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Finding the North Star

Stars have guided generations of people across the world and back home again. During this time of year, many people look towards the Heavens in remembrance of the Star of David that led the shepherds and wise men to the Christ child lying in a manger.
The North Star or Polaris as it is known has been used... Read More

How to Field Dress and Skin a Deer

Field dressing is an important first step in preparing a deer after a hunt. Internal organs need to be removed quickly and efficiently to prevent spoilage of the meat. The blood and guts make up 20 percent of the deer's total body weight. Cleaning the deer will make it much easier to haul out. Cleaning... Read More

How to Cook Rabbit at Home

Rabbit can be an excellent source of protein and nutrients. Rabbits breed quickly keeping your food source in good supply. Rabbits eat fresh greens from the garden creating a nice little ecosystem for your backyard. Rabbits can be quite a challenge to cook, some people find them quite gamey in taste. Here are three yummy recipes to... Read More

How to Skin and Gut a Rabbit

Rabbits are a great source of protein. Unlike beef and chicken, they aren't pumped of antibiotics. Rabbit eat fresh greens generally. They reproduce extremely quickly ensuring your food source in well stocked. Skinning and preparing rabbits can be a challenge, follow this simple steps to help it go smoother. The fresher the rabbit the easier skinning... Read More

How To Butcher a Deer at Home

One of the best resources for emergency preparedness is meat that you can hunt yourself. Since most areas of the country have a plentiful deer population, deer meat may be your best bet for feeding your family. Learning to process the meat is not complicated if you understand a few things.
Processing a deer can be... Read More

Basic Self-Defense Tips

Everyone one should have at least a basic understanding of self-defense. You never know when you are going to need to use it. Having some skills in self-defense will give you the confidence to go about your day without fear. You'll be able to protect yourself and those you love when the time comes.
Common sense says to... Read More

How to Burglar Proof Your Home

Home burglaries are a crime of opportunity. Limit your risk by taking some simple precautions.

A "Beware of Dog" sign can deter someone walking by whether or not you actually have a dog. No many people will be brave enough to risk a dog bite.
An alarm company sign in the window can also help. No alarm system... Read More

How to Make Whiskey in Your Garage

Did you know that alcohol is a great thing to have on hand in an emergency? Not only can it clean wounds and deaden pain (of course, use it responsibly if you are over 21 years old), alcohol is a great asset to have to barter with your neighbors. You don't have to stock up... Read More

New Developments in Quick Building

Part of your doomsday plan should include a bug out shelter. A safe place fully stocked with food and supplies. Construction and building may not come naturally to everyone. Luckily there are a few options that could save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to building the perfect doomsday shelter. 
Shed Tiny... Read More

DIY Earthbag Shelter

Earthbag shelters are eco-friendly and energy efficient. They make ideal hunting cabins or bug out shelters. An earthbag house is a cost-effective method for a shelter since you'll be bagging the dirt you're digging out. A basic earthbag shelter could cost as little as $3,000 if you're willing to do much of the work yourself. Many... Read More

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