How to Build a Secret Safe Room

Welcome to the Bat Cave! Do you remember watching Adam West and Burt Ward defeat the Joker and Riddler using their top secret lair? Who doesn't want a bat cave in their own house?

Having a secret panic room can really come in handy in the event of an emergency. This hidden room can be as large or small as you need it to be. It could hold a large gun safe and food storage. Is there an extra room or closet that isn't being used currently? Could you dig out under the garage to install a steel tornado shelter? A hidden space also makes an ideal place to shelter in the event of a home invasion.

Many homes have unused space in the basement or under the stairs. These small spaces are the perfect size for grandkids. A hidden room doesn't have to just be for adults. Kids would love to have their own private getaway to play in. Why not create a fun little playroom with a kid-sized entrance. If kids feel safe inside a known play area, they will feel more comfortable if they ever have to use it for safety reasons.

Mirror Method

  • place the mirror where you'd normally see a mirror such as a bedroom or a bathroom, it shouldn't look out of place or obvious
  • large mirror
  • hinges or rolling door hardware
  • create a raised threshold, so the mirror hangs above the floor and looks natural

Book Case Method

  • hinges large enough to hold the weight of the door and books
  • roller so the door can move easily
  • use real plywood so it won't warp and sag over time
  • air return so air doesn't blow under the door and give the secret away
  • use trim to hide the opening
  • if possible have the door open backwards to better conceal the door or any marks that might be left on the floor from sliding back and forth
  • make sure the floor is completely level

If you don't have the space to create a hidden room, but still want some extra protection get some tactical wall shelves or a stealth wall. These come in a large variety of styles and prices. They can hold guns of different sizes or other valuables. This makes accessing important items in a crisis very easy, but also stylish for everyday use. No one will even know it is there except for you.

Always secure guns and ammo out of the reach of children. 

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