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Grab and Go Items During an Emergency - Must Haves

By Hunter Browning
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We don't always know when an emergency will happen that will cause us to get up and evacuate, but it can happen to us all. Just this year alone, more than 500,000 people were evacuated from there homes due the fires across California and Oregon. Most people do have the supplies or are not prepared to get up and go if an emergency evacuation order was in place. Today, we will put together a list for you in what items are most essential and beneficial for the most uncertain times.

Food and Water - how much?

We know that food and water are both essential for survival, so it's important to have enough on hand for if and when and emergency were to strike.  Each person needs about a gallon of water per day for drinking and sanitation purposes. According to the Food Guide Pyramid,  a person needs about 2000 calories of food each day in order to get the important nutrients in order to survive. Here at The Ready Store, we make it easier for you to prepare by giving you recommendations on what you need when you need it most. Here are some of our most popular items;

5-Gallon Water Container - Stackable5 Gallon Stackable Water Container -  Storing emergency water just got a little bit easier! Water is the most important element of survival and this Stackable 5-Gallon Water Storage Container allows you to store an adequate water supply while saving space. This water container is made from a 100% food-grade plastic that is BPA free, is thick, 90 mils, and UN rated so it can hold up during any emergency. The opaque material prevents bacterial growth keeping your water cleaner.

Saratoga Farms Pilot Bread CrackersSaratoga Farms Pilot Bread Crackers - Saratoga Farms Pilot Bread Crackers make a wonderful addition to your food storage. A pilot bread cracker is giant flaky cracker that's designed to provide great nutritional value on hikes, campouts or in emergencies. They are very similar to Sailor Boy Pilot Bread Crackers but with a longer shelf life. These tasty crackers are sure to be popular with the entire family any time of the day. The versatility of these crackers makes for a great accompaniment for a wide variety of meals.

MRE Ultimate Self-Heating Full Meal - CASE of 12MRE Ultimate Self Heating Full Meal: Case of 12 - MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) are extremely convenient! An MRE can be eaten cold right out of the pouch, but they always taste better hot, so these meals come pre-packaged with a flameless heater for each entrée. These convenient heaters only require a tablespoon of water, which is included in these meals, and produce enough heat to warm your MRE in a matter of minutes without having to light a stove or clean any cookware. This meal included in this item include a great variety!. Each meal comes with a self-heating unit for the entrée, sides like crackers, desserts, a beverage mix, condiments, utensil and a towelette! Think how secure you'll feel, knowing that you and your family are taken care of with these tasty, easy-to-prepare meals!

What to Include in your Bug-Out Bag

We actually have a blog dedicated especially dedicated to items to include in your bug-out bag! You should check it out here! 

Keeping Important Documents

It's important to also have extra copies of emergency documents. It could indeed save your life. There are certain identification, insurance and personal documents that you’ll wish you had during an emergency. A collection of important documents is one of the most important parts of your emergency preparedness plan. These documents need to be compiled together in a binder or portable file system and kept in a safe place, preferably locked in a safe that is inaccessible to the outside world. You and 1-2 trusted individuals should be the only people who can access them. (If you don't have somebody you trust, put the information in your will or trust, held by your attorney.) These documents should also be in at least 2 places- your personal safe and inside a bank vault or other trusted institution. Wherever you store these, make sure you can access them in an emergency. Check out these two articles of ours that can help you with what documents you need to keep/store during an emergency. and

So, Why The Ready Store?

The Ready Store has been recognized as the best food storage and emergency supplies company 5 years in a row! We pride ourselves on sourcing low-priced products from United States companies. We guarantee we have the lowest price, and if you find it lower - we'll match it. We strive to sell the highest-quality products at a great price to you. We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to food storage and emergency supplies and we’re glad that you’ve chosen to work with us. We work hard everyday to make sure that you have a great experience, have your questions answered and get your products quickly. While awards are nice, we know that it really means that we have happy customers - so, If there is any thing you need or simply have a question, feel free to email, chat or call us any time! Making sure you we are here so that you are ready is our number one priority.

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