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Food Storage

Top 10 Food Storage Myths

We often hear myths about why people can’t prepare food storage for their families. Here are a few:
10. Natural disasters don’t happen much around me, I don’t need it
Thinking that food storage is only good in case of a natural disaster is a mistake. It can be helpful in times of unemployment, economic hard times... Read More

What is a #10 can?

When you search for emergency food, you will find the majority of vendors sell their goods in a variety of container sizes like a pouch, bucket, and a #10 can. Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the #10 can and we hope it will assist you with getting prepared.
When... Read More

What is the Shelf-Life of an Open Can?

One of the most common questions that we're are asked is "What is the shelf life of a #10 can once it is opened?"
General tips
With all kinds of food, the shelf-life will be decreased by three things:
1. How long it has been opened
2. How much it is exposed to oxygen and moisture
3. How much heat... Read More

Top 10 Mistakes of Emergency Preparedness

1. Not Having an Emergency Plan
Many people wait until it's too late to make a plan for emergency preparedness.  There are so many things that can occupy our time and attention that it's hard to look forward to what might be coming ahead.  However, if you will prepare now, you can have peace of mind... Read More

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