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Will There be a Food Crisis?

Our debt ceiling is looking to rise again.   Our stock market is acting like an emotional 6 year old.  The people are not... Read More

Rural Area Preparedness

With tornado season here and hurricane season coming up, we all need to be prepared.  Some maybe more than others.  If you live in a rural area there are things that you might not think about if a disaster strikes.  Here are some helpful tips that you will want to keep in mind while you... Read More

Got a Spouse that Doesn’t Want to Prepare?

At The Ready Store we field a wide variety of questions and one that has seemed to pop up more and more lately as preparedness enters into the minds or more and more people is: How do I prepare when my spouse thinks it isn’t worthwhile?
While everyone’s situation is unique and there is no one... Read More

VIDEO: ULTIMATE 250 Gallon Emergency Water Tank Installation Instructions

The 250-gallon water tank is a great way to be prepared! And a lot of customers wonder how to set it up when they get it. So, our ReadyExpert Ben is here to show you how to prepare and set up your 250-gallon water tank. This tank is designed to fit inside your home or... Read More

VIDEO: 250 Gallon Water Tank - Overview

The 250-gallon water tank is a great way to be prepared! This tank is designed to fit inside your home or garage and provide a single person with water storage for 9 months. The 250-gallons would also last a family of 4 for two months. Check out the video below to find out more about... Read More

11 Tornado Preparedness Tips

1. Make sure you have insurance that covers tornado damage.
This is the time to get to make sure your policy will cover what you need it to cover in the case of a tornado.  I've been into an area struck by a tornado in Alabama and I've seen the extreme damage.  Please make sure you... Read More

At What Temperature Should I Store Freeze-Dried Food?

As you are looking at different food storage options, you are probably wondering how to get the longest shelf-life.  Especially if you need to store freeze dried food. There are some people that think the garage is a good place to store their food, but in most cases it's not recommended because of the extreme temperature... Read More

Can I Use Bleach to Purify Water Storage?

At The Ready Store, we often get this question. Many believe that you can use household bleach to purify water storage. Here is the best answer we can provide. Household bleach is not manufactured with human consumption in mind. The chemicals are much higher than what would be considered safe for human consumption. Having said that... Read More

Top 5 Tips for Household Pet Emergency Preparedness

For those of us that are pet lovers and wouldn’t leave home without Sparky there are certain tips we recommend for dealing with pet emergency preparations. Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions below.

1. Get a FREE Pet Rescue Alert Sticker. The ASPCA offers a sticker that alerts people that pets are inside your... Read More

Preparation Items Often Overlooked...

So you know how important it is to be prepared with food, water, warmth & shelter. But what about items that we take for granted everyday? While the basics are very important, you may learn fast that there are other items that can be of great use during a time of emergency or... Read More

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