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How Prepared are Americans?

By Jeff and Amy Davis
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A recent survey reported on American’s beliefs about preparation and disaster preparedness.

The major finding of the survey, conducted by Kelton Research, showed that 85% of Americans do not feel prepared for a catastrophe. They were asked questions about why they feel they need to prepare, what catastrophes they might face, how to best prepare and what they would do if they thought the world was going to end.

Check out some of the findings below:

Do Americans feel the need to prepare?
Do you need to prepare more?
Interestingly, Americans were split on whether they needed further preparations for a potential catastrophe. 49% said they were “as prepared as I need to be.” 51% said they needed more preparations.

Do you think a catastrophe will occur?
One of the interesting findings from the survey was that the majority of Americans believe that a major catastrophe will occur within in the next 20 years.

Beliefs about 2012
Almost ⅓ of respondents (27%) believe that a catastrophic event is likely to occur on Dec. 21, 2012. 73% responded that a major event on that date is unlikely.

Are Americans actually prepared?
How prepared are you compared to those around you?
When asked how prepared they feel compared to their neighbors, half (53%) said they were “about as prepared” as those around them. Nearly ¼ (23%) said they were “more prepared” and another ¼ (24%) said they were “less prepared” than the rest of the country.

How long could you last?
Nearly 40% of people say they would only last two weeks based on their current supplies.

How fast could you evacuate?
The majority of Americans (49%) said they would need 15 - 60 minutes to prepare if they were required to leave their home. Only 8% said they would be ready to leave their home with all the things they needed in order to survive in “less than a minute.”

Would you share your supplies?
The majority of Americans said they were willing to share their preparation supplies or food storage. 76% of respondents said they would share resources with their immediate family. 42% said they would share with neighbors. 24% even said they would share with neighbors that they didn’t know that well. Only 3% of respondents said they wouldn’t share their resources with anyone.

Reasons to prepareNatural Disasters
Natural Disasters
The majority of Americans feel that a significant natural disaster will occur within the next 25 years. 64% said they believed a significant earthquake would hit. 63% said a significant hurricane and 29% said that a pandemic, such as a super-virus  would occur.

Nearly 3 out of every 4 people (71%) believe that disaster in our lifetime will be an act of God, not man.

Man-made disasters
With that being said, 55% of Americans believe that a terrorist attack could occur within the next 25 years. 51% believe that a financial collapse could occur while 14% fear a nuclear fallout.

Why are you not prepared?
When asked what were the major reasons that they were not prepared for a potential catastrophe, 40% of Americans said they “couldn’t afford to buy or stock up on certain supplies.” More than ¼ (27%) said they didn’t know what they should be doing in order to prepare.

About ¼ of respondents (24%) said they didn’t need to prepare because they “didn’t think any catastrophes will happen.”

How to prepare
Money vs resources
59% said they believed that “saving for retirement,” such as donating to a 401(k), was smarter than stocking up on resources or building a bomb shelter. 41% said they preferred stocking up on resources.

Food & Water
A large chunk of Americans (45%), have stocked up on canned or non-perishable food items.  Around the same amount, 43%, have also collected drinking water. Only 21% grow their own food, such as fruits and vegetables.

Escape plans
More than ⅓ (34%) of Americans make efforts to keep a full tank of gas in their car in order to escape. 33% of Americans have a go-bag or 72-hour kit. 20% have an family escape plan.

Other plans
A little more than ¼ (26%) of Americans own at least one gun. Almost the same amount, 24% plan on having extra cash on hand. 9 % of Americans have built a bomb shelter.

Do nothing
Nearly ¼ (25%) of Americans say they have never made any preparation efforts.

Random findings
Republican vs Democrat
When asked whether a man-made disaster was more likely to occur under the watch of a Democrat or Republican President, 52% said that a disaster was more likely under a Republican President. 48% said that a man-made disaster was more likely under a Democrat President.

The night before the disaster
27% of respondents said they would “resolve a feud or disagreement with a loved one” if they thought the world was going to end tomorrow. 24% said they would “have sex.”

9 years ago
Bill Frye
9 years ago at 9:58 PM
This was a good item to read. But why more people are not doing something I don't understand. Just do a little each month. Learn first aid and cpr. buy a can or two extra when you go to the store. But do something.
John Caldwell
9 years ago at 3:50 AM
Whether any thing happens or not,I always follow the Army rule: its better to have and not need than to need and not have.'Nuff said....
Jeff Pearce
9 years ago at 4:23 AM
There will always be the grasshoppers who bounce around and play, play, play. Then when the proverbial SHTF, they will be dumbfounded and ask, how did this happen? Some people no matter how successful they may appear on the surface will be needy and helpless. These are the sheeple who walk among us. Fun, fun, fun.
9 years ago at 7:24 AM
I am of course, nervous about something big happening in the near future. I believe the economy will collapse, but I just don't know when, or what the resulting situation will be. We don't have a bomb shelter, but we are trying to stock up things when we get a chance. More importantly, I am trying to learn skills: gardening, first aid, natural medicine, canning, baking, the art of fermentation, cooking with a solar oven, etc. I am learning a little bit here and there, and hope one day to be proficient in these things. Another thing I want to learn is to how to harvest heirloom seeds for re-use. I know it can be done. But I have no clue how to do it! I have books, and this spring/summer I am going to study on how to do it so that when I harvest my food from my garden, I will try to re-use my seeds.
9 years ago at 7:52 AM
We must not let fear be the reason we prepare. Fear is paralyzing and does nothing to help you think straight. That said, I have been into preparedness for many many years. I live alone but prep for myself and several family members who are NOT prepping. I have tried my darndest to make everything as sustainable here as possible; I am blessed to have a lot of acreage to help out with that. Once you use your supplies you MUST have a way to replenish them. (Don't count on barter; it could lead others straight to your supplies only to get you robbed or worse.) If a nationwide catastrophe occurs, I would feel very sorry for those who have only a few days or weeks of supplies. Katrina proved to us how unable the government is, to help large numbers of people. Learn all the skills you can NOW, as when under duress, it will be MUCH harder and possibly dangerous! Keep your powder dry! Cheryl
9 years ago at 8:31 AM
This article points out important things to people who need to prepare. But I hate reading about statistics from surveys that I wasn't part of and none of the people I know were part of. How do I know if it's not 75% or only 10% of Americans who are trying to prepare? How many people really have a plan and how many people believe that everything will probably be fine? I know that a lot of people like to believe that no matter what happens the government will provide for us, and that is true. The most important part of the government(and the largest) is the citizen, and I believe that if we all become like-minded with plans to best handle disasters and take care of each other with our preparations is how we would be provided for.
9 years ago at 9:24 AM
These numbers are surprising in both ways. I am surprised at how many feel they need to prepare in contrast to the actual people I know. I am also surprised at the number that say they are sufficiently prepared. If you feel ready, practice your plan to be sure. I would bet you would be surprised at the results. Take care of yourself, don't leave that to someone else.
9 years ago at 11:17 AM
I agree with much of what has been said here. I have always believed it is important to be prepared just in case. But I found out how unprepared I was when I downloaded the Mormon's inventory list for stocking up. I had too much of one thing, not enough of others, and totally missed some things completely. It is a good thing to have a list to work from when stocking up, and even more important to rotate, rotate, rotate. If nothingn happens, then you have groceries to last, but if something does happen you will be fed. Just look at where the cost of gas is going. That means food will also cost more. Good idea to keep stocked up. Buy a couple of extra cans when you go shopping. It works.
Don Juan
9 years ago at 11:19 AM
I think the majority of those that would share all they have with everyone are talking about the tube of crackers and 2 cans of soup in their pantry. I've been preparing for 10 years and have a 3 years food supply plus ample protection of same. Of all the people I talk to, seems <1% are prepared. I think these numbers are stretched out of embarasment. There will be a lot of people with the "deer in the headlights" look when something happens. I think the closest thing to us now is the Israel/Iran issue. The US will no doubt be brought into this and predictions of what will happen within our borders as a result are worth listening to. For those on the wire, it doesn't take much to start your supplies. It will give you that starter peace of mind. You will be surprized where it will go from there. Ever woke up in the middle of the night and there was no milk? That ain't nothing compared to where we're going!!
9 years ago at 12:09 PM
Everyone likes to joke about the "Zombie Apocalypse." It's a standard line with preppers and survivalists, but it really is not a joke. The zombies in a zomnbie apocaypse are very real entities and when the time comes, they won't be flesh-eating ghouls; they'll be those who have not prepared when a serious disaster strikes.
9 years ago at 1:50 PM
I've been storing food for about 30 years. I always rotate so it never gets very old. However, "out of date" and "life-sustaining" are two different things. If you open a 5-yr-old can and it smells bad and looks bad, don't eat it. But if it looks and smells and tastes ok, try a little of it to check it out. It won't have the nurishment of fresh and maybe the flavor won't be as good, but it will sustain your life. The 6 most life-sustaining foods that should be the basis of any food storage are: wheat, sugar/honey, powdered/canned milk, cooking oil, salt, and WATER. These items won't necessarily satisfy the fussy eater, but they will keep you alive! My food storage (and other storage) has seen me through job layoffs, ice storms (where I was stuck in the house for a week w/no power), and just being too broke to go shopping. Just think seriously about it: If you could not get to the grocery store because of one reason or another, how long could you survive? If there was a trucker's strike and there was no food deliveries to the grocery stores, what would you do? Our high gas prices will probably effect the, trucking industry and prices will go way up. Stock up when there is a sale on anything you eat or use. (Like toilet paper, try living without that!) AND, store WATER, WATER, and MORE WATER!! Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!
Douglas Quinn
9 years ago at 2:41 PM
Mark my word, within two years we will have a financial meltdown. Get ready folks. Start now.
9 years ago at 3:13 PM
Hey I have had a husband and I do have a garden, but what if there is something bad that happens and we are surrounded by unprepared people, and this continues for awhile. I can imagine that we work hard in our garden, and people might come steal from it while we sleep. We are generous people and would share up to a point.....but sorry, we're not giving it all away so that we starve. Anyhow, back to the garden......Would there really be a way to stop people from stealing?
9 years ago at 6:30 PM
Melanie: A 357 Magnum and rotate sleepers.
9 years ago at 4:27 AM
Ladybug42, BINGO! Canned food in a sunken ship over 100 years was found to still be good! Canned food, dried beans, pasta, rice, dehydrated /freeze -dried food, bottled water/filtration system, generator, stored gas treated w/sta-bil, guns, ammunition, medical supplies, MEDS, MEDS, MEDS! ! Would be a good start. MAY GOD BE WITH US ALL ...SEMPER FI!!
Edith P.
9 years ago at 5:51 AM
I believe that no matter how prepared you are or think you are, you can never really be prepared for the unknown BUT you have to prepare for most part and even though I have a lot of supplies I know I don’t have enough.
9 years ago at 12:01 PM
MaxfromTexas, Thanks for the 'Bingo' and the added info! Too many people aren't paying enough attention to what's happening to our country and they are going to be amazed and shocked when the grocery store shelves become empty. Added info: Wheat has been found in Egyption tombs that are over 1000 yrs old. The wheat will still sprout! Wake up America! You are my sisters and brothers and I'm VERY worried about you! God bless us all! We will need it!
Dave W.
9 years ago at 3:01 PM
I don't know what it is.But something is coming our way.It's going to get real bad.Prepared or not,I don't know if anyone will make it.That does not mean I will not try. I have long and short term food stocked up.
Trent Rock
9 years ago at 2:44 AM
7% of Americans believe that we will one day be inhabited and ruled by apes??
8 years ago at 9:28 AM
Good subject I would like to know more about the survey. Sample size, where taken, demographics of the sample, web site, sampler background, how questions were worded?
Country Boy will survive.
8 years ago at 7:24 AM
Mike, a survey was taken. Of those I interviewed 1/4 had at least 2 years supply, 1/2 had several months and the other 1/4 had 2 weeks at best. The group I was involved with was about 350 households. This survey was door to door. When I think of the ghettos (ghetto is not necessarily a slum area) in Europe, as long as the people could defend themselves they were okay. When they could no longer defend themselves is when they were exterminated. Years ago a neighbor ask me if I was going to use a gun to take my neighbors supplies or use a gun to keep what I had. I now have a large enough armed family to keep what we have. Most of them are Peppers.
Country Boy will survive.
8 years ago at 6:57 AM
I married into a family that's father worked seasonally because of the geographic location and weather. When the father was working they would go to the store and buy double what they used so they would have food for the off season. We have instilled this lifestyle in our children. They understand that "Uncle Sugar," isn't prepared to do anything in an emergency, so they better learn to do for themselves. It is surprising to me how much people put stock in "Use By Dates." A lady said that she didn't realize how close she came to poisoning herself. She was looking thru her pantry, she found and filled several large garbage cans with out dated items. We are using stuff we purchased in 1977. It was kept in a cool and dark place.
Karl Landgren
8 years ago at 10:44 AM
This demon-crat "president" occupying our White House IS a man-made disaster! Prophets, Boy Scouts, good parents, fables, and history books have sounded the clarion call to be wise and prepare for many types of events. Water, food, fuel, first aid, light, warmth, shelter, communication, skills, tools, and of course fitness and spiritual strength are all essential. Build up supplies day by day.
8 years ago at 6:36 AM
I have been visiting at people's houses who were too broke to buy toilet paper and found old newspapers next to the toilet for that use. Sort of like what you would read about there being in the out houses of old, where the torn up Sears catalogs were recycled into TP. If you have the room, instead of tossing old newspapers you might consider keeps a few boxes of them. They come in handy for a lot of things, wrapping broken glass, cleaning messes, lining pet or bird cages, soaking up messes, and if you get a newspaper, you have already paid for it and don't have to use more money to buy other products or if you run out of other products. And a lot of recycling places will give you old newspapers from those centers. Or you can usually pick up stacks of unsold newspapers from the local newspaper plant. Also good to start fires with, lots of uses. You can also use them to stuff areas under doors where air is leaking in or out.
8 years ago at 6:48 AM
I am glad to be among those who are at least working toward a solid preparedness. My family is of modest means, but we are able to stock up by living with less now. No fancy cars, homes or i-pads. We keep it debt free and that helps a LOT! It really is a life style. We grow some of our own food as well as can and purchase long term food items. A little preparation can go a long way in feeling secure and not so afraid or overwhelmed. Something is coming. It may not be a total melt down of anything, but there are hard times ahead. Shoot, during the 2008 crash, I had no money coming in and I was very grateful for what we had stored up. For over a month I was not able to afford to go into a grocery store for more than some fresh staples. We were very glad to have stocked up. Best insurance policy we ever had.
8 years ago at 7:47 AM
Preparing for a local Public Event where there will be an opportunity to share information with my community regarding Being Prepared....Disasters can happen anywhere, at anytime and economic times as they are should give folks the knock on the head to prepare and have a little extra on hand. If not for themselves, having a little something for a needy neighbor in time of trouble. PREPARE 2BE A BLESSING..."YOU BE A HERO".
8 years ago at 8:25 AM
Since March of 2012 when this subject was first posted, I have met many many people who are prepping as if their very lives depended on it, as they very well might. People who have now converted flower gardens to food plots, learned to shoot guns, are storing whatever they can afford and learning to preserve food. I even know seniors who are hard core preppers now. There IS hope that more people are getting the message, but I think it's because we are told continually that the economy is improving, but we all clearly feel it's much WORSE now. I am prepping for farm animals besides myself and family. I used to live alone. Now, since April 14th, have a brother and his wife living here as they are in hard times themselves. It's getting bad now, and we haven't hit the iceberg yet. Put aside all the food and water, soaps, first aid items, etc that you possibly are able. The "big whatever" is soon to be upon us. Be ready to defend your supplies. I would NEVER tell anyone I have this or that. It's asking for trouble; BIG trouble. Sharing may sound grand in good times but watch the news footage.. people KILL for supplies and won't hesitate to kill YOU for YOURS.
Deep South Survival
8 years ago at 9:16 AM
Fully prepared!
8 years ago at 9:22 AM
Interesting survey. Living in a "problem area" and watching the fires this year, it's a given that disaster strike and you will need to survive either short or long-term. Suggestions: 1) If you take in others, be careful. Not all are trustworthy and often they will take advantage of you or the availability of comfort...some on purpose, others will need to be taught. 2) Set boundaries and home rules for living ie chores, shower times, cooking etc. Even trash and what can be recycled or used in other places 3) If you know Christ and realize you may not be there for others, leave instructions and reading materials 4) If you need to pack up and have time, hide what you can (esp guns considering latest evacuations) but take as much as you can 5) A small bag filled with extra toiletries in the bathroom closet, an extra large bag filled for pets or people in an entry closet will be helpful for will make quick getaways faster! 6) If you have or you know you could house someone with special needs in diet or conditions, prepare for them. Look for no salt freeze-dried, gluten free items, no allergen items (dairy, soy, wheat etc). Prioritize on a number of levels!
Intrepid Joe
8 years ago at 9:28 AM
Great discussion, guys! I would like to direct you to a great website that has tons of useful info on it, including very detailed links on almost every page. It has no advertizing, just some guy sharing what he learned. Since web links aren't generally allowed here, either Google or Bing the three words "The Basic Life". The dot-com website of the same name (no spaces) should appear on the top of the search results.
Name Ann
8 years ago at 10:09 AM
Sue,happy to know Christ!I have a Left Behind box in our home clearly marked "For those left behind". I've included detailed info on where to find what we have left behind in & around our home along with a personal letter, KJV biblle & survival booklets.
8 years ago at 11:00 AM
I currently have a month's worth of supplies for my family. I doubt that I will ever be satisfied with what I've laid back as an emergency reserve. About the survey itself? I don't trust the numbers. Remember... Figures lie and liars figure.
8 years ago at 12:03 PM
While I believe the sentiment behind the numbers in this blog (most American's are not prepared for anything), I have a hard time believing the results of any survey when the origin of the survey is not given. Come on Ready Store, including your sources is taught in elementary school these days, where did the survey come from? All I can say about my preparedness is, is there ever enough?
The Ready Store
8 years ago at 2:54 PM
@Zor, the link at the bottom of the article links to the original survey. The survey was originally conducted by the National Geographic Channel
NameJack Hommel
8 years ago at 4:04 PM
No matter how well you think you're prepared, you'll always want do do just a bit more. Do the best you can with what you have and make it stretch. DO arm yourself to protect your family and your belongings. Be ready to fight to the death for your family. When SHTF, trust absolutely no one you don't already know intimately. After SHTF, always keep a sharp watch, post a sentry if you can. Never go unarmed, even for a minute. Don't EVER tell what or how much you have. Expect the unexpected. You cannot possibly store too much water. Paper money will not be good for even toilet paper, buy some small denomination gold or silver coinage. Learn about bartering or trading sharply, the techniques can be found online and in your local library. Form support coalitions with people you can trust. If you have soil and weather for gardening, get hot after it now and learn home canning for what you grow. If you have room and resources, raise small livestock such as chickens, rabbits: eggs and meat from one and meat and fur from the other. Put aside your city bred squeamishness, it'll do you good. If you pray, then pray hard and often. If you don't pray, then think long and hard about all the good ways you can overcome the bad things that are coming our way. Contrary to what many people believe and recommend, I feel that it is a horrible thing to break your back and budget prepping for doomsday and then to throw on your cute little 72 hour bugout bag and run away and abandon everything you've worked so hard for. I strongly recommend you hunker down and fight like hell gone mad for your family and the fruits of your labor. May God Bless America and protect us all from the coming evil.
Mary D,
8 years ago at 6:43 PM
Ann, your comment was the best one on this site! Yes, I also have a file folder in a good spot, with lots of information about how to survive in the time of tribulation, spoken of by MANY of the OT Prophets, like Daniel, Joel, Zechariah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Zephaniah and others! (Too many people, though, would rather listen to some of the off-base, modern priests, pastors and prophets who are not sticking to Scripture!) People store up for physical survival (and that's good) but neglect the more important--they don't store up for their eternal life. Those who think they can enter Heaven by joining a church, keeping the Law, being good, or believing they can someday be gods or angels or part of the cosmic dust are missing the joy of having a relationship with the Living GOD, who offers eternal life for FREE! (Jesus is the GIFT spoken of in the Book of John, chapter 3, verse 16.) I believe the time of tribulation is so close. Thank you, ANN, for your comments. Blessings, and I'll see you at the wedding and the Banquet Table. PS: Any others want to join us? ALL invited, come as you are! To find us, take the ROMAN'S ROAD(don't miss the 3:23 signpost), then travel on to 6:23, then go back to 5:8! Then turn right to John 3:16, and watch for John 14:6 to find the ONLY way to get there! It's SO EASY if you just follow the directions! The wedding is being prepared now, but if you aren't there by the time it starts, you'll be so sorry! Mary D.
Mary D
8 years ago at 6:48 PM
Haven't read all the comments yet, but SUE, I just read yours, and see YOU plan to be at the Wedding, also! Yay! Blessings, Mary D.
7 years ago at 2:27 PM
All great response's , but this is a preparedness site.I would like to know who took this survey ? Most people I know or speak with are totally clueless and not prepared at all ! I'm a born and raised new yawker with extended family in New Orlins given what those cities went through you'd think they' be prepared to the m a x but like most Americans I say they're not .GO figure ? So congrats to those level headed thinkers who are doing something.People spend thousands of dollars a year for med or car insurance thank god it usually goes unused and thank god if you need it share that with those who dont get it
7 years ago at 11:20 AM
Plan for the worst, hope for the best, then handle what comes. Anything less is foolish.
7 years ago at 6:40 AM
We buy cases of vegetables when they are on sale. When they hit the expiration dates, dehydrate them then oven seal in canning jars. At that point you have food protected from mice, bugs etc. I do all my dry foods, rice, flour, meal, cereals etc. any thing dry can be oven sealed. Put your dry food in canning jars, put into 200 degree oven for one hour. Remove jars one at a time put a canning lid (ring and flat type) on the hot jar. Set aside. Most of these will seal and last for years. If a jar doesn't seal, you still have food that is mouse and bug proof. This is not for canning foods with any liquid. You need a pressure canner for that. DRY FOODS ONLY !
Northwoods Cheryl
7 years ago at 8:13 AM
I am still gardening (in season, of course) and canning everything i don't eat fresh, or dehydrate. When I see a REAL sale on frozen veggies, those go right in the dehydrator. I can LOTS of meat, though I do live on a pretty good size farm. I hunt deer and small game, and raise chickens and have access to an almost unlimited supply of fresh beef. Hand pump for the well in case the power goes out, and a generator for pumping large quantities of water, etc. Not wasting the fuel running lights or for creature comforts. Plenty of fuel stabilized and stored for the generator and for chainsaws, tiller, etc. Lots of extra arrows and broadheads for the "Silent but Deadly" compound bows, ammo for all the firearms, and bolts for the crossbows. This is NORMAL life up here; we are all rednecks.Halleluia!!
7 years ago at 2:18 PM
Why does the Ready Store do this? They re-posted this article like it was new? The survey was from Jan 2012, yes like 25 months ago. At least they could mention that in the email or add a little precursor to the original article. The information is okay, but a 2 year-old survey of 1007 people is a little dated I think.
7 years ago at 2:13 PM
This is a fascinating look back into the minds of people 2 years ago. There are always people freaking out saying "Mark My WORD, In 2 years its all over". Now its 2 years later and we're still here. I look at all the different scenarios and the chances are all very small or quite unrealistic. However; I do find value in being at least prepared for a year out. I have a garden and live on 400 acres of tillable land with hunting and fishing available so we have ways to restock. We have portable long term food for 3 months if we had to bug-out and 9 months of inhouse long term food. Water should be everyone's first concern. I have 6 months stored (which is the time we need to replace it anyway), but we are also putting in a hand pump in addition to our regular water well so we always have access to fresh drinking water. I think everyone should have protective masks for their families in case of a natural disaster such as Yellowstone going off, or a terrorist attack involving chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. I'm ex Military and can protect my family so I I think I'm good for force protection outside of purchasing a $50k bunker that I really can't afford. Be prepared for anything rather than trying to focus on 1 disaster or another and you will be doing the best for yourself and your family. Don't focus on "oh Yellowstone is going to erupt, or there will be an Emp". Be ready for both. Reality is neither will likely happen, nor many of the other scenerio but to really be prepared you must be ready for anything. Good Luck People.
7 years ago at 7:41 PM
We live in a well to do suburb. We've had several small events in my area. These range from multi-day power-outages to hurricanes and winter ice storms. The latest was a water main break that sent my neighbors scurrying to the store for bottled water. Not us, we have plenty of stored water, a rain barrel and several water purification systems in place. We have 3-4 months of food stored and are working on more. No one else will save you - you have to plan for yourself. We cancelled the newspaper delivery ($400/yr) and cut back on cable ($400/yr). We use those $ to prepare. We're working on self defense and building a network of prepared neighbors to help if need be.
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Hey would you mind sharing which blog platform you're working with? I'm planning to start my own blog soon but I'm having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I'm looking for something unique. P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!
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