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How to Make a Pet Go-Bag

Many pets get left behind in a disaster situation. As you prepare your family for an emergency don't forget about your favorite 4-legged friends. Pets are members of the family as well. Having a packed and ready-to-go bug-out bag for your pets will make getting to safety a snap.
As a general rule dogs can carry one-third... Read More

Civilian Crisis Training: You Can Help

Employers typically have someone in with a bit of training in charge during a crisis. Classroom teachers are required to know where their students are at all times just in case something were to happen. When an emergency takes places you call 911, so those with specialized training can come to your aid. What if... Read More

How to Build a Cold Storage Room

Now, that you've got a stockpile of food and gear for an emergency you might be wondering where you're going to put all of it. Building a cold storage room in your basement or spare room is a great idea to keep everything organized. This will free up cupboard space in your kitchen. Keeping food... Read More

Off Grid Tiny House Living

Living on a fixed income and having a mortgage can be a real challenge. For that reason, many millennials and retirees are opting for a simpler life. People would rather spend their money on travel than being suck in one place paying for a house they work too much to enjoy. The market has been flooded... Read More

How to Build a Secret Safe Room

Welcome to the Bat Cave! Do you remember watching Adam West and Burt Ward defeat the Joker and Riddler using their top secret lair? Who doesn't want a bat cave in their own house?

Having a secret panic room can really come in handy in the event of an emergency. This hidden room can be as... Read More

How to Make Pet Food at Home

There have been several recalls of major pet food brands in the last year. Finding out your best buddies food might have been contaminated is never a good thing. Factory food contamination can be avoided by making your pet's food at home. However, it's important to remember that pets have different nutritional requirements than humans. Homemade... Read More

How to Set up a School Safety Plan

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Its always better to be prepared and not need anything, than to be caught unaware when disaster strikes. Children spend most of their time at school so it's safe to assume they have a high chance of encountering some kind of emergency while at school. The more prepared... Read More

Preparing Worry Prone Children For an Emergency

Happy wife, happy life, right? The same goes for happy children, happy home. Panic is usually the first response when a crisis happens, especially where children are concerned. Remaining calm will help the children stay calm as well. Prepare children for emergencies. Make a plan and practice, this will become second nature to them. Children should... Read More

Using Freeze-Dried Food Storage- Easy Fajitas

Your pantry is full of freeze-dried foods. While they have a fantastic shelf life (up to 30 years, depending on conditions), they can also be used for easy, nutritious, delicious anytime meals. An opened #10 can will stay good for 6-12 months if covered and kept in a cool, dry spot. Go ahead and see... Read More

Bartering in an Emergency

Long before cold hard cash became the name of the game, bartering was the norm. Trading goods and services was commonplace in every town. Many cities had a trading post where farmers would bring their goods to barter for things they might need, but couldn't produce themselves. Many travelers would use these locations to stock... Read More

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