DIY Garden Fence

Spring is just around the corner. It is time to start thinking about planting a garden again. For those with dogs, this can be a challenge. Dogs enjoy getting dirty and digging holes. Dogs can easily dig up the garden and prevent anything from growing. Digging is a natural behavior for dogs so it can be difficult to train them to stop. Certain breeds, such as terriers and dachshunds, were actually bred to dig and find small prey. There are things you can do as a pet parent to limit the damage from digging.

  • Dogs often dig because they are bored. Make sure to provide plenty of exercise (long walks, trips to the dog park, fetch, etc.) and mental situation.
  • Provide an appropriate place to dig such as a sandbox. Hide treats and toys in the sandbox for them to find. This will allow them to use their natural digging skills appropriately as well as provide mental situation.
  • Dogs dig to stay cool during the hot summer months. Dogs will turn the dirt over to find cooler dirt to lay down in. A kiddy pool or a dog house can provide a cool place to rest instead.

Sometimes no matter what you do holes will still show up in the backyard. Some dogs will need a physical boundary to learn the rules. Build a fence around the garden to keep dogs and other garden destroying critters out. Rabbits and deer can also wreak havoc on garden vegetables. A fence will prevent animals from getting near the plants. You can construct a simple yet effective fence from chicken wire and some 2x2s. Bury part of the fence to prevent digging and arch the top to stop small vermin from climbing over it.

Chicken Wire Garden Fence 

Materials Needed 

  • 5-foot chicken wire
  • Several 2x2s
  • 2 4x4s
  • 4x6
  • Hinges
  • Eye hook latch
  • Staple gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Wood screws


  1. Start by measuring the perimeter of the garden plot. How many feet of chicken wire will you need to seal off the area?
  2. Cut the 2x2s in half. This will hold the chicken wire and act as a fence post.
  3. Dig a 12-inch deep trench along the garden perimeter.
  4. Roll out the chicken wire and place the 2x2s every 3-4 feet. Line up the bottom of the wire with the bottom of the 2x2. The wire should overhang the wooden post by about a foot.
  5. Cut the 4x6 in half. These stronger posts will hold the gate. Place them on the chicken wire where the opening will be. The opening should only be about 2 feet wide.
  6. Use the staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the 2x2.
  7. Place the wire in the trench and secure the posts. Backfill with dirt. 1 foot of the wire should be buried, this will prevent critters such as dogs or rabbits from digging under the fence.
  8. Remove the wire from between the two 4x6 posts.
  9. Cut both 2x4s in half. Make a square door to fill the gap in the fence. Screw them together.
  10. Staple the excess chicken wire to the door. Overhang the wire a bit to discourage digging under it.
  11. Install the hinges on side of the 4x6 and the square door.
  12. Install the eye hook latch to the other side of the door and 4x6.
  13. Bend the top foot of wire along the fence into an arch. This will prevent small critters from climbing the fence to get into the garden.

This should leave you with a 3-foot garden fence; 1 foot of wire buried, 1 foot arched, and 3 feet in the middle.

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