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What is a #10 can?

By Marc from Ready Store
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When you search for emergency food, you will find the majority of vendors sell their goods in a variety of container sizes like a pouch, bucket, and a #10 can. Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the #10 can and we hope it will assist you with getting prepared.


A #10 is a food-safe aluminum can. These cans are commonplace in food storage and are wonderful for long-term storage, pantry convenience, and easy access. 


When food cans were invented in the 1890s, there were no standards. Manufacturers produced cans to fit the products they sold. Within about ten years, however, food manufacturers realized that certain standard sizes were evolving and that there could be economic benefits to setting and following standards. The standard can sizes that evolved came to be known by numbers from one to 10. The term "#10" does not mean that the contents will weigh 10 pounds, the #10 refers to the type of can that is used. The actual weight and volume of the contents will vary depending on the product. On average, the #10 can will hold 109 oz. To help you visualize, your average soup can is #2 can. To get the same amount of food as one #10 can, you would have to have a total of 5.32 soup cans to have the same amount of volume as the #10 can.

How big 10 can


We always get asked this question about the size of a #10 can because people wonder about using it in their storage. Depending on how your house is set up, you might have the ability to store 7” tall cans in your cupboards, but many people will need a dedicated shelf in their basement or storage room that can fit the #10 can.

What is a #10 can?


#10 cans are perfect for emergency food storage. They are a lightweight easily portable container option for your freeze-dried and dehydrated food. Ready Store #10 cans come with a resealable plastic lid for continued use after opening. Buying #10 cans of freeze-dried food can also save you money! Buying Ready Store freeze-dried food with a 25-year shelf life means that food won't go to waste. Buying in bulk will also save you from extra trips to the grocery store. 

9 months ago
14 years ago at 9:51 AM
So these #10 cans have multiple servings in them - the ones, like the strawberries, are something like 28 servings - which for a single person is a 1 month supply of strawberries! :) Question is, though, once the can is opened, do the products start going bad? I have no experience with freeze-dried products and am starting the process of storing items in case of disaster - these seem like good products with the 30 year shelf life (no need to worry about rotation) but I am concerned about the shelf life after the can is opened. Thanks!
Gary S.
3 years ago at 10:00 AM
Almost all the pouches and #10 cans I have used say anywhere from 10-30 yrs unopened and 1 yr after opening. The freeze dried stuff I have tried, mostly pouches, were small maybe 2 servings. Be aware with #10 cans when they contain something like Chili-Mack or anything with a lot of seasoning. All the seasoning ends up in the bottom of the can, making single servings very hard to get the seasoning mix evenly we scooping.
10 years ago at 9:07 PM
I would like to know how many cups are in a #10 can.
10 years ago at 2:13 PM
Cheryl, re: how many cups are in a #10 can. There are 8 ounces in one cup and there are 109.43 ounces in one #10 can. Therefor, 13.68 cups in a #10 can, approximately 13 cups 5 ounces.
9 years ago at 8:27 AM
Can I get longer shelf life on an opened #10 can if I re-seal the product in mylar pouches with oxygen absorbers? I would like to buy a big can (because it's cheaper per serving) and subdivide it into single-serving pouches. Would it keep for many years like that?
9 years ago at 2:13 PM
Yes you can. This is the perfect course of action to take. If you promptly put the food under vacuum seal with one oxygen absorberr, you have no change in shelf life from when it was in the number 10 can.
george jenkins
7 years ago at 6:41 PM
could you also mail me a catalog? 8158 south miller school road north platte, ne 69101
Nick Loux
6 years ago at 8:17 PM
Does anyone know the net weight of a #10 can? If you do, you can weigh purchases to insure that you are receiving the advertised quantity without opening the can.
2 years ago at 6:15 PM
If you are talking about the empty weight, just weigh an empty #10 can. Be sure to include the lid when you weigh it. A postal scale should be able to weigh it accurately. If you don't have a postal scale, go to a Kinko's with an empty can and lid and nicely ask them to weight it for you. Their shipping department has scales that will accurately weigh the can. If you are going to be weighing a variety of cans, I would suggest you invest in your own postal scale because pretty soon the folks at Kinko's will get tired of you showing up to weigh your shipments of #10 cans.
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5 years ago at 1:59 PM
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3 years ago at 7:28 AM
Recently purchased some #10 can of Frz dried blueberries. When I opened it it seemed less than 1/2 full...hmmm Had purchased before. Then I noticed that the one I had just finished held 16oz. While the new one only had 10 oz. hmmm disappointed.