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Preparing for a Natural Disaster

By Jeff and Amy Davis
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The world experiences all different types of natural disasters every day. But how common are certain types of natural disasters in your area? This infographic displays how common natural disasters are across the globe, the most expensive natural disasters to date and which state in the United States has the most disasters. You'll also be able to access information on how to prepare for certain disaster and how to pack a 72-hour kit.

You can also stay prepared with The Ready Weather Center to track all types of weather related incidents in your area. We're Always Here, always Ready!™

How common are natural disasters in my area

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9 years ago
9 years ago at 10:25 AM
Better check your earthquake info against what the Red Cross, FEMA and other governmental sites advise; they now advise that you should drop down, take cover and hold on. They do not advise that people get in doorways as many are hurt from the swinging doors and they are saying that modern homes (even built 20-30 years ago) are safe from collapsing and you only need to protect yourself from falling debris.
9 years ago at 12:23 PM
It would also be a good idea to include a fire arm or two with a sufficient ammount of ammunition for personal protection and/or procuring food just in case situations get out of hand.