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VIDEO: Introduction Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Harvest Right is the future of food storage! Imagine being able to freeze dry all of your foods at home including leftover meals, garden vegetables or treats for a rainy day!
Harvest Right allows you to do that! This machine will freeze dry all of your foods and then you just package them up. Check out... Read More

VIDEO: Hot Breakfast Friday!

Hot Breakfast Friday is sweeping the nation! Jeff and Amy Davis, owners of Ready Store, started making hot breakfast for the kids in their neighborhood a few years back and it's become a neighborhood tradition - they even use Saratoga Farms foods for breakfast.
They've had the honor of hosting hundreds of neighborhood children in... Read More

How to Regrow Your Produce Scraps

Whether you are trying to avoid waste, or you are wanting to sustain your family with nutrient-rich vegetables, regrowing your produce scraps simply makes sense. Even better, most regrowth processes are easy to do and bring about a fairly quick return.
Here are some great foods you can regenerate after you've finished using them:
Green Onions
Green onions are... Read More

VIDEO: Cooking with Food Storage Cheese

Amy was in a pinch and went down to her basement emergency food pantry to grab a can of freeze dried cheese.
Saratoga Farms Cheddar Cheese is really cool! These shreds just require water to restore to their original state.
She ended up using it in her dinner and wondered if her kids could tell a... Read More

DIY Well Digging- How to Drive Your Own Well

In the event of an emergency, one of the most important things you'll need is a good source of water. You can't always trust municipal water facilities to export clean, uncontaminated water. To take control of your water, an easy solution is to dig your own well.  While there are different options when it comes... Read More

Protect Your Home With a DIY Tripwire

A tripwire is one of the easiest, most basic ways to protect your home. It can act as a first alert, or as a more complicated alarm. Even better, a tripwire alarm is a simple project that takes minimal time, yet can be extremely beneficial to you and and your family.
The basic tools you need... Read More

Knitting Without Needles - Your Key To Winter Survival

One of the basics of emergency preparedness is having enough cold weather gear to stay warm wherever you are. You should have extra blankets and other cold weather gear in each of your cars, as well as in your 72 hour survival kits. However, even the most prepared person can find himself in need of... Read More

Global Food Shortage and Its Effect on the U.S.

According to the U.S. Agency of International Development, food production will be limited on a global scale by 2050. Senior science advisor Dr. Fred Davies said the world population will increase 30 percent to 9 billion people; this would call for a 70 percent increase in food to meet the demand of the world. As... Read More

10 Fun Activities to Prepare Your Kid For An Emergency

Teaching your kids the importance of emergency preparedness can sometimes be a little daunting. While it is an important skill set to have, grasping the attention and interest of a young child can be difficult. That’s why it is important to do fun activities to prepare your child for an emergency. To help, we will be... Read More

What to Keep in Your Winter Survival Kit

As we celebrate the beginning of the winter season, it’s important to your vehicles with a Winter Survival Kit that’ll keep you safe and warm. Most of the items already in your 72-hour kit are already sufficient to survive but withstanding a winter environment is a little different. There is the possibility of being exposed... Read More

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