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Survival Tips

What's Edible in the Wild?

This article is an excerpt from Bushcraft: The Ultimate Guide to Survival in the Wilderness by Richard Graves. We would encourage you to continue learning through his book and purchasing it here. Used by permission from Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
Food and water are essential to living. Under normal conditions a person cannot live longer than three... Read More

Advanced Knots For The Beginner

Being able to tie a variety of knots may not be something that comes to mind when you are preparing to survive in the wilderness (or in an urban environment after an economic collapse) but knowing a few advanced knots can save your life. Knots are useful for building shelters, constructing traps, securing a fishing... Read More

What Type of Clothes to Pack in Your 72-Hour Kit

It seems that all too often, preppers can be overly concerned about the supplies and tools they have in their 72-hour kit, and forget that everyday items like clothing are just as important in a survival situation. Making sure you’ve packed the proper clothes in your bug out bag is very crucial – and can... Read More

How to Operate a HAM Radio

HAM radio is a popular hobby that allows amateur operators to communicate with one another on multiple frequencies. It is also a useful skill to develop in the event of an emergency or disaster.
During a disaster, cell phones and internet might be out of service so having an alternative way to communicate with your... Read More

Wild Edible Mushrooms

Have you ever seen a wild mushroom and wondered if you could eat it? Before you put it in your mouth WAIT! If you are not 100% positive of the type of mushroom, you could be making a deadly mistake by eating it. It is vital that you always identify any wild edible mushrooms that... Read More

How to Survive Hypothermia

Hypothermia, in short, is when the bodies temperature dramatically drops to a dangerously low level. Usually, hypothermia occurs during the winter months where there is snow. However, if you're out hiking and get wet without changing into dry clothes before temperatures drop, you can still be at risk...
Check out this infographic that gives some... Read More

How to Make Your Own Arrowhead

Learning how to make your own arrowheads is an important survival skill that helped our ancestors hunt game for thousands of years, and one that can keep you alive if you ever find yourself in a survival situation. The process of making arrowheads is called Flint Knapping, and it relies on making arrowheads from stone... Read More

Make Fishing Lures Out of an Aluminum Can

This article is intended to be a fun project for you, your family or any fishing outing. We will demonstrate how you can make your own fishing lure out of common household/office supplies.
Just some basic background on what exactly a fishing lure is:
A fishing lure is a type of artificial bait with the sole purpose... Read More

Is Your 72-Hour Kit Obsolete?

I feel like if you ask anyone about emergency preparedness they will know one of two things: Food storage and/or 72-hour kits. And, if you ask anyone who is prepared, and they will have both!
My wife and I started building our 72-hour kits earlier this year soon after we were married, and we were getting... Read More

What Actually Happens During a Disaster: It's Not What You Expect

Let’s pretend that a disaster just happened; an earthquake near your home that has leveled buildings and killed hundreds. Thankfully, you’ve survived, but what’s going to happen now?
You probably have a good idea of what life will be like after a disaster. But you might be wrong! A lot of research has been done... Read More

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