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The 9 Essentials to Sheltering in Place

When it comes to emergencies there's items that are necessities and there's items that are luxuries.Generally speaking you want to tackle the necessities first and then add additional items to increase the comfort level of the situation.
Here are 9 essentials you should have during a sheltering in place scenario, (keep in mind that you may... Read More

5 "Musts" When It Comes to Storing Food

1. How much space will it take up?
Finding space for food storage is an important consideration.  Many mistakenly feel that they don't have enough space.  That would be true if you are buying large bulky buckets and sacks of food.  However, if you buy freeze dried food, not only will your food be light, it... Read More

Our New Clean, Green, Solar Generating Machine!

We love it when a company comes up with the a new innovation that that can be applied to emergency situations.  We’re happy to introduce GOALØ into The Ready Store product family! GOALØ provides you with an amazing back up power source that is clean and easy to use! With an extremely durable and well... Read More

How to use a Water Filter

Water filters are very useful in just about every survival or disaster situation.  Drinking the water directly from a water source could put you in danger of getting sick or even worse.  There are many contaminants that can flow freely in water so it's important to filter them out.
When you use a portable water filter... Read More

What are the Different Types of Food Storage?

The term food storage is used very loosely in the emergency preparedness industry. Depending on the person who is sharing the information it could be anything from a bucket of beans to the canned goods you buy at your grocery store.  So what are your options? What is going to work best for you?  Below... Read More

Why Food & Water Shouldn't be Your #1 Priority

In the emergency preparedness industry I talk to a lot of people that are just starting out.
Most people when they try to make a go at getting ready on their own are initially inclined to start by stocking food.  Once they start to get a nice little supply of food they then transition to... Read More

Where's the Hazard in a Hurricane?

Did you know that the greatest potential for death in relation to hurricanes is actually from the storm surge?
A storm surge is water that pushes towards the shore by the force of the winds swirling around the storm.
The surge ahead of the storm combines with the normal tides and creates a hurricane storm tide.  The... Read More

8 Ways to Protect Your Home & Family in a Hurricane

With hurricane season upon us, it’s important to know what to do before, during and after a hurricane.
The good thing about hurricanes is that – unlike other natural disasters – you can see them coming. This gives us plenty of time to prepare our families and homes for the storm.
Here are a few priorities that... Read More

How to Survive in the Wild

Build a shelter.

If you are in a desert environment, try to build an underground shade shelter to avoid prolonged sun exposure (obviously only for hot climates) so you can travel more comfortably in cooler temperatures (avoid sweating).  Try to use resources around you like sage brush and other plants.  Stay covered, don't remove clothing to... Read More

Where Should I Store My 72 Hour Kit?

A big fear that I have with emergency preparedness is having the food and water storage that I need but not being able to access it in a crisis. What happens if a disaster strikes while at work or driving around? What would I do then? What is the purpose of having a 72-hour kit... Read More

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