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The Amazing Potato Uses

By Jeff and Amy Davis
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Potatoes contain many natural vitamins and minerals that are essential for your food storage. But did you know that you there is actually a wide variety of amazing potato uses for cleaning, repairs, powering electronics, and more?

The simple potato is one of the most versatile vegetables out there and rarely gets the attention it deserves. Besides being delicious boiled, baked, diced or fried, potatoes have many other uses.

Below, we’ve listed 8 things you probably didn’t know you could do with a potato. Comment below to add your two cents and tell us what you’ve used potatoes for.

The Amazing Potato UsesRemove stains on your hands
This month, when you’re carving pumpkins, your hands might end up with a lot of orange stains. Simply rub your hands with a potato and it should remove the hard-to-remove colors from your hands.

Taking salt out
Did you add a bit too much salt after you tasted your soup? Just cut a few potatoes into large chunks. Toss them into the soup that’s still on the stove. When the potatoes begin to soften - after about 10 minutes - just remove them. You can then save the potatoes for a potato salad or another dish!

Remove a broken light bulb
Have you been working out too much and every time that you try to change a light bulb it just crumbles in your hand? Ya, me too. Many times light bulbs can break while you’re changing them. Simply take a half of a potato and place it on the broken piece of the light bulb still in the socket. Make sure the lamp or power is off first. Use the potato to twist the end of the broken light off the socket.

Remove tarnish on silverware
Have high class visitors coming over tonight? You can remove the tarnish from your silverware with potatoes to be sure to impress your guests. Boil a few potatoes in a pot and once they are boiling, remove the potatoes. Place the silverware in the remaining water and let them sit for an hour or so. Wash the silverware and tarnish should be removed.

Saratoga Farms Potato ChunksPower a clock
The starches in potatoes provide you with energy, but they can also provide your clock with energy too. You’ll need a LED clock and two galvanized nails. Check out how to make one here.

Keep your ski goggles clear
Before you go down the slopes this winter, rub the outside of your ski goggles with a raw potato. The potato should keep water and ice from disrupting your view on the way down.

Reduce your puffy eye problem
Need to spruce up for the day and you can’t seem to get rid of those tired eyes? Cut slices of raw potatoes and place them on your eyes. The cold potatoes will reduce the swelling of your eyes and reduce the puffiness.

Restore old shoes
Are your favorite pair of dress shoes too scuffed up that you can’t wear them anymore? Cut a potato in half and rub those shoes with a raw potato. After that, polish them like normal and they should come out nice and shiny.

Your recommendations
So, what have you used potatoes for? Comment below to tell us what you've used Idaho’s favorite vegetable for.

9 years ago
9 years ago at 3:35 PM
Did you know that eating a raw potato can help with a stomach ache? Try it sometime. I'm not a medically certified person but it works for me.
9 years ago at 5:13 AM
rick wood
9 years ago at 5:41 AM
put chunks of raw potatoes inside of smelly shoes to eliminate stinky shoe odor.
Phillip Edge
9 years ago at 8:29 AM
Bake them, load 'em up with butter, eat and enjoy.
9 years ago at 8:53 AM
Use them as ammo in a spud gun.. mucho fun and who knows, they may sprout where they land and one day you might find taters in the wild!.
Masry Ann Moon
9 years ago at 9:15 AM
Use a cut potato to carve out a stamp and use the stamp with food coloring or ink to decorate your xmas cards or invitations..
9 years ago at 1:07 PM
Use a potato and coarse salt to clean a rusty cast iron skillet!
9 years ago at 5:13 PM
Put baked potatoes in socks and give them to the truly poor. While still hot it provides heat. When warm it is something to eat to eat. Then use the socks on feet or hands.
9 years ago at 8:19 PM
Put your leftover baked potatoes in a ziplock bag on Saturday night...slice um up and fry with your eggs and bacon on Sunday morning!!
9 years ago at 1:34 AM
Over 60 years ago my Grandmother taught me to use a slice of raw potato on a nail-hole (from running around barefoot LOL) - soak the foot in salt water (hot) - place slice of potato on dried foot - tape or wrap it down overnight. Draws out any and all infection. I've use this as a poultice allll my life on myself and my sons for many many wounds of various types.
Rodney Butler
9 years ago at 3:31 PM
Potato's make great guns. Never know when you may need protection.
Auntie Em
9 years ago at 9:35 AM
Cut a potato (don't know if it has to be a Maine Potato or an Idaho one) in half, soak it in vinegar flat side down. Rub it on warts and one day you'll wake up and realize they're gone. It worked for me as a kid.
9 years ago at 10:06 AM
Take potato slices, sprinkle lightly with salt and put on your forehead for headaches and high fevers. We use a bandana to hold the potatos on to our head. it works really well. My family has been using potatos since the 1800s
Carol R
8 years ago at 8:27 AM
I have systemic lupus & fibromyalgia & rhumatoid arthritis, so my fingers have had many painful times of uncontroled pain. Quite a few years ago in the middle of pealing a 5 lb box of garlic pods, my finger tips began to sting like crazy & nothing but nothing I tried would take the painful sting out until I called my mother who told me to shred a potato into a bowl of cold water & soak my fingers for 15 minuets. My fingers were so painful from the garlic that my hubby had to shred the potato for me, but just a minuet or two of soaking my fingers in the shredded potato water & the stinging & pain stopped! Now I can't claim that this method works for my health problems, but, it sure dose work for stopping the extream pain of garlic sting!
Carol R
8 years ago at 8:44 AM
Another use for potatoes is for keeping eye glasses clean! Yes you read that right! If there's one thing that really bugs me, it's trying to keep my eye glasses clean! The solution to this problem is the same as the method for killing the garlic pain, but instead of a 15 minuet soak, this takes just 5 minuets but with warm water not cold! Grate a potato into a warm bowl of water. Not hot water but a low temp warm water. After the short soak clean off all the potato water & you will have sparkling clean eye glasses!
8 years ago at 11:49 AM
if you get welding flash in your eyes, you can put a cut potato on them to get rid of the burning.
8 years ago at 4:38 PM
One more use for the lowly potato - pierce a knitting needle through a potato until the needle cap is against the potato skin. You now have a working drop spindle with which to spin your wool into yarn.
8 years ago at 6:04 PM
You can take potato flakes or shredded and fill a bath to soak your body to help w/ sunburn, rashes, and poison ivy. You can make bread out of the top layer when you boil them. If you have ones that have you can plant them. They will grow in any soil especially where nothing grows. They will even grow in hay or wet newspaper. If you grow a lot you can make your own vodka. 100 proof vodka has lots of uses.
8 years ago at 6:08 PM
You can take potato flakes or shredded and fill a bath to soak your body to help w/ sunburn, rashes, and poison ivy. You can make bread out of the top layer when you boil them. If you have ones that have eyes you can plant them. They will grow in any soil especially where nothing grows. They will even grow in hay or wet newspaper. If you grow a lot you can make your own vodka. 100 proof vodka has lots of uses. Reason why they r staple for celts n Vikings n the sweet or yam for tribal people still living in south n Central America
Northwoods Cheryl
8 years ago at 7:08 PM
I often used the powdered instant potatoes as a thickening agent for cream soups that are too runny.
Just me
8 years ago at 10:39 PM
Wipers don't work? Before driving in heavy rain rub a raw potato all over your windshield. The water will "sheet" instead of form drops and improve visibility.
8 years ago at 6:14 AM
I have much more respect for the potato since learning all the uses it has. Thanks
joanne scott
6 years ago at 7:22 AM
I tripped and fell on my chin, leaving a huge purple ball of swelling. Not getting very far with ice compresses, I asked my husband what his back woods granny used to use. We grated a potato and made a compress and the swelling came down so fast it left temporary wrinkles in the overstretched skin. I was shocked with the quick results.
5 years ago at 2:59 PM
You can bake a potato, put salt, pepper, butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon on it then eat it. It's pretty legit
4 years ago at 11:23 AM
My family is Irish & Grandma brought this sunburn remedy over with her from Ireland: slice a potato, like u're gonna make potato chips, lay it all over the sunburn area. The starch takes the sting out. My dad came home one night in the Summer of '81, (had been at the beach ALL day with friends), to my mom "flipping" me on a sheet on the living room floor, covering me with a fresh layer & he simply asked "bad sunburn, huh?" I was red as a lobster for a week, but no pain.