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VIDEO: Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated Foods

By Jeff and Amy Davis
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If you've ever wondered the difference between freeze dried and dehydrated food, then you've found your answer! The difference can be subtle but important. It will have a huge effect on the shelf-life of your product and how you prepare it. Check out the video below to learn more. If you have other questions, we'd be happy to answer them! Just email us at

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7 years ago
Lynda Buchholz
2 years ago at 6:10 AM
Must this information be in a video. A way to print it off would be nice.
2 years ago at 6:30 AM
Please send me prices Thank you
2 years ago at 9:28 AM
Which will last longer,and witch has more verity.
2 years ago at 9:40 PM
Thanks, this helped.