing and more. We also wanted to make food storage kits easier to shop for and match them up to your families' needs.

We noticed that a large percentage of customers would call us and ask which kits made sense for their particular family. Since every family has a different number of members at different ages of their lives and their food preferences varied, there was no real easy way customize a kit to your needs … until now!

New Supply Kit Overview
In order to provide you with an easy way to pick the perfect kit for your family we created an overview graphic which shows the kits side by side with details such as price, cost per meal, duration, calorie count and so on. Within a few seconds you will be able to narrow in on the kit that makes the most sense for your needs.

Click on the matrix (or here) to see what the matrix of the new supply kits will look like:

Click the matrix to see more detail!

long-term food storage kits matrix

We’ve designed three different types of supply kits - the CLASSICprep, FLEXprep and READYprep supply kits. You can also choose different kits based on different caloric needs. Here is a brief rundown on each type of kit.

READYprep Supply Kit
This kit comes in a 2,400 daily calorie supply or a 2,000 calorie supply.

Ready Prep 2400
The READYprep supply kit was created to provide your family with just-add water meals which are easy to prepare and make food storage as simple as possible. These supply kits are packed full of just-add water meals, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, snacks, drinks and more. These supply kits are perfect for people who want to save time on cooking or creating a meal. The average preparation time for a meal in this kit is 5-10 minutes.

FLEXprep Supply Kit
The FLEXprep comes in 2,000 or 1,600 daily calorie options.
FLEXPrep 2000 - 12 Months
These kits are great for families who want the best of the READYprep and CLASSICprep kits. This kit is full of traditional food storage items and easy-preparation freeze-dried meals. You’ll be able to have a wide variety of just-add-water meals and items along with the traditional staples. The average preparation for a meal using this kit is 15-30 minutes.

CLASSICprep Supply Kit
This kit comes in 2,000 and 1,300 daily calorie options.
The CLASSICprep is a great option for families who want the basic staples of food storage - grains, beans, wheats, etc. It is also great for people who want to use food storage items in their own recipes. The CLASSICprep is full of kitchen-friendly items like processed grains, beans, milks, sauces and other cooking basics.

Further Helps and Tools
We always strive to make the best experience for our customers. Many of the recent change will help food storage kit shopping as easy and informative as possible. That’s why we’ve created a few tools in order to help you plan for your food storage and emergency needs.

What’s in the Box
If you click on the “What’s in the Box” tab on each product page, it will show you what’s inside the kit and which meals, sides, drinks and more, you’ll be getting in the kit.

Nutritional Facts
On each product page, you’ll see a tab that says “Recipes & Nutrition.” When you click here, you can see the average daily nutritional facts for each kit. No one else in the industry will share this information with you. Some companies will show the nutritional data that makes their kit look good but hide others (cholesterol, protein, sodium). We want to show you exactly what you’ll be getting!

In the end, we wanted to create a simpler way to shop for your families food storage while making improvements on our existing kits . We are excited to share these improvements with you and look forward to hearing your feedback.

If you have any questions about our new food storage supply kits, feel free to ask us or call us at 1-800-773-5331.

7 thoughts on “Difference Between CLASSICprep, FLEXprep & READYprep?”

  • Charles R.

    Great info! I'll take the Ready prep over the Classic prep any day!

  • Megan

    This really helps understanding what will fit our needs best. The visual is great!!!

  • Ruby

    What about a list for vegetarians?

    • The Ready Store

      @Ruby, we also have a long-term supply of fruits and vegetables if you'd be interested. You can check the four of them out here:


  • Janis

    I would like to also have you add to that one page chart a column for the prices of each kit shown. Money is a big part of purchasing these larger kits. What I "want" may be totally different from what my budget can "afford". I really like all the info on one page as I read and learn what each has to offer, but bottom line has got to include prices too, please.

  • Melinda

    I just accidentally found your page and recipes along with the dried food for a year.
    Could you send me a link to your store so I could please see pricing? I have the vegetable one. Do you have one on fruits too? I just love fruit. It makes the best snacks. I am so excited I found this.
    I am hoping your food pricing is reasonable as I do not have a lot of cash.
    Thank you so much for your time. I greatly appreciate it.

  • Nancy

    Thankyou so much for the badly needed information and offerings. I am just beginning to get the idea of advantages of freeze dried foods. home canned is always good, however has many drabacks. being a single lady, I do admire the easy to prep. items, however am thinking about gifts of jarred meals --- have seen them prepared and it looks terrific, Not only the first presentation, but also the seed that you are planting to the reciperant, for them to be more self sustaining Thanks again

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