What to Keep in Your First-Aid Kit

In an emergency, a properly stocked first-aid kit can often mean the difference between stopping a situation from escalating before it gets out of control and winding up with a life-threatening incident on your hands.
Whether you are using your first-aid kit as a homesteader, taking it with you for backwoods camping or other activities that... Read More

Should You Raise Pigs?

I'm sure you saw the title of this article and immediately thought, "I already live with a few."
However, whether you're a self-reliant homesteader or just want to cut away from your food budget, raising pigs (of the porcine variety) is a great way to become more self-reliant and sufficient. If you raise your own meat... Read More

Health Benefits of Freeze Dried Food

In an emergency, a supply of freeze dried food can be extremely useful. Freeze dried food is lightweight, compact, and lasts for months and even years without spoiling, making it the perfect survival food.
Any go bag should have at least a week’s supply of freeze dried food in it, and any serious homesteader should have... Read More

A Guide to Raising Rabbits

Rabbits can be an excellent source of protein, and three does and a buck rabbit can produce more meat in a single year than a cow can, and can provide all the protein requirements for a family of four.
Rabbits are fairly simple animals to raise, do not have very large space requirements, and as such... Read More

Build Your Own Root Cellar

One of the best things about potatoes, cabbages and other cold-season crops is the fact that they can be stored for months without spoiling. All you need to do this successfully is a cool, well-ventilated area. While an extra fridge can do this quite well, what’s far superior is a root cellar.
Historically, root cellars... Read More

Year-Round Gardening in an Underground Greenhouse

How would you like to have fresh vegetables and fruit year round? Sounds pretty good right?  Having an underground greenhouse will keep the temperatures hot in the winter and help prevent overheating in the summer; making it possible to grow your garden vegetables through the cold winter months.
How it Works
We all learned in school that... Read More

WD-40 Survival Uses Guide

You may not have ever thought that WD-40 could be used for more than loosening up rusty parts or greasing up your bike chain. In fact WD-40 can be used for many purposes that might just lead to your survival. Here are 13 WD 40 uses that you can re-purpose help you in any situation... Read More

Should You Raise Goats?

Raising goats is a great way to save money and become more self-sufficient as a family. Goats are really easy to raise and can provide you with meat and milk.
Despite what you may have heard, goats aren’t smelly, messy or eat things like tin cans. Many people who own goats compare them to dogs... Read More

Hydroponic Gardening: No Soil Required

Can you grow a garden in the winter without soil? Yes, it is entirely possible to grow a garden in the winter without soil. In fact, you can grow a garden in the winter without these things, using an increasingly popular technique called “hydroponics.” Hydroponics is an indoor soil-free gardening technique that has been used for thousands of... Read More

Lemon Uses That'll Surprise You

Lemons are one of those great tools that can help you save money and become more self-sufficient. Knowing its multiple uses can help you become more self-reliant when you are cooking, cleaning, using first-aid or homesteading.
Check out these amazing uses of lemons below and add your own at the bottom!
Disinfect Cuts and Scrapes
This might burn... Read More

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