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The Ready Store Named Best Food Storage Company

By Jeff Davis
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Ready Store - Best Food Storage CompanyThe Ready Store, America’s leading food storage and emergency preparedness company, was named the best overall emergency preparedness food storage company by TopTen Reviews.

The company was awarded the 2016 Gold Award and the 2016 Excellence Award. The Ready Store also won the same award in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 making it the leader in emergency preparedness six years running.

“We have always tried to provide service and products that exceed expectations,” said The Ready Store President Paul Fulton. “It’s great to be honored with the title of the best food storage and emergency preparedness company in the nation.”

The review was based on TopTen’s thorough analysis of different companies’ food storage duration, quality, shelf-life, price, nutritional value and variety. With The Ready Store’s wide selection of food types, year supplies, meals, desserts, vegetables and more, they scored a perfect 10 in the category.

“The Ready Store emergency preparedness website is perfectly organized with categories, tabs and topics,” wrote TopTen Reviews in their review. “This emergency preparedness store continued to impresses us as we moved through the site.”

The Ready Store also received accolades because of their education efforts. The Ready Store operates The Ready Nation - an online community that aims to teach people about emergency preparedness, food storage during an emergency and other tutorials. The Ready Nation blog contains hundreds of articles, tips and tutorials which are posted on a daily basis.

The review also analyzed the company’s water storage products, emergency supplies and disaster kits. They also received raving reviews for their customer service, emergency plan helps, site ease-of-use and more.

About The Ready Store
The Ready Store is a fully owned subsidiary of Saratoga Trading Company which was established in 2002 and has helped more than 1 million Americans with their food storage and emergency preparedness needs. They are currently one of the leading national providers of high-quality food storage items including just-add-water meals, freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, beans, grains and more. To learn more about The Ready Store, please visit our website at

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