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Ready Videos

Preparedness and Survivalist Videos

Welcome to the Ready Videos page! Here you'll find dozens of helpful videos on how to prepare your food storage, a closer look at what's inside your packages, fun competitions and more! We're excited that you've joined us and we want you to learn along with us. Search videos in the sidebar or click on ones you're interested in below! Happy watching!

VIDEO: Harvest Right - Freeze Dry Desserts at Home

Do you have a sweet tooth? Would you be interested in enjoying your favorite desserts year round?
With your Harvest Right Home Freeze-dryers you can take any desserts or snacks and turn them into a 25+ year shelf life food! Just don’t forget your Mylar Bags & Oxygen Absorber Kits.
Check out the video below to learn... Read More

VIDEO: Harvest Right - Home Freeze Dried Food

Are you wanting to do your own Freeze-drying? Do you want to see what it looks like when you’re using Harvest Right Home Freeze-dryers? They have a variety of different sizes and colors having a great variety to choose from!
Just don’t forget your Mylar Bags & Oxygen Absorber Kits.

.video-container {... Read More

VIDEO: Harvest Right - Freeze Dry Meats at Home

Freeze dried meats can be expensive - but not with your own home freeze dryer! Check out this video below to see how you can preserve your meats for 10-30 years! And to use them again, you just add water back in to the meat! It's that easy! Check out the video to learn more... Read More

VIDEO: Harvest Right - Freeze Dry Meals At Home

The Harvest Right home freeze dryer is a great way to be prepared at home. This small-scale freeze dryer will help you dry meals and leftovers at home. You'll be able to take any of your favorite meals and place them in your freeze dryer. With the proper packaging, they'll then last you 10-30 years... Read More

VIDEO: Introduction Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Harvest Right is the future of food storage! Imagine being able to freeze dry all of your foods at home including leftover meals, garden vegetables or treats for a rainy day!
Harvest Right allows you to do that! This machine will freeze dry all of your foods and then you just package them up. Check out... Read More

VIDEO: Signing Up for Ready Queue

Brandon walks you through how to sign up for the ReadyQueue. Simply add products to your Queue, set a budget and get prepared little by little. It's that easy!
We listened to our customers and we made a tool that fits your needs and wants! The ReadyQueue is a simple, easy-to-use tool made just for you!
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VIDEO: A Closer Look at Freeze Dried Apples

Whether it's with teachers, pies, or doctors, apples are a winning fruit.
Freeze drying is a great process that takes all the water out of the food without ruining the structure or nutritional integrity of the food.
Freeze Dried Apples are a nutritional powerhouse packed with the vitamins you need to stay healthy. A shelf life of... Read More

VIDEO: Preparing Your Dog for an Emergency

Are you a pet lover and want to make sure that your dog is covered for the unexpected. PetPREP Emergency Dog Food is a new and innovating brand of dog food that provides your four legged friends with security in an emergency. PetPREP is made in the USA and is packaged properly so... Read More

VIDEO: Why Saratoga Farms?

Saratoga Farms™ offers a wide variety of both freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits, vegetables, sauces, mixes, meals and much more to provide for the needs of your family. Whether you are preparing for an emergency, a camping trip, or just want a quick, delicious snack, Saratoga Farms™ offers the products to fit your needs.
Saratoga Farms™... Read More

VIDEO: How to Prime Your Berkey Elements

Congratulations! You have invested in the best countertop filtration systems. Berkey water purifiers are a great investment for your preparedness but sometimes they can be complicated to use. No worries though! We can help you figure out what to do.
Berkey ® Water Purification Systems provide a great variety of filtration options from the compact Go... Read More

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