Tropical Storms--What You Need to Know

Topical cyclones are incredibly destructive and dangerous. They form over tropical and subtropical waters. Often bringing violent storms and severe weather conditions towards land, hurricanes in Atlantic Ocean and typhoons in the Pacific Ocean. Cyclones comprise of a warm-core which forms in the low-pressure system. They are characterized by organized circulation. The word Cyclone comes from the... Read More

DIY Scuba Tank

Scuba diving is more than just a fun activity. Exploring deep water could provide access to fish and other resources that may be short on land. Breathing underwater, even just for a few minutes, could allow you to rescue someone from an underwater vehicle or help you survive other flooding situations.

Materials Needed 

Sprayer tank with a... Read More

How to Prepare for a Cyclone

Cyclones cause millions of dollars in damages. Hurricanes are rated from 1 to 5 based on their intensity or wind speeds and indicated time, A category 1 hurricane will have winds of 75 miles per hour. A category 5 hurricane could have winds as high as 190 miles per hour. The faster the wind speed the... Read More

DIY Solar Oven

Cooking typically requires some type of fuel whether it be propane for a camp stove, wood for a fire, or electricity for a crockpot. Fuel is a limited resource. It will be difficult to store all the fuel you might need for a long-term crisis. A solar oven could be the solution.
Deforestation is a real issue... Read More

Understanding Cloud Formations

Clouds are a fundamental part of our environment. The ability to read clouds may give you the upper hand when it comes to survival. Clouds can tell you when a storm front is moving in or even which direction the wind is blowing. In 1803 Luke Howard divided clouds into three categories; cirrus, cumulus, and status.
Cirro is... Read More

Orienteering--Family Fun

Orienteering has evolved into a competitive group sport that required navigational skills using only a map and a compass, originating from the Swedish military to teach soldiers how to cross unfamiliar terrain. It's an important skill to learn in case of an emergency that would require evacuation.  An orienteering course would originally be set up... Read More

Be Prepared This New Year

Who would have thought that 2017 would bring a slew of disasters? As the country was still dealing with flooding in Texas, another hurricane hit Florida. Then there were earthquakes, then wildfires in California, and then a hurricane that decimated Puerto Rico.  All of this, with the constant threat of nuclear war, put a lot... Read More

Slow-Cooker Venison Recipes to Try at Home

Hunting season means deer. Deer hunting is more than just a fun family outing. It can be a great source of food for the long winter months. Deer is a wonderful source of protein. Not everyone likes the taste of deer meat, however, if it is prepared correctly it tastes just like beef.
The key to good... Read More

Finding the North Star

Stars have guided generations of people across the world and back home again. During this time of year, many people look towards the Heavens in remembrance of the Star of David that led the shepherds and wise men to the Christ child lying in a manger.
The North Star or Polaris as it is known has been used... Read More

How to Field Dress and Skin a Deer

Field dressing is an important first step in preparing a deer after a hunt. Internal organs need to be removed quickly and efficiently to prevent spoilage of the meat. The blood and guts make up 20 percent of the deer's total body weight. Cleaning the deer will make it much easier to haul out. Cleaning... Read More

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