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MREs, or Meals Ready to Eat, are a great option for emergency situations. Learn how to use them, store them and find the right one for you!

FAQs for MREs

Military MREs (Meal's Ready to Eat) are a must-have in your emergency food storage. The U.S. Military relies on MREs to give them the nutrition and energy they need to survive in the most extreme conditions. MREs are great to use during any disaster and are excellent for a 'grab and go' emergency. They provide... Read More

The Difference Between Civilian MREs & Military MREs

We’ve received a lot of questions over the years about the differences between civilian and military MREs. Does one last longer than the other? Are they equally nutritious? Which should you stock your food storage with? To get started, let’s see the differences between civilian and military MREs.

The Ready Store Is Committed To Helping You... Read More

8 Ways to Use Your MRE Meals

Typically, people think of MREs as being a great option for food storage and emergency situations. They work really well for this! However, you have to switch them out every so often because they have a shorter shelf life. We did a little investigating and asked you how you use your MREs. These were some... Read More

The Nutritional Value of Your MRE

When in an emergency situation, you want to have the best nutrition possible to sustain you through anything you might face. There are many food storage options, but the biggest nutritional impact can be found in an MRE.
Why MREs
MREs were first used in the military as a calorie-dense meal that provides the energy from protein... Read More

Solving the Mystery of MRE Expiration Dates

If you’ve bought MREs before, you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t any expiration dates printed on the packaging. Don’t bother trying to look for one because you won’t find it.
MRE manufacturers don’t use expiration dates in the traditional sense of a day, month, and year. But that doesn’t mean that MREs are some... Read More

A Look Inside Your MRE Full Meal

The Breakdown of an MRE Full Meal
Many people associate MREs with the military. However, there are also MREs available for civilian use. An MRE, or Meal, Ready-to-Eat, is a self-contained meal package that includes everything you need to prepare and eat the food inside, including heating up the food.
MREs are used in the military because... Read More

What is the Shelf Life of MREs?

MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) shelf life is a little bit tricky. Like most shelf stable, long term food storage items, there are important things to know in order to store them properly. The most important concept to understand with MRE shelf life is:
MREs are temperature sensitive.According to Temperature
What that means is the cooler the... Read More

What is an MRE?

What comes to mind when you think of food storage? For most people, they think of grains, bulky barrels, dried good and more. Today we want to talk to you about a type of food storage that defies these stereotypes—the Meal, Ready-to-Eat, or MREs as they are more commonly known.
MREs are individual rations, self-contained in... Read More

How to Heat an MRE

Personally, I am not the best cook; I always seem to burn everything I put my hands on.  However, with a Flameless MRE Heater even I can’t go wrong.  Each MRE heater has easy to follow step by step directions to make sure even the unsavvy cook, such as I, can get it right every... Read More

The Science Behind MREs

In the late 1990s, the military had a wide variety of ready-to-eat meals (MREs) at their disposal. They had created a line of foods that were served up in pouches and ready to eat anywhere in the battlefield. They could be dropped from 100 feet and be ripped open immediately for consumption.
However, there were a... Read More

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