Build Your Own Food Storage- A Month-to Month Guide

Preparation is bigger than having a first aid kit and bug-out bag under your bed. Preparation is about protecting your family from whatever might come your way- whether it's war, a natural disaster, or extended unemployment. Building up your food storage is one of the best ways to protect your family from almost any emergency.

It can feel overwhelming to build your food storage. Where do you start? How much do you get? We've made it easy for you. We have 1 year, ready-to-buy kits HERE.  If you are on a budget or want to create a storage according to your personal or family needs, you can be flexible. Here is a basic breakdown of a month-to-month buying guide for your pantry staples.

Note- These are truly basic building blocks for good food storage. You can substitute according to your family's needs/wants. Suggested substitutions:
Wheat ----> Flour, bread mix. biscuit mix,
Beans -----> soups, entrees, TVP/proteins
Rice------> pasta (or vice versa)

Items written in black- Staples. These are the very basics you need to survive for a year.
Items written in green- Fruits/vegetables- You can survive without them, but they are important to add to your storage.
Items written in blue- Extras. These are meats, flavorings, sweets, and any other indulgences. Think hot chocolate, freeze-dried ice cream, crackers, etc. While they are good to have around, you can survive without them.


Unless noted, the quantities are set for #10 Cans.

Use this with our ReadyQueue option to help you build your perfect food storage. Remember,  #10 cans have a 20-30 year shelf life, according to the climate in which they are stored. Also, once a can is opened, the food inside is good for 6-12 months.

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