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Quiz: How long will you survive?

We're always trying to help you be more prepared, and sometimes a quiz can help you determine how prepared you really are.
At the Ready Store, we created this fun quiz to see how long you'd last in an emergency situation.
Do you think that you'd survive during a zombie apocalypse? A tsunami? Unemployment? Check out... Read More

Build a Smokehouse out of Pallet Boards

It’s that time of year where friends and families have barbecues and late night summer parties. And what better way to celebrate than to smoke your own pork, sausages and steaks? Some may have the means to purchase an expensive smoker while other homesteaders prefer to be a little creative and use already accessible materials... Read More

Remove a Fishhook From Your Body Painlessly

Whether you fish for a hobby or do it as a means to provide food on your homestead, knowing how to remove a fishhook painlessly is going to come in handy. It may be even safe to say, you could be someone’s hero!
The reason why fishhooks are so tricky to remove painlessly is because of... Read More

What Plants Are Ideal For Your Climate

Deciding what plants will do well on your homestead is actually a little more strategic than most people think. Light, temperature, humidity, and soil moisture can all greatly affect how well your plants do throughout the year.
Light – It is important to take into consideration how much light certain plants will need in order to... Read More

8 Tips To Help Your Chickens Lay More Eggs

If you start to raise chickens to be more self-sufficient, you want them to be as productive as possible. But what if they aren’t laying as many eggs as you’d hoped?
The most common reasons that chickens aren’t laying eggs is because they are too young, too old, the hours of daylight are too short, it... Read More

Basic Carpentry Skills: Joints

Homesteading can be fun, challenging, and beneficial. Part of self-reliant means being able to make or construct items that meet your current challenges or needs. For instance, you may want to raise chickens or rabbits and need an enclosure for them, or you might decide to make raised gardening boxes. Whatever the present need, the... Read More

How to Clean a Fish

Fishing has been an age-old hobby, sport, and way-of-life in many cultures. Many people enjoy eating fish, but many do not know how to clean one. Cleaning a fish is a skill that brings a sense of independence and can prove to be useful in survival or everyday situations. For those who have never cleaned... Read More

How to Quilt a Queen Size Blanket by Hand

Learning how to quilt by hand is a very valuable skill among people who homestead or live in rural areas. Not only will your newly hand sewn quilt keep you warm but it will also give you a fun, time-consuming project to work on. Some homesteaders who enjoy sewing will sell or trade their quilts... Read More

How to Pluck and Dress a Chicken

We’ve talked previously about caring for chickens on a homestead. But most people aren’t raising chickens just as pets - they’re raising them to eat!
So, what is the best way to kill, pluck and prepare a chicken?
Below, we’ve prepared some instructions on how you can do that. Take a look at the instructions and be... Read More

The History and Future of Food

More than 19,000 years ago had your kids asked, “What’s for dinner," your answer may have been, “Oysters, snails, insects, eggs and emmer grains.”
Two thousand years later, emmer and barley emerged as the predominant wheat and principal cereals in the late Mesolithic to early Neolithic periods, around 17,000 BC. A 2008 study by Hacettepe University... Read More

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