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VIDEO: Opening a Food Storage Fruit Fest Bucket

The EasyPrep Fruit Fest is a great way to add vitamin-filled fruits to your food storage!
These freeze dried fruits come in individually pouched bags to make your food storage easier to use if there is an emergency. Instead of having to use the whole bucket after you open it, the individual pouches can be resealed... Read More

Make Cream and Cheese with Powdered Milk

Powdered milk is one of those products you probably have stashed in your pantry, without knowing how versatile it is for your kitchen. In fact, it can be used, of course, for milk and soup, but it can also help you create pantry staples if you can't get to a store. So go ahead, bring... Read More

How To Make Bread Without an Oven

Bread is one of those comfort foods that families want year round. If you're ever camping or in an emergency situation, you can still enjoy different kinds of breads.  Here are some great options to help you get your carb fix, no matter where you are.
Donuts/ Fry Bread
While not necessarily the healthiest bread option, frying... Read More

VIDEO: Introducing Ready Club: Free Shipping on All Orders

We love our customers! That's why we started the ReadyClub!
The ReadyClub gets you cool perks like free shipping, 2% rewards points, exclusive discounts and a 3-month price lock guarantee in your ReadyQueue. All of these perks are yours for only $39.99 a year!
You can earn your money back pretty quickly on that investment. Regularly, shipping... Read More

30 Amazing Uses of Baking Soda

Sodium Bicarbonate- also known as baking soda, is one of the most versatile household products you have. From first aid to cleaning, it can be your favorite go-to product. Here are 30 great uses for that baking soda you have sitting in your pantry.
First Aid-
*Note- Always use common sense when it comes to first aid. Any... Read More

Video: 5-Gallon Cereal Challenge

Can you beat our time? Buy a discounted bucket of cereal and time yourself eating the bucket of cereal.
Contest Rules
Winnings: Winning group receives 365 servings of Saratoga Farms cold cereal.
1. Bucket must be an unopened 5-gallon bucket of Saratoga Farms cereal. Available here:
2. Bucket must be eaten only by 1-5 people on camera
3... Read More

How To Build Your Own Snow Shoes

One of the tools you may have not have in your preparedness cache is a good set of snowshoes. In most cases, you probably won't need some. But you don't prepare like that, do you? You're ready for whatever comes.
The good thing with snow shoes is the fact that you don't have to spend a... Read More

VIDEO: Will It Freeze Dry? Valentine's Day Edition

We just bought a home freeze dry machine so we decided to see what foods will freeze dry and which ones will definitely not freeze dry!
Check out the next episode of "Will It Freeze Dry?" Valentine's Day Edition!
We collected popular aphrodisiacs like figs (newtons), avocados, oysters (!?), pomegranates, and chocolate! Comment below to tell us... Read More

VIDEO: Will It Freeze Dry? Leftovers Edition

We just bought a home freeze dry machine so we decided to see what foods will freeze dry and which ones will definitely not freeze dry!
Check out the first episode of "Will It Freeze Dry?" Leftovers Edition!
We took the leftovers from our kitchen including Clam Chowder, Kaula Pork with sauce, Brownies, Donuts and Ravioli! Comment... Read More

Harvest Right Home Freeze-Dryer

A DIY Freeze Dryer
Did you know that nearly every food can be freeze-dried, including meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and dairy? You can even freeze-dry entire meals like soups, stews, pasta, and rice dishes. Freeze-dried food lasts up to 25 years while
maintaining all of its taste and nutrition. Other preservation methods like canning and dehydrating will preserve food for just... Read More

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