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FAQs for MREs

Military MREs (Meal Ready to Eat) are a must-have in your emergency food storage. The U.S. Military relies on MREs to give them the nutrition and energy they need to survive in the most extreme conditions. MREs are great to use during any disaster and are excellent for a “grab and go” emergency. They provide... Read More

Helping Your Children Prepare for Disasters

Disasters often strike quickly, without warning. Though sometimes it’s impossible to predict a disaster, you can always be prepared for one. Planning and preparing for any type of disaster will make survival and recovery much less complicated. Teaching children their part in an emergency plan and preparing them mentally and physically makes surviving significantly more... Read More

Priority 5 – Food Storage

We have finally arrived at the last installment of the Top 5 Priorities of Emergency Preparedness. Food storage is critical to be able to survive a disaster. In our modern society we can go to the local grocery store any time of day or night and buy whatever food we need. It is so easy... Read More

What to Do in the Case of a Tornado

Spring is here and that means tornado warnings will be ringing through the Midwest. These storms are dangerous and require planning and preparation to survive them safely. When I think of a tornado, besides thinking of “The Wizard of Oz”, Dorothy, and her little dog, Toto, I think of a story on the news about... Read More

IOSAT: Radiation Protection for Your Family

In the event of a nuclear accident, radioactive iodine could be released into the air and absorbed by the thyroid, damaging it and potentially killing you. This deadly chemical from nuclear warfare can remain in the air for several days, so it's best to be prepared. IOSAT is a small tablet that contains potassium iodide(a... Read More

How to Clean, Prepare and Fill a Water Container

Storing water doesn't sound super complicated, right? But you want to make sure you do it right. Nothing would be worse than opening your water storage to find that it's not drinkable.
We've prepared these quick steps to help ensure that your water storage container is filled correctly and will last.
Step 1: Before filling a water... Read More

Face Masks: Why You Need Them & What to Avoid

There are a lot of varieties of face masks to choose from according to the level of protection needed and how long protection is required. Some face masks are only intended to catch bacteria that could be shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth and nose and must be changed or... Read More

Emergency Preparedness Primer

Sometimes it is good to just have a brief refresher of a few topics. One of our product experts wrote this up and I thought it was very good. Enjoy!
WARMTH & SHELTER: In extreme conditions, an individual will survive only about three hours without any protection from the elements. If you don’t have adequate shelter... Read More

Comparing Water Pouches with Boxed Water

Storing water is a very tricky thing to do. Shelf life is the biggest challenge. You can store water in large barrels, smaller 5 gallon containers and even with bottled water. Each method has different challenges, advantages and shelf life issues. Water that is stored by you out of the tap should be rotated annually... Read More

Part 2: Extended Power Outage and Generators

With hurricane season right around the corner, I have been thinking lately about generators and the need for portable power. As I did some research, I actually found some great information from an article on that I have included in the body of this post. I have edited
the article for content and brevity.
My recommendation... Read More

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