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How To Make Bread Without an Oven

By Elena from Ready Store
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Bread is one of those comfort foods that families want year round. If you're ever camping or in an emergency situation, you can still enjoy different kinds of breads.  Here are some great options to help you get your carb fix, no matter where you are.

Donuts/ Fry Bread
While not necessarily the healthiest bread option, frying bread is an easy and great way to create your favorite breakfast snack. Even better, if you do it correctly (and carefully) you can even cook over a campfire.
Items Needed:
-Grill Rack
-Cast Iron Skillet

Instructions: - When your campfire has burned down to embers/coals, place a grill rack on top of the fire. CAREFULLY place a cast iron skilled filled with 1/2 inch of oil on the rack. REMEMBER- OIL IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. HAVE SAND, BAKING SODA, OR A CLASS B FIRE EXTINGUISHER ON HAND. (You should always have a fire extinguisher on hand for camping emergencies.)
Cut dough and fry in hot oil until brown on both sides.
Serve with: Fry bread is very versatile. It can be sweetened with a sugar glaze or, to make it a part of your meal, serve it with stews or meats.

Traditional Bread
Just because you don't have an oven, doesn't mean you can't enjoy traditional, fluffy bread. With a few adjustments, you can bake your bread over a fire.
Items Needed:
- Loaf Pan
- Deep Dutch Oven
- Bread Dough
- Food thermometer

Instructions- Make your favorite bread dough as you would at home. Take note of the the temperature. If it's cold, you'll need to find a warm place for the bread to rise. Once the dough has risen and is formed in the loaf pan (and has risen again), simply put the loaf pan inside your preheated dutch oven. This method is harder than baking at home, as it's hard to control the temperature of the dutch oven. A thermometer with its sensor placed inside the dutch oven can remedy. Add heat or take some heat away, as needed.

Variations-  You can use a grill to bake bread, as well. Make sure the loaf pan is not directly on the flame, preferably on a higher shelf. If your grill has a temperature gauge, keep it at 350. If not, use a thermometer. It's important to keep the lid on throughout the process, as bread cooks from the bottom and the top.
If you don't have a grill or dutch oven, put the loaf pan over hot embers on a grill rack and cover with a metal bucket or anything else that will trap the heat.

You can create your family's favorite treat without an oven. If restaurants are touting fire baked crusts, why can't you do the same? Grilled pizza is actually a delicious, easy meal you can cook over the fire.
Items Needed:

- Grill Rack or Outside Grill
- Pizza Dough
- Pizza Toppings
- Optional, pizza pan

Instructions- 1-After you have formed your dough,make sure your flames are low and set it either directly on the grill or on a pizza pan. Do NOT have your toppings on the pizza yet. Grill one side of your pizza until brown and crisp.
2- Take the pizza off the grill and flip it over with the uncooked dough side down. Add sauce, cheese, and toppings to the cooked side.
3- Place back on the grill or grill rack. Grill until cheese is melted and the dough is brown and crisp.
Note- It is best to cover the grill, if possible. If you are cooking over fire and cannot use a cover, it's okay. You'll still get a delicious pizza.

Variations- Pizza can be cooked in a dutch oven. Make sure the oven is very hot and put a thin layer of oil on the bottom to crisp up the dough.

What are your favorite outdoor bread recipes?

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