Food Storage

Video: 5-Gallon Cereal Challenge

Can you beat our time? Buy a discounted bucket of cereal and time yourself eating the bucket of cereal.
Contest Rules
Winnings: Winning group receives 365 servings of Saratoga Farms cold cereal.
1. Bucket must be an unopened 5-gallon bucket of Saratoga Farms cereal. Available here:
2. Bucket must be eaten only by 1-5 people on camera
3... Read More

VIDEO: Will It Freeze Dry? Valentine's Day Edition

We just bought a home freeze dry machine so we decided to see what foods will freeze dry and which ones will definitely not freeze dry!
Check out the next episode of "Will It Freeze Dry?" Valentine's Day Edition!
We collected popular aphrodisiacs like figs (newtons), avocados, oysters (!?), pomegranates, and chocolate! Comment below to tell us... Read More

VIDEO: Will It Freeze Dry? Leftovers Edition

We just bought a home freeze dry machine so we decided to see what foods will freeze dry and which ones will definitely not freeze dry!
Check out the first episode of "Will It Freeze Dry?" Leftovers Edition!
We took the leftovers from our kitchen including Clam Chowder, Kaula Pork with sauce, Brownies, Donuts and Ravioli! Comment... Read More

Harvest Right Home Freeze-Dryer

A DIY Freeze Dryer
Did you know that nearly every food can be freeze-dried, including meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and dairy? You can even freeze-dry entire meals like soups, stews, pasta, and rice dishes. Freeze-dried food lasts up to 25 years while
maintaining all of its taste and nutrition. Other preservation methods like canning and dehydrating will preserve food for just... Read More

How To Tell If Your Canned Food is Safe to Eat

We've all been there, standing in the basement storage room staring at a can of corn and wondering if the expiration date from 3 years ago is a suggestion or a hard, fast date. Really, the best advice is to respect the date. However, if you are in a situation where you need food and... Read More

How to Regrow Your Produce Scraps

Whether you are trying to avoid waste, or you are wanting to sustain your family with nutrient-rich vegetables, regrowing your produce scraps simply makes sense. Even better, most regrowth processes are easy to do and bring about a fairly quick return.
Here are some great foods you can regenerate after you've finished using them:
Green Onions
Green onions are... Read More

Global Food Shortage and Its Effect on the U.S.

According to the U.S. Agency of International Development, food production will be limited on a global scale by 2050. Senior science advisor Dr. Fred Davies said the world population will increase 30 percent to 9 billion people; this would call for a 70 percent increase in food to meet the demand of the world. As... Read More

10 Fun Activities to Prepare Your Kid For An Emergency

Teaching your kids the importance of emergency preparedness can sometimes be a little daunting. While it is an important skill set to have, grasping the attention and interest of a young child can be difficult. That’s why it is important to do fun activities to prepare your child for an emergency. To help, we will be... Read More

Where Should You Hide Your Food Storage?

So you’ve already got enough food and water storage to last you for a couple months but where are you going to put it all? Better yet, how will you protect your hard earned food storage from looters in a state of emergency? Take a deep breath, we have a few suggestions of where you... Read More

Survival Pet Food Storage: Cats & Dogs

Survival food storage for pets is an absolute necessity when preparing for a crisis or natural disaster. In my household, Rocco, our Australian Shepherd, is considered just as much a part of the family as anyone else. When we sat down to create our emergency preparedness plan, we knew that his health and safety was... Read More

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