Be Ready. Not Scared.

A recent study released by Kelton Research discovered that 85% of Americans believe they are under-prepared for a financial crisis or other types of disasters. Some of the answers as to why they didn't feel prepared were because they didn’t know what they should be doing to prepare, they didn’t think any catastrophe would happen or there was a lack of extra money. Today, we are going to address why it important to be ready regardless of those reasons.

happy-couple-looking-onlineWhat You Can Do Today to Be Ready

We understand that discussing an emergency preparedness plan can sometimes be intimidating. Not only do you need to plan how much food and water you’ll need for a few months but also decide on what to do if the conditions of your home change. We recommend that you do a little research about what types of natural disasters can happen in your area.

In the past, we’ve talked about:

Preparing for a tornado

Preparing for an earthquake

Preparing for a hurricane

Preparing for a flood

Preparing for a financial crisis

Regardless of the natural elements around you, we recommend that you prepare for scenarios like a job layoff or not being able to access funds through the bank. Whether that means storing extra money in a safe or purchasing 1 - 3 months of food storage for your family, it is smart to be ready for anything that may threaten your ability to have enough food and water. The Ready Store has created this useful food storage calculator that will help you determine how much you'll need for each family member.




*Calculations are based off of 2,000-2,400 calories per day for an adult. Your caloric needs will vary according to your body type, activity and gender. This calculator errors on going over the needs in case of an emergency.

Next, go over what your family's plan will be while at school, work or home. At the very least, have a bug out bag or 72-hour kit that is customized to their personal needs packed and ready to go. Especially a child's bug out bag.

How to Start Budgeting for Food Storage

We understand why it may be difficult to set aside extra money each month towards food that you don't plan on using anytime soon. However, having peace of mind is well worth every penny. The ReadyQ is designed to help individuals prepare at their own pace. First, set a budget and then add a list of all the items that you want into your personalized queue. You can have this set up to take out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly. Whatever works for you and your family.

Our goal at the Ready Store is to help you feel that preparing for the future is a way of life and not the latter. If you're still not sure where to start, call one of our Ready Experts and they'll help you take the next step towards taking control of your future.

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4 thoughts on “Be Ready. Not Scared.”

  • Lisa

    What do you mean by "a can"? A certain weight? A certain amount, like cups? Or just cans of what you sell?

  • Steven

    Thanks ReadyStore for not scaring us! A lot of companies that I've used have been very aggressively scary. Trying to make the world seem like a horrible, dark place. I'm glad there are companies like you that don't need to depend on scaring me in order to help me get prepared.

  • Bruce

    What about the canned meats, beans, potatoes, etc that we may already have cabinets full of? When your table above says "traditional" that is the first thing that came to my mind... But those supplies are not taken into consideration?
    I thought the adage was, "stock what you eat and eat what you stock" How many people you think actually live on their freeze dried supplies?
    Try adding that to your chart - basic assumption is each can is 2 servings and weight is 15 oz. (and requires no extra water to prepare)

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