Top 5 Reasons to have a Hand-Powered Grain Mill

Some of you might wonder 'why in the world would I want a Grain Mill?' When living in a world where you can just drive around the corner and pick up your groceries and not think about the process it took to make your whole grain breads, cereals, and other bakery goods. That's why I am happy to tell you the top 5 reasons why you should have our Hand-Powered Grain Mill, I hope that you will take into consideration the importance of having one.

#5 Size Matters
With our Hand-Powered Grain Mill you will notice that with the design it is very thin and sleek, when attaching it to your drawer, table, or cupboard you don't want to be stuck juggling a heavy or bulky grain mill. The Hand-Powered Grain Mill is very easy to operate & the instructions are not in another language that is hard to understand. When you have to store your Hand-Powered Grain Mill you will not have to worry about the storage space, with it only being 12" (L) x 4" (W) x 2" (H) it will not take up a large amount of space.

#4 Durability
When living in a world where 90% of all goods are made out of plastic or imported from over seas, you always want a product that will not break the first time you operate it. The Hand-Powered Grain Mill is made out of a cast stainless-steel stand, so if you drop or bump into it you don't have to worry if it is broken. Now you might be wondering how strong is the mill blade? The mill is a cast stainless-steel cone-shaped grinding burrs for long life and smooth, even milling every time.

#3 Self Sufficient
When never knowing when the next emergency will strike, it’s always good to know that you have the products that will help you be self-sufficient. When in need of basic supplies in an emergency, having to run to the store to buy those supplies will be crazy, dealing with everyone else and having one thing on your mind and that is finding what you need and if its even there. When any storm or emergency strikes you will have anywhere from 1-2 hours tops to buy food and water supplies from your grocery store. With having your own grain mill there is nothing holding you back from making amazing variety of new textures and flavors in home baked breads, cereals, snacks and my favorite, desserts.

#2 Green Energy
When planning for an emergency you never know if you will or will not have power available. Other brands of grain mills require that you have electricity to use the mill. With your Hand-Powered Grain Mill you don't have to worry about if you will have power, and all you need to do is just grab onto the handle that is attached to the grain mill & start turning. You might wonder since its hand powered it would not put out a large amount of grain. *Buzz!* Wrong! The Hand-Powered Grain Mill will make around 1/2 cup of fine flour per minute and more than twice that quantity on coarse settings.

#1 Nutrition
With having freshly ground wheat flour that is high in protein, fiber, and iron content; as well as vitamins that degrade all too quickly when exposed to the air. The whole grain flour that we buy from stores is often quite stale and may have significantly reduced vitamin content when compared to freshly ground flour. We all know that in order to be healthy you must have a stable diet of grains, fruits, and vegetables. You must keep nutrition on the top of your priority in an emergency and with your Hand-Powered Grain Mill you will have that needed nutrition available.

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  • Pat B

    This is an interesting read but I would enjoy learning more about the whole process...

    So let's say I have this nice hand powered grain mill. What then? Should I buy and store oats and corn? Do I just dump them in and grind to powder? What can I do then? I live in suburbia so have never been exposed to any of this fascinating stuff.

    I would enjoy an article or blog entry educating me/us about it.


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