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How to Make Your Own Shoes

Imagine if the economy collapsed, there would be a number of items that would become very popular very quickly. For me, they would be shoes.

I have always worn through shoes fast. When I was a kid my mother would get very frustrated when she had to buy shoes twice as often as the other moms.

When I thought about it, shoes would be a very high commodity in an emergency situation. They would be pretty hard to come by and would be something that you’d need to get around. And even if you weren’t in an emergency situation, you could save yourself some money by making custom shoes for you and your family. So, without further adieu, here are some instructions on how to make your own shoes.

- Stay warm and have shelter in case of an emergency -

Duct Tape Shoes
You could even make shoes out of duct tape! In an episode of Myth Busters, hosts Jaime and Adam are marooned on an island with nothing but a pallet of duct tape. They make a lot of things, anywhere from water bags to shoes.

Tire Sandals
Have you ever wondered why tires come with a 20,000 mile guarantee but shoes only last for a year or so? Well, worry no longer!

You can create sandals that are rugged and durable with your old tires. Just use the cutout image on a tire and use nylon straps to bind them together. Click on the images to the side to get a more detailed look at the cut-out.

So what ideas do you have? Comment below and share your ideas!
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24 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Shoes”

  • tacory

    i want to make some shoe .can u help me

  • gladys

    i want to learn how i can make shoes.

  • kumenash

    wow ducktape seresly

  • Ginni

    Facinating. I definitely need to learn this.

  • slmky

    We will need all of these survival skills that we can get, considering given the current example, most humans will not be literate or able to communicate beyond a grunt. Sounds like we're headed back to the dark ages.....

  • Traveling Salesman
    Traveling Salesman September 9, 2013 at 1:05 am

    The goal of our government is to produce a generation of illiterate drones who will have the minimum level of skills. If you have this skill and a dozen others, you can be king of your village.

  • Typos Abound

    By reading a few of the above posts (exception of two), I believe we're already in the age of illiteracy.

  • katy

    re: slmky: ha ha ain't it the truth!

  • Nameronald Bobeck
    Nameronald Bobeck September 9, 2013 at 2:21 am

    We Vietnam veterans remember the NVA and Viet-Cong soldiers wore sandals made from our old tuck tires they had less jungle rot then we did as their feet dried more quickly .. also I have made a pair , duck tape for the straps and a truck tie for the soles. also you can get a pair of Chuck Taylor type high top sneakers for 10.00$ at dollar general..

  • Name Davin

    This shoe is a very interesting. One thing that I am wondering is how do you cut the tire. I don't know if any of you have tried to cut a tire but it is very difficult. I'd like to see something on how it was cut. Must not be steal belted. I'd like to try it but a carpet knife might not work.

  • Ray

    You'd have to cut the tire (if it was a steel belted radial-and most are) with either a jig saw with a metal cutting blade or a pair of metal cutting shears. In either event it wouldn't be easy and the shoes you make wouldn't provide any arch support. Better than going barefoot, though.

  • Shoemaker

    Interesting. I would only do it in case of an emergency where I could not get any real shoes.

  • Candace

    Typos Abound: LOLOLOL!

  • Please

    Please people .... This is a lesson on shoe making, not grammar. Lighten up a little. After all, most of us ain't no good at English. LOL

  • sara

    I made a pair of duct tape shoes to wear inside by using a sock and wrapping the duct tape around sock. I put the sock on and very lightly wrapped the tape around my foot. If you pull it tight you won't be able to get shoe off and on.
    When you wear these for awhile they feel good, and your feet gets really soft. You don't have the rough edges on your heels. You can wear them while you sleep if your feet gets cold at night, or wear them outside. I used the black tape and they look more like regular shoes. I love to wear them.

  • Arnold

    The expression is "without further ado," as in "Much Ado about Nothing" -- not "adieu," as in "Adieu, sweet prince."

  • Glennon

    We called the tire sandals 'Ho Chi Min' sandals. Charlie had a field day with everything that the Americans threw out from shacks to booby traps. Oh, those aren't Chuck Taylors but China's version. There are all kinds of things at flea markets and resale shops that can be re-purposed for survival and everyday living. Love these blogs at the Ready Store as well as the store itself...thanks.

  • NameRobert

    If you're going to have duct tape, you might as well have some Velcro too. Many people will find themselves in a situation where they just don't happen to be packing a roll of duct tape around with them.

  • Patty

    I've seen pictures from the depression and never saw duct tape shoes. Even children charity commercials show them wearing real shoes. I just dropped off 20 pairs of old shoes at goodwill. I've been lost in bad terrain and didn't need shoes. I lost one sneaker in a tough mudder race and found a replacement along the way. At the end of the race, we donated our sneakers. Someone in Africa is wearing my mismatched pair of reeboks. But if we had to make shoes, I'd go back to my piñata making skills. Use newspaper, straw and dough to shape the sole. Use colorful fabric string to make laces.

  • oregonannie

    Patty - how do you keep the shoes from cracking? Seems they'd be dry, like something made out of mud. I'd love to give your idea a try just for the fun of it. Thanks to all of you for the various suggestions.

  • Demascus

    I have made tire tread sandals. Used something called "plumbers Goop" and leather and brass brads. I cut the tire with a saber saw, metal cutting blade. Watch out for the wires in the tires ouch! I made straps to go over my feet an around my heel/ankle they were glued and beaded on first. The a leather soul piece made with slices in it to run the straps out. Glue it down. I made the soul pieces wider then the tire so I could pull the leather down over the edge of the tire to cover those dam wires. Used goop and brads nailed the leather into the edge if the tire. I call them my "Jesus" sandals. I used an all weather radial tire, helps keep me from slipping when I walk on water with them ( grin)

  • stuck on me

    Thanks for the ado and adieu...loved it.
    I just want to catch fire and not be a part of the hunger games or be a maze runner. I esp. dont want to be a griever that kills but will it come to that?
    Wonder if in the days to come if we will still have Ms night out?

  • Glennon

    On a different thought, why not stock up on spare shoes and boots of various types. I've been doing that along with the rest of my supplies. I've gotten seasonal choices so cold or hoat, wet or dry, I'm trying to cover all my bases. Have you seen any video of the feet in all the countries that live in flip flops? Flat as a board. The same goes for Ho Chi Min sandals. I used them when out of the field so that my boots dried and when hitting the shower.

  • Sheila

    There are several websites that show how to make moccasins. First learn to cure skins but some include patterns. I've made a binder of things that are good to know in SHTF world.

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