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Water Storage

Water storage is a necessity in an emergency. Without it you won't be alive! Know how much water storage you need and how to get clean fresh water

A Case for Rain Harvesting and Permaculture

As a ReadyExpert for The Ready Store, I get to see a unique perspective from hundreds of thousands of Americans who have at least one thing in common in their food storage accumulation: They believe that there is a moderate-high probability of a crisis that will cut off their accessibility to food and potable water.
Despite... Read More

FAQ - Can My Water Storage Be Outside?

One of the many questions we get asked here at The Ready Store is, "Can I store my water containers outside?". The short answer to this is, yes, of course, you can store your water outside. The longer answer is, yes, of course, you can store your water outside, but you're going to need to... Read More

Rotating your Water Storage

A common question we are asked about preparing for any type of emergency is how often you should rotate your water storage. If you’ve tried to search around on the internet for an answer, there is a lot of conflicting information. We hope our article will not only answer your question but also help you... Read More

Storing Your Water in the Winter

Water is the most important item to keep in your storage because it is essential to survival. However, this can become more difficult in the winter when temperatures drop below freezing. If your water freezes, you’ll need to use precious energy and heat to thaw it out for use again. Here are precautions you can... Read More

VIDEO: How to Prime Your Berkey Elements

Congratulations! You have invested in the best countertop filtration systems. Berkey water purifiers are a great investment for your preparedness but sometimes they can be complicated to use. No worries though! We can help you figure out what to do.
Berkey ® Water Purification Systems provide a great variety of filtration options from the compact Go... Read More

VIDEO: How to Choose a Berkey System

Berkey ® Water Purification Systems provide a great variety of filtration options from the compact Go Berkey ® to the largest Crown Berkey ® system. These systems are all gravity-enabled so that you don't have to pump or prime any water to purify.
Stay tuned to see what Berkey ® Water Purification Systems work best for... Read More

VIDEO: 5 Gallon Stackable Water Container

The 5-Gallon Stackable Water Container makes water storage so easy! Instead of a big, bulky tank taking up tons of room in your house, you can piece together a water storage that custom fits the area that you need. In this video, we give you a closer look at the stackable water storage containers and... Read More

What Does HDPE and BPA-Free Water Storage Mean?

For those who are new to the emergency preparedness world or just looking for some water storage items for your emergency food storage, this blog is a must read. When searching for a BPA free water storage containers you need to make sure they are BPA-free and made out of HDPE.
What is BPA?
You might have read or... Read More

Clean Water in an Emergency

Before we get to priority #4 here is the summary of your top 5 Priorities of Emergency Preparedness. They are:
1. Make a Plan. Review, Rotate, Replace. Make adjustments for family size, age and local community needs. Consider evacuation, communication and staying put.
2. Gather Grab and Go Supplies. 72 hour kits, MREs, food bars, water pouches... Read More

Construct Your Own Rain Gutter Water Collection System

One of the first things that even the most prepared survivalist will soon have in short supply following a collapse is potable water. Unless you have your own well or creek on your homestead, you’ll have to rely on the water you have stored up – which will quickly dwindle. And even that water may... Read More

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