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How to Prepare in 5 Easy Steps(some of them you might already be doing!)

Now lets be honest. no one really wants to prepare for an emergency and could be so for a number of reasons; don't  know where to start, not sure what to get, etc, but doing so and preparing ahead of time can end up saving your life. Lets face it, having the motivation for starting... Read More

VIDEO: Checking the Status of Your Order

Ever wondered on how to check the status of the orders you place with us here at the Ready Store? Here's a video explanation to better help you on how to do so!

How to Build a Garden Box

I have not always enjoyed gardening.  As a matter of fact, growing up, my parents always had a huge garden and flower beds.  I remember having Saturdays as “chore” day.  Getting up early to pull weeds, mow the lawn, house clean … it seemed to take over from first day light to sundown.  No time... Read More

7 Survival Items to ALWAYS keep in your Car's Glove/Trunk Compartment

Distastes can happen at anytime and in anyplace. Who knows when one will strike and that is why its always important to be prepared beforehand. Sometimes you may not be at home when one where to happen so it is ideal to be prepare in every situation. That is why we put together a list... Read More

Enjoy Bees Without a Hive

My four year old daughter and I love to wander the neighborhood on the lookout for bees. She is absolutely enamored as she listens to the sound of their buzzing wings, watches their waggles as they communicate, and sees their bright coloring. Because of the fascination my daughter, and now I, have with bees, we... Read More

Top 3 Reasons You Should Invest in Food Storage Now

Our Top 3 Reasons to stock up on freeze-dried/dehydrated foods now, plus a simple recipe to add your emergency preparedness
Now more than ever, people are beginning to realize the importance of food storage and emergency preparedness. We’ve all witnessed empty shelves at the grocery store and backorders for items across the country. However, countless resources... Read More

A Case for Rain Harvesting and Permaculture

As a ReadyExpert for The Ready Store, I get to see a unique perspective from hundreds of thousands of Americans who have at least one thing in common in their food storage accumulation: They believe that there is a moderate-high probability of a crisis that will cut off their accessibility to food and potable water.
Despite... Read More

Preparedness and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are one of the greatest technological innovations. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized payment systems in which ownership is demonstrated cryptographically. These units are stored in a data structure called blockchain. There are many types of cryptocurrencies, the best known are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, Cardano, NEO, Dash, and Monero. So how does this relate to... Read More

Apartment Prepping

Previously, we have gone over how to manage your food storage from home. But what if you don't live in a house? This blog post is designed for those people who live in an apartment/condo, suite or flat. A lot of smaller living quarters are not designed to have a place designated for an emergency... Read More

Making Emergency Preparations for Your Pet

Our pets often become more than animals to us, they become members of the family! And just as we make emergency preparations for our families, we need to make emergency preparations for our pets. For the most part, pets need the same preparations and items that we need, including food, water, shelter, medications, etc as... Read More

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