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Tired of Rotating Your Water All the Time? Me Too.

Storing water is a huge part of every emergency plan. As we have discussed on this blog before, you've got to have water and preferably a lot of it.
But storing a lot of water presents a major problem: Rotation.
As most of you know, water is very heavy. It weighs a little more than... Read More

Priority 1 - Make a Plan

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start with your emergency supplies. If you aren’t careful, you can end up spending a lot of time, energy and money on items and in areas that really won’t help you and your family be prepared. Because there is a lot of information to cover in how... Read More

Chemically Treating Water for Drinking

It is never safe to drink water from a source that has not yet been treated or you are unsure of. (For Example: water from a stream, lake, river, pond etc.) These sources of water especially could be contaminated with a variety of biological or chemical contaminates, including bacteria and parasites (such as Giardia) that... Read More

How Much Water Should I Store?

One of my most commonly addressed subjects that the general public doesn’t seem to know much about is water storage. Storing water is one of the most overlooked items in emergency preparedness, but it is easily one of the most important. Water is commonly one of the first things to become contaminated after a disaster... Read More

How Long Can I Survive Without Water?

This is a question that I hope none of you ever have to find out about in real life. In my opinion, water is the most overlooked item in our emergency supplies. In general, a healthy person can survive weeks without food. But you won’t survive nearly that long without water.
Making sure you have access... Read More

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