New Developments in Quick Building

Part of your doomsday plan should include a bug out shelter. A safe place fully stocked with food and supplies. Construction and building may not come naturally to everyone. Luckily there are a few options that could save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to building the perfect doomsday shelter. 

Shed Tiny House 

The Tiny House movement has really opened the possibilities for living spaces. Anything and everything can be converted into an off-grid tiny house. A large shed is perfect for a bug out shelter. Shed manufacturing companies make building and installing these homes super easy. The shed comes pre-made, you just need to pick a spot to set it down. However, the shed will be a just be a pre-fabricated shell so you'll need to add insulation, electrical, plumbing, etc. Some companies may offer finishing touches for an additional charge.


  • Can be placed just about anywhere
  • Very affordable


  • No more than a few hundred square feet in size
  • Adding insulation, electrical, plumbing, etc.

3D Printed House 

3D printing may be the way of the future. 3D printed concrete with rebar to provide additional support is making the news for good reason. Entire towns could be built in a matter of weeks. These structures are reinforced to withstand harsh climates. Damaged homes from hurricanes and tornados could be a thing of the past. This technology is still in the early phases, but it could ideal doomsday shelter.


  • Can be built on site in as little as 24 hours
  • Strong enough to withstand a hurricane or tornado


  • Very expensive printing equipment required
  • Weatherproof shell required to allow the concrete to dry properly

Huf Haus 

If the idea of setting up a desk from Ikea gives you anxiety this might not be the design for you. Huf Haus located in Germany builds prefabricated homes. The entire house is built in a factory, then boxed and shipped to the desired location. The walls are built in sections with wiring and plumbing then slotted together like Legos. Huf Haus designs feature large windows to allow for a natural feel. The windows are double or triple layered to maximize insulation. They can also be made bulletproof for a beautiful yet functional bunker. 


  • Bulletproof window option
  • Wall section with installation and wiring built right in
  • Walls fit together like legos
  • Built in a factory over a period of weeks
  • Installed on site in a matter of days


  • Limited design features
  • Must be shipped then assembled

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